Communications meeting February 5, 2012

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Communications meeting February 5, 2012

Postby GrameenEugene » Wed Feb 08, 2012 9:20 am

Proposal: All official Occupy Eugene communications : An official oe event is so well aligned with our mission statement that it would be obvious to promote

Once it comes through actions process of approval comm. comm. must consense to promote.

If comm. comm. doesn’t consense, send it to GA

Friendly amendment: Go to GA to redress if disagree that we didn’t promote it.

Are we blocking with certain things like icons/colors?

Friendly amendment: Anyone can do anything they want at any time, this is simply if it is going to be an official OE event

Friendly amendment: 2 for blocks

Friendly Amendment: apply to everything on the website; events, films, press releases

No: do later

-all of us have the power to stop something from happening that we don’t agree with (i.e. something going up on the website we didn’t agree with) until we have more consensus

-some don’t think we need to pass through GA

-Needs to pass the “smell test” and if there was a question that there would not be widespread support that it go through the GA

-Make clear that anyone unhappy can go to the GA and seek an override

Stand asides: The potential for being in the hot seat and having to handle the issue further/more work. Do not need to formally state, can run the risk of getting block happy ppl and disrupting, just do it and I don’t make it formal. Wording of “take action” blurry, define further.

Language changed

If any member of comm. comm. has conscience based objections to an official communication they may feel empowered to delay or remove the posting. Event contact person will be notified immediately and it will be discussed in committee. If still unresolved, either party can bring it to the GA.

Stand aside: want it to be informal and not stated formally so that we don’t get more ppl mad about us “grabbing power”

Refute: need to make a formal policy of comm. comm.

Friendly amendment: Make it clear that an issue with any issue taken by comm. comm. that they can first come to comm. comm. and bring it up with us, and if still not happy bring to the GA

Barbara and Jen

Apologize for any problems that came up from the listening session

Purpose of Thursday was not a comm. comm. meeting/member gathering and she saw it as a gathering of individual people that would benefit from a session. Not a business meeting/meeting at all. But to be supportive of each other and move forward.

Any requests in terms of follow up? Take lists of notes/observations from the session and is halfway through transcribing it.

Any mis action on my part let me know what you think

Hard to get large group of ppl together

Email facts that would be most clarifying

Issue was it was on meeting day

-outside group, sugar, did all of the inviting

For next meeting:
* $100 K
* minutes proposal
* op ed criteria
* opinion page
* Shaylor's float
* UO student interviews
* criteria for cutting off list
* Reid Kesey square video
* crabgrass setup
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