Finance Minutes 2/2/2012

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Finance Minutes 2/2/2012

Postby Jesse » Thu Feb 02, 2012 6:49 pm

Supplies for Street Protest at Kesey Square - Bad Ass Committee
Asking $60 for Sidewalk chalk ($20), cookies ($10), and food to be bought at food cart ($30)
Jan voices concern about paying for individual meals from food cart, but supports other expenditures
Committee approves charges for sidewalk chalk and cookies ($30)

Bookkeeping for Tax Liability
Jan states that as tax season approaches, it may be good for us to consult with an accountant what our liabilities are and what we need to do
Jain states that she will contact Michael Sussman to consider if he would be willing to give us tax advice

Country Fair Board Meeting
Jain says that we have received money from OCF, but have not spent all of it. She is curious if we have concrete needs for future donations to bring up at their next board meeting.
Chewie from OCF had previously stated that OE present report at next meeting of how the funds have been spent.
David is planning to go to next meeting to state that at this point, we don't have specific needs for funding, and won't ask for more funding at this time.
Jain asks what John is intending to ask David to ask for at next meeting
John states he was going to ask for funding for non-violent protesting
Jan states the question at the next meeting will be what the funds we have are for
Jain reads some of the minutes from previous OCF meeting, stating we need to report back on where the funds went
Jan and Jesse say we should not request more money until we have more specific needs for money, maybe wait to ask for more money next month
John says we need more money now for upcoming events
Jan states he have considerable funds currently
Erin proposes that Jon needs to come up with specific amounts needed for future actions to propose to them
Jan states any pitch to OCF needs to be coordinated with fundraising
Jain will attempt to meet with David and John to discuss what the message will be to the next board meeting
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