Homeless Solutions Support Group-Meeting Minutes 1/30/2012

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Homeless Solutions Support Group-Meeting Minutes 1/30/2012

Postby Buckli » Mon Jan 30, 2012 5:47 pm

OE HSSG Meeting Minutes Jan 30 – Buckli

Committee Reports

Atendees: Micheal, Robin, Geneveive, Dale, Carla, Sabre, Buckli, Irene, Libris, Orianna, Anne, Michael G, Meg, Finn, Joe, Jean, Majeska, Sparrow, Lotus, Smuj,.

Only 2 sub committees met last week, daytime and long term sub committees

Daytime community center sub group – Robin- committee report
List of needs in a building was compiled
Get a list of buildings
Noon on a Saturday or after five for future meetings?
-Comment on religious communities able to help / have a desire to help
-Place of security for daytime centers
-need to push the city for lockers, with people providing their own locks.
-lack of awareness, idea for an action, but will take to community education sub committee
- requirements for a building, square footage?
- pushing to get buildings, get a list, survey buildings

Libris- are abandoned or condemned homes being asked for on that list?
The forclosure committee is interested in this
Easiest thing is tax assessors
Another real estate agent was at an action/ meeting, it would be great to get commercial agents in on this thing. I’m willing to search around for that. Eugene association of realtors?
Meg- both meetings on Friday and sat for long term, idea of centralized services and cost effectiveness would be a good way to present to the city.
Thinking of camping as included. Both long-term and short term sub committees combined
Corner of Washington and Cheshire?
Pursuit of place should be somewhat confidential
Temp solution, yurts? Need some quick results

Long term community sub committee

-Anne did research on other sites around the country
-Picking a location
-Produce a proposal about what we think that site would look like giving a particular site as an example, but express flexibility for location
- take things to appropriate task force
-Lotus says there is an overlap with task force folks so that would be useful to work together
- can any one serve on a task force? Majeska says as it stands no. It can be talked about at the next planning committee meeting
Wednesday at 1 is the next Shelter/ community hub/ day programs meeting

Follow occupy’s format – several suggestions run counter to the way several NGOs operate and we me may be stepping on some toes
We don’t want to go in and appear be taking over
Jean- planning meeting statement- we will not redistribute money from one agency to another
Karla-task force committee hasn’t met, none of city staff in touch with me and I am chair of one of the committees (Barriers and laws), contacting laurel. The way the task force is being run is almost sabotaging this
- no chair people, just to help find a place for the meeting
Irene- there is the thought if the homeless are dispersed there won’t be as many tiffs and problems, but this is not the case in my experience and I found religious land use and institutional persons act- helpful laws
Egan Warming Centers- when occupy came to training, she felt people from occupy tried to take it over. (One person did-Jean says)
Are people connecting with task force?
Send Laurels address- everyone say how dissatisfied they are with how things are going (just people on the task force)
Michael question for jean- outreach committee… how do we connect community education sub committee with the outreach committee
Some coherent small proposal that we press the task force and the city to accomplish quickly.

Task force is inefficient, I’m going to start cc-ing my city counselor everything
With all respect to chuck
Sparrow- we don’t need to prove anything to them. We’re already doing this. We’re just saying, help us, or get the f out our way.
City counsel- the 13th – exclusion zone and performance of task force. Think about what we want to say regarding that.
Task force meetings now start 8:30 am – are they hoping no homeless people are going to show up? ! February 7th
One on the 17th
6th of march –last one
even though we have til the 20th theoretically
suggestion that we push for more, they promised us 12 meetings!
Proposal- any one on the mayor’s task force write individual emails to chuck crocket and Kitty Peircy to voice their specific disappointments with the city’s process. We need to document, be articulate, and respectful. Relentless but respectful. CC Jean as a blind CC
Mike-agreed, also think we should cc all city council people.
We should have a proposal to communications committee to issue a press release.
Majeska- when you send these e-mails, also send to mayor and council address, makes it accessible to the media. mayorandcouncil@
Elections-most people who support us have been up for elections
Mike- Technical details of the letter, city attorney, head honchos, some one on our committee that can help organize the details
Be ready to push the city- yurt with lockers, just an example, something that could happen fast, we can even do some of the labor for it,
Claire Saretta- schedule
Hearing is feb 24th at 7:30- exclusion and camping/ tents ordinance.
Vote is scheduled for feb 27th
No strong evidence that exclusion zone has made things safer, what is the cost of enforcement, increasing harassment of unhoused folks, best to have mixed testimonies, not all from occupy Eugene. ACLU will have folks testifying as well.

DO police have right to exclude some one without it ever going to court first? Yes

Due process, exclusion zone doesn’t meet due process, violation of civil liberties.

25% of people excluded the judge dismissed charges.

Police just give ticket that goes to court, then the court does the excluding
Not the same as a trial.
Smuj- what is an exclusion zone offense? What would you get ticketed for? Anything from trespass (leaning against a wall). Clear desire to ‘sanitize’ down town. What they’re doing is not constitutional.

Irene- exclusion causes more trauma. Are there stats on municipal court and are homeless transient youth minorities disproportionally ticketed?

Are they automatically excluded after they are ticketed even before they go through the court process? Not sure

Lobby CC to prohibit smoking- (how does this relate to exclusion zone?)
Congregating has to do with smoking

Actions related to exclusion zone could be fun and powerful. Not many people know too much about it.

Exclusion starts immediately I’m pretty sure- anne

Karla- not enough diversion programs, a lot of status crimes, drug an alcohol courts, co-occurring disorder, and status crimes courts (Urination in public) focus on this long term
Smuj- talked to David of neighborhood association about bathroom access. An action, everyone on the perimeter, you can’t smoke here, you can’t pee here, you can’t lean against a wall here.

Police commission has been dealing with this- people like the mayor say that this is not the time to stop it, mayor is going to vote in support of it. Police commission held a forum on it, nobody spoke against it. Extending for one year

Sabre- not in favor of punishing addicts, push to ban tobacco sales, since tobacco smoke is more dangerous that homeless kids,
Action at kesey plaza, 1 o clock on Friday
Push talking about elections for next week


Anne- An idea for an action, shopping cart parades downtown, signs that are relevant to problems of having stuff on the street. (illegal to take from store)
Irene- we could flyer the event and time for this action at the mission or dinning room

Organize Sub committee meeting time
Laws and policies- Michael Majeska, Karla, Ali

Police accountability (formerly watch dog)- Karla, terry, lotus, sparrow, Ali, Jean
Community Center long term-
2 pm Wednesday at midtown
day center meeting at 4 midtown

Alternative Housing Sub Committee meeting Friday at 3 at Cosmic Pizza
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Re: Homeless Solutions Support Group-Meeting Minutes 1/30/20

Postby Majeska » Sun Feb 05, 2012 9:56 am

>Hearing is feb 24th at 7:30- exclusion and camping/ tents ordinance.

Correction: the City Council hearing is on Tuesday, Feb 21.
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