Library Committee minutes 2/1/12

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Library Committee minutes 2/1/12

Postby Karen_M » Wed Feb 01, 2012 7:11 pm

Occupy Eugene Library Committee (OELC) Meeting minutes 2/1/12

Present: Art, Karen, Jennifer, Scotty, Big John, John M.

Moderator: Art

Minutes: Karen

Agenda Setting

U of O Archives
Any volunteers to help with this? Jamil is liaison on this project. No need for OELC assistance.

ESSN report: (Art)
Includes actions against 3 Lane County Commissioners representing Springfield, Cottage Grove, and Veneta.
Occupy Cottage Grove may be interested.
~Karen will send Art contact info for OCG folks

Crabgrass update:
OELC needs to be a group under the network Occupy Eugene. This did not get resolved over the past week. John M sets up OE Library Group, invites to OE network.
~Karen will set up new LIB. group and send invites. Post stuff. Issue resolved.
Consensus: John M and Karen are official OELC crabgrass people.
Getch (?) or someone else has started group for OE book club, an idea previously discussed by OELC. We should ask him to work w/OELC on this project; can share ideas, etc.
We need to be making announcement s at GA's to let people know what kind of projects we are working on, avoid redundant work, etc.?
Isn't this job for Coordination meetings?
Announcement: Coordination meetings have been moved from Mondays to Thursdays starting next week.
Big John has lots of nonviolence training planned.

Research Project on Wal-Mart:
Action against Wal-Mart. Coordination with Sweat-free Eugene.
~Art will contact people in Bay Area who are doing research.
Should we do research on Prison sweat-shop labor? John M will look into this. Start with info that affects Eugene.

February 25th GA at Occupy Eugene
11 am - 3 pm: ESSN; 3 - 6 pm: GA; 6 - 8 pm: Dinner; 8:00 - 11:30 pm: Bands, music
First official Oregon Occupy event hosted by OE.
Brainstorm ideas?
John M will spearhead presentation for OELC

All funds generated by OELC should go to Big John who will turn in to finance. Earmark funds for OELC.
Big John is already on Finance Committee.
Consensus: Big John is Occupy Eugene Library committee liaison to Finance committee.

Next Speaker:
Who will be our next speaker?
John Bellame Foster is U of O professor, would be great speaker.
~John M will contact JBF and ask him to speak to OE.
Consensus: OELC will invite John Bellame Foster to speak at Occupy Eugene.

Bradley Manning Event: (tonight, Feb. 1st at 7:30)
OELC has a table.
Sell books, hand out fliers for Peltier events, ESSN literature, etc.

Leonard Peltier event:
This Saturday, February 4th
1:00 pm rally at Free Speech Plaza, 2:00 pm march to Courthouse
Scotty hands out fliers for event.
Tracy is working on organizing
Do we need a permit? Yes. No. We never get permits.
Tracy is on top of this,
Need a generator; there is one at Occupy V
Brainstorm ideas:
read Peltier's literature, read other people's writings on him, street theatre discussion
Are we reaching out to Native American groups?
Tracy is doing this
Should contact LCC and UO Native American student Unions
Consensus: OELC will sponsor Leonard Peltier event.
~Karen will put on Google calendar
~John M will fill out OE event form for OE website promotion

Debrief Last Friday's Artwalk:
Jennifer wrote a wonderful review of the Artwalk event, sent out on OE contacts
Should be used for Comm Comm press release?
They say it is too long
contained wonderful personal story
Artwalk was well-received, positive feedback
Big John has good photos for event

Tsunami Book event:
took place on last Saturday
generated $83 donations
very positive response
When will we have next event at Tsunami?
whenever we want

Next Friday's Artwalk (February):
What should we do?
Sell lib. books
Karen wants to make pie-chart art. Artistic representations of wealth distribution in US, etc.
Art want to show Walmart Documentary
Documentary Night
Should we use Wizard scheduling tool to poll for dates/times that work best for OE?
Send out on oec_contacts, ask for documentary idea input
Wizard tool is easy to use

OELC Dictionary term ideas:
Bad-assery, Coolarchy, Consense as a verb: consense, consensed

Karen has contact info for Jim (chiropractor who prints out lots of news materials and drops off at OE)
He has office space available, computers
Does extensive research; can help us with numerous research projects
Tim also has lots of research ideas; Anyone have his contact info?
~Karen will post Jim's contact info on crabgrass's Library Group resources page

Fuck Zerzan:
John Zerzan has been reporting negatively about OE
drama with Carpenters, list serve debate, comm comm issues, failure to report on Vagilutionaries events.
Reporting on OE's "dirty laundry"
What should we do?
let's give him bullshit drama to report, make him look like idiot
set up one-on-one with John M and John Z
Is it OK to have someone on the left criticizing OE?
Yes, but not when they are reporting on personal drama
*Discussion of political theory, Anarchist philosophy

*Scotty is working on getting Angela Davis into town to talk to OE
Go Scotty, go!

Writer's workshop Idea:
like event at Tsunami books
poetry reading, etc

Next Library Committee meeting next Wednesday noon-2pm at Scotty's place
Send e-mail to for address.
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