Library Committee minutes 2/8/12

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Library Committee minutes 2/8/12

Postby Karen_M » Wed Feb 08, 2012 7:29 pm

Occupy Eugene Library Committee (OELC) Meeting minutes 2/8/12

Present: Scotty, Art, Big John, Karen, Jennifer, John M

Moderator: Art

Minutes: Karen

Agenda Setting

Occupy Live:
Scotty is connecting with Getch. Setting this up. Getting it up on crabgrass.
People are starting to run with this. Get running everyone!
No venue set yet. Scotty is working w/Cozmic Pizza to set up. Weekday is better than weekend.
Aim for March.
Our budget is slipping, this is a great fundraiser!
Occupy TV is going well.

Sweat-Free Eugene:
Low-Tide Drifters have been recruited by Art to host this fundraiser.
No date/venue set
Consensus: OELC co-sponsors Sweat-Free Eugene event/fundraiser w/band: Low-Tide Drifters

Website update:
OELC is not on website; Need to get our committee, mission statement, contact info up to date
Consensus: Scotty and Karen are contact people for OELC
~Karen will send e-mail to web group to update

Book Club:
Book Club on crabgrass. Does anyone need an invite? Jennifer.
If other people want to organize educational events, we should try to recruit them into the Library com.
Plaedo set-up great book club meeting on Tuesday nights
Affiliated-Projects of the Library.
Jennefer Harper is trying to collect archival info for U of O. We should help her out.
Consensus: Jennifer Harper is an official member of OELC in charge of book club
~John will let her now.
We love recruiting members and assigning them tasks without their approval (tee-hee).
Decision to keep OELC internal stuff on OELC crabgrass 'Group' and use OELC crabgrass 'Committee' within OE group for affiliated projects of the Library

Documentary night:
Want to use wizard tool; send out e-mail on contacts list to find best time for documentary night.
Have discussion afterward. Set-up documentary page on crabgrass; have pot-luck style snacks.

ALEC coordination with legal research:
legal research meetings on Wednesday; they are working on legal stuff
We need to coordinate our ALEC research with them
Consensus: Karen is OELC liaison to legal/research for ALEC research.
Will not be able to make tonight's meeting, will go next week

Newsletter sub-committee of Outreach/Communications. Have contacted us (Thank You!)
Wants writers.
Idea to have Library column in newsletter.
Anyone interested in helping coordinate this?
Consensus: Jennifer and Scotty are liaisons from OELC to newsletter group.

Bradley Manning Event debrief:
Out of town organizers and M Carrigan were happy with turn-out
Carrigan and CALC are organizing through a woman whose name we don't know.
She is setting up Bradley Manning events; starting new Manning work group

Leonard Peltier Letter writing campaign and event debrief:
Scotty is organizing letter-writing
Occupy needs to reach out to indigenous community
Another letter-writing campaign; let's get a file cabinet for hard copies. Letters, etc.
Indigenous Support Coalition of Oregon
Jennifer will connect with Tracy to organize around this event.

OE poet of the month:
Consensus: Plaedo has been added to the Library Committee. He will organize OE poet of the month.

Occupy Site slide-show:
Do this at OE V. Robert has slide-show ready of all previous Occupy sites.
In addition to having slides, should have Media Group to present some of their stuff?
Josh, Jana, Getch, Joe are contact people
Consensus: Let's let the Media Group do all the organizing and Library Committee will take all the credit.
When should we do this?
25th is Oregon GA
Aim for March 2nd; Call it "Zinn/Chomsky presents Cultural Program Night"
at Occupy V
Consensus: OELC will co-sponsor "Zinn/Chomsky Libary and Bad-Ass Productions present: Cultural Program Night" at Occupy V
~Karen will put on calendar as a place-holder March 2nd from 6-11pm
Program will be organized by whoever steps forward

