Nonviolence Committee minutes 2/3/12

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Nonviolence Committee minutes 2/3/12

Postby Karen_M » Fri Feb 03, 2012 4:12 pm

Nonviolence Committee Meeting minutes 2/3/12

Present: Genevieve, Jean, Paul, Benjamin, Dale, Joe, Jennifer, Karen, Syrena, Carla, Barbara,

Moderator: Jennifer

Minutes: Karen

Agenda Setting

Actions Reports:
Kesey Square is going on right now:
Very positive, scrabble games, book selling, artwork, music. Only two cops have shown up.
Normally police do not let people hang out at Kesey square. Kids playing hackey-sack asked to leave earlier this week.
Bradley Manning event:
very gruesome footage, hard to watch
good to expose actions of military
Upcoming: 'Who owns Lane County forest? ',
"Leonard Peltier" event tomorrow, peacekeepers would be great
Is important for peacekeepers to wear white arm bands so that police know that you are de-escalating and not part of the problem.
Events at the grannery, band at Occupy V tomorrow
Need button making machine to make peace-symobls for peacekeepers

Announcement: (Dale)
Local nonviolence activist who have experience could possible talk to OE, offer training
Sub-Committee of Nonviolence Committee is intending to offer nonviolence training
Everyone twinkles
Educations and Actions Subcommittee:
Getting Kazu Hedo (spelling?) to Eugene, they will be in Seattle later this month, would have to work out costs, etc.
possibility of 2-day training
Brett will send out info on contacts list
Consensus: Nonviolence Committee officially endorses Kazu Hedo training at OE.

Sub-Committee Report SUGAR:
Comm comm had listening Date Discernment Circle (ddc)
Why didn't we do it 3 1/2 months ago?
reported to be positive, helpful experience
would like to see ddc for Actions Committee
helpful to have thoughts summarized and paraphrased, helpful
important to start with inner members of comm comm, last nights circle was meant to include some non comm comm people, there was confusion around who the circle was for
need tissues for next circle (BYOT)
we've had nonviolence communication training and ddc's, but an issue is how to get people who need this training most to attend?
Response: ALL of us need these trainings, as those participating improve their communication skills, the group dynamic changes and will affect everyone
ddc circles are helpful because they help committee members to get to know each other well; normal committee meetings are very pressed for time, members do not get opportunity to know each other very well; knowing where other people are coming from is helpful
participants felt like they were all communicating better by the end of the meeting
brought clarity, built new trust for others, opened possibility of addressing nonviolence as a value rather than as a tactic, excited about applications outside of ddc, similar to 'heart circle' in which people can share things that normally wouldn't be shared, sharing for the sake of sharing and not to fix problems, relieved to see process started, bringing people back to their heart space
will this happen again?
yes definitely. we can do it committee by committee, or issue by issue,
one of the hardest parts is figuring out who to invite
questions about how invites are sent, people are confused right now, but as time goes by this will cleared to everyone who is involved/ not involved
ideas may be grouped by topic and released back to comm comm
Note:comm comm meeting cancellation raised issues with people who may have thought the meeting was canceled because of their plans to attend
Invites to actions ddc are on the way

Next Meeting :
Next Friday at 2:00 pm; Carla will lead a 'Power brainstorm'

Nonviolence Communication Training:
lead by Paul (approx 45 min)

w/Qi Gong practice: Thank you Paul!
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Re: Nonviolence Committee minutes 2/3/12

Postby Shelley Jensen » Sat Feb 04, 2012 7:59 pm

If you have a list serve for this committee, please add me to it.
I have a conflict on Friday, but I am interested in the work of this committee.
Thank you for your positive contribution.
Shelley Jensen
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