02.09.12 NAC Minutes

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02.09.12 NAC Minutes

Postby ReidKimball » Thu Feb 09, 2012 8:07 am

Attendees: Fergus, Vickie, Kaye, Richard, Reid, Patricia

Facilitator: Fergus

Minutes: Reid

• Eweb
• Vickie’s situation
• Save Patricia’s home action, Feb 16th
• 1191 continue discussing
• Designs on the lawn signs

EWEB movie showings
Patricia got application to get a room for showing movies.
Patricia to send app link to Reid
Reid to ask Scott if he wants to organize the EWEB movie showings

Vickie’s Situation
Went to lawyer with Tim.
Nancy has 1st chapter of book ready
Vickie – will stop making payments. Vickie wants to make a journal of what her process and decision points were.
Owner can take the lender to court, forcing a judicial decision on the foreclosure.

Patricia’s Auction
Doesn’t know for sure if Auction is happening on Feb 16th.
The Law Office, Hersch…. Something is holding auction, Vickie will call them and ask, can tell us tomorrow what happened.

Many new foreclosures this week by MERS and ReconTrust.

Found a notice on door of 1191.
Says lenders will foreclose via post on door (4), mail (4), newspaper (4), county record sys (4) times.
Richard wants to give lecture on what MERS, BoA do with the Note via his flow chart diagram.
Richard is postponing foreclosures, not filing for quiet title or suing for treble damages.
Richard will contact Karen to find out what is up with 1191.
Teach patricia how to edit the page.
Training, $100 to collector, to reviewer, to organization.
Richard to give digital file, .pdf of his info.

ACTION ITEM: Group needs to decide if we want Richard to train us on how to collect, review and audit foreclosure documents for other people.
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