02.05.12 NAC Minutes

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02.05.12 NAC Minutes

Postby ReidKimball » Thu Feb 09, 2012 8:09 am

Attendees - Scott, Kaye, Tim, Fergus, Richard, Vickie, Malcom, Reid

Facilitator and Minutes: Reid

Malcom’s action to stop Patricia’s foreclosure on Feb 16th, 11am, courthouse.
Malcolm Berens Trust is trying to pay off the loan and HH Law Firm is blocking, they do not have the note.
Scott’s design on the lawn signs
Action planning for Feb 17th? or 25th?
1191 Lawrence
Richard and Tim did more research on 1191 Lawrence.
Karen either needs to move back in or sign it over to us in a trust or we can’t do anything with 1191.
Malcom has Jeff Wilson contact to help us find Karen.
Feb 16th 11am – wants people to show up, malcom will have all documents offering to pay it all off, if they will sign document. Needs people there to support his actions. And have auctioneers put the house on auction knowing they are violating the law. We all bear witness to this crime that could be committed, bring cameras. The banks are running over people, like Malcom was run over.
Malcom wants to seek people who purchased foreclosed homes.
Tim and Malcom to work on text for newspaper ad
Patricia will confirm auction date
Scott – Oregon State Legislature Salem will vote
Oregon AG agreed to settlement
NY AG disagreed to do sign settlement
Recall AGs?
Scott research legislature actions.
Scott Signs –
Scott showed us several sign mock ups
Domain names, occupyyourhomeeugene
Scott – feb 16th, or 24th, finances, lack of taxes being paid due to foreclosure, 10’s of millions, + 4.3mil in recording fees
Tim - Former federal building owes taxes of ??? $178,000
Action to take our message to city, that they missing out on fees.
Fergus -
Scott – wed meeting 4p, meeting 5p
Tim – people united march feb 25, people do lots of actions when we possible, keep pressure, concentrated media effort.
Work meeting 5p, meet and great at 6p
Feb 24th show foreclosure movies and a foreclosure skit,
Feb25th a big march, during day, and then lecture by Malcom, Tim, Richard
March 3rd three day conf.
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