Kesey Square:
Let's represent on Friday.
Will we sell books? Of course.
Have Kesey read-in.
Start book club with Street kids around "Electric Kool-Aid Acid test."?
Jersey discusses "Heroin Diaries" by Nikki Sixx;
benefits of reading it at Kesey.
Ruth Deumler, head of neighborhood committee may be interested

Chautauqua Day:
Last week of April; Peace Symposium at LCC; needs to be on calendar
Wants to do a part on Occupy, Library is interested
Contact person: Ruth Wren and Stan Taylor
Ruth is one of the most important activist in Lane County regarding race issues.
Will be asking a lot of different committees to represent at this event.
Chautauqua is late 1900's summer camps, had religious origins, evolved into vaudeville style, like a week of liberals arts, originally supposed to bring to rural ares.

People United:
Oregon Occupy on February 25th at Occupy V
What can we do to help?
Jennifer H and Brett are coordinating the GA part; there are events before and after
Do we need to do anything for this? Seems to be under control.

National Occupy Conference:
Olympia 18th and 19th of February
Need Eugene people to represent in Olympia
Jennifer will go, has seats in her van for Big John; Art and Karen may want seats also.

Quick Tangent: Ninja project for Community Outreach
Ninja does informal community service
Guerrilla gardening
Ninjas come in the middle of the night, rake your leaves, etc.
get people to submit address and requests for needs

NEWZONE gallery:
Fund-raising idea; get people to bring all their creative stuff to one place.
Have a fundraiser.
Big party/reception
~Jennifer will put feelers out on contacts list, etc. See if anyone is interested?
Could we coordinate with Last Friday Artwalk?

Chuck Hunt's class:
The more Occupiers there, the better.
Discussing Occupy movement during the last few weeks of his class
~Jennifer will send out info on dates/times of his class

Eugene Free School:
Consensus: cosponsoring Eugene Free School

Jamil's paper:
Organize a discussion event around this.
Consensus: Assimilate Jamil into Library! Resistance is FUTILE!

Think Tank:
Important to think about effective activist tactic
Studying about Foucalt, why is our legal system the way it is?
Important to change the way people think about police?
Not defame police, but get people to think about what is going on?
Why do people think police are more important than other occupations?
Train people in legal-defense
Get people to be very well-trained in very effective civil-disobedience
Copwatch may want to be involved.
Need good research before getting this process started. Alley has experience.
Teach people multiple-levels of communication with police. Get people arrested in strategic way to take things to court and challenge these laws.
There is an idea to get a documentary going to show people the procedure of getting arrested. Make video documentary fun.
Get sponsors for people to get arrested for trivial 'crimes'.
ie. Sponsor someone to get arrested for not crossing street at 90' angle.

Speaker Series:
Lauren Regan wants people to coordinate speakers through her.
We were already working on this!
So is non-violent working group
How best do we coordinate speakers calendar-wise and content-wise with other committees?
Should we do this on crabgrass?
At least 3 Committees are trying to cover lectures/speakers
Also talk to media group, since people are telling them about upcoming speakers
How about a forum on the OE website for speakers?
comm comm could set up a form for people who are getting ready to set up
How do we best coordinate with others
~Karen will ask web to set up special section on website forum.
Karen will send e-mail Jennefer, Jamil, Legal-research, non-violence sub-committee for educational research: Big John, Benjamin, Joe Tyndall, Jean Stacy, and Dale
We could send out weekly e-mails to legal research com. and non-violent sub-group of NVWG notifying them of what speakers we are trying to bring in on what days.
Want to bring Dan from Portland Copwatch to speak w/OE
Consensus: OELC will sponsor event to bring Portland Copwatch speaker to OE; put in financial request to cover gas/bus fare
Do we want to have a forum about "is property damage violence?" on the website.

Privatization of UO
Consensus: OELC will endorse all future events regarding the privatization of UofO and related educational events. Art is our liaison to ESSN

Next Library Committee is next Wednesday at Scotty's from Noon to 2 pm.
Send e-mail to oec_library [at] for address.
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