HSSG- Alternative Housing Sub Committee 10/3

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HSSG- Alternative Housing Sub Committee 10/3

Postby Buckli » Sun Feb 05, 2012 2:17 pm

Alternative Housing Sub committee Notes- 2/2

Atendees- Sabra, Anne, Buckli

tent cities – A pacific
compilation of tent cities, contact info
legal status?
how did they get going?

make list of questions when we meet to ask established
dignity village- Portland
started as a homeless encampments that moved often, self-governed and self-funded
live on public land
on urban periphery
city granted them legal status

every one is a 501, but in this case tent city is its own organization, not umbrella-ed under a nonprofit

Seattle- church network encampment model- dissatisfied, move from place to place, 90 days at each place.
based on right of churches to protect the homeless- under federal law

Portland urban periphery has a lot of services

-strong sponsors,
-city that wants to do something

http://www.oregonlive.com/portland/inde ... _camp.html

tent cities?
local governments are not ready
Oregon 98,000 counted homeless
100,000, each local government has their own ideas about tent cities and worry about how many people from outside the county will show up
capacity issues? How are currently operating sites dealing with sites?
this might be a question to ask contacts

camps with cap of 100 each. ‘
how many people can we have in one place and still have a functioning self-governing community?

two tent cities next to each other, one self governing, one not.

Chico- housing for people who still use drugs and alcohol, based on hierarchy of needs, people are more likely to decide to pursue sobriety when they have a stable place to live.

sheltercare apts- funding cuts
see if we can get a contact from shelter care to be involved with HSSG

Work on proposal for alternative housing network website
modeled on couch surfing
Air B and B

camping on private property? legality?
As long as tent is not visable from the street and people have access to

make a website that puts together legality information for tent and car camping in different areas OR how to research camping laws in your area
maybe make it editable by users, so people from different communities can add

campers and travel trailers – don’t have to meet housing code
a shed in backyard if some one were to sleep in it would need to meet housing code.
campers and trailers registered by DMV
tiny house movement – on trailers so they don’t have to meet housing code.
re-code Oregon- contact? Sabre will contact them

Terry mcdonald- car camping
a better sell to city if car-camping is full of trailors with tiny cotages on them! More aesthetic
recycled materials

tiny houses- heating? Sewage?
some kind of bathroom in most of them- rv model
why not set this up village also?
a car camping tiny houses model

research cost? mad housers

Day time activities and wealth Generating task force committee- contact

split research?
Anne- Tent Cities
Buckli-Room, couch, yard stays for trade- Online Network- modeled on couch surfing and air B&B
Sabra-Tiny Houses
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