Actions Minutes Feb.9

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Actions Minutes Feb.9

Postby jeanstac » Thu Feb 09, 2012 11:58 pm

Actions 2/9 Present: alley, jim, moon, gwen, bret, scott, jean 18
Facilitation: Jim Minutes: jean
Ally: contact ann to change shopping cart date
Ally contact someone to cover Lurchas’ case if not on day she is here.
Ally get John to contact Michael webber of unoccupy to speak against DPNZ Jan 21 Tuesday
Gwen and Moon yellow ribbon action.
Lauren’s boilerplate on DPSZ out Friday
Gwen and Dusk: Political Prisoner solidary March on Feb
Jean tell Lauren to look at Crabgrass for actions descry of Occupy Oregon State meeting here in Eugene and give her bret’s contact info

Alley will contact ann on possibly postphoning shopping cart from Friday 10 to Friday 17 because both she and John are out of town the 10th and want to be present to maintain the peaceful, dignified air of the event.
Lurch’s Hearing to determine the hearing for lurch is the 13th ….21t may be hearing….if so, alley will cover it. If out of town, Alley will get someone else to cover it.
DPSZ: Will schedule a Press Conference noon the 20th so it will appear in paper morning 21 and perhaps increase attendance at Public Hearing Tuesday the 21st. Jean and Bret of communications will coordinate so that comm. comm. can set it up. We should try to get lots of NON occupiers at this hearing. Claire of ACLU and Lauren of CLDC and Michael of CALC will all be there. An ad hoc committee is also trying to get people there.
Ally will get John Monroe to talk Michael Webber of unoccupy with whom they have met and who is against DPSZ. Perhaps he will speak at Mon 21st Public Hearing.
Gwen and Moon will stage a yellow ribbon protest on an appropriate day with regard to the DPS.. Must remain covert or might be blocked even tho it is cute. This action was consensed upon at the meeting.
Lauren’s boiler plate on DPS will be out Friday, we use and get letters in by Monday the 13th to be included in the packet.
Other Planned actions
Feb. 14 Cascade Forest is on forum to recruit occupy members. ..commcomm will continue to discuss. Let CF do their own PR.7:30 am for carpool at Growers Market, if we do one, should be the same time/place.Gordon will help.
Feb 11 Triangle Lake
…One hour rally education of toxins in your local water Saturday 11th on triangle lake… really is at noon to 1….not on forum but is on faceook. One car going if some gas money can be made available. Moon will get this on the forum. Jenna is taking a full car. Gwen will help moon with gas.

Political Prisoner Solidarity March F18
gwen and dusk…..Tied into conviction of 5 of the Chicago 7. Early planning, want to talk to older activist….chuck hunt, jean will introduce gwen to chuck. Will have flyer and crabgrass. We consensed on this event and gwen will still put on crab thru mailing to jean. Namedc:
“You can’t jail the revolution.” Will come back on 13th and 16th to put out some specifics.

People United F25. Went to Ocountry fair, improved it, jean asked that how they are doing the organizing be made available for other organizers in the future. Marcas and samual are putting lot of the planning/strategy this is on crabgrass. Getting a permit or not? This is a rally not a protest. Trying to ring back the spirit of what we had in October….actions suggest no permit because of the support previously.

OOSA …about a hundred and fifty maybe. A tentative agenda is up on crabfass. It is at weriseup. Search occupy Oregon state assembly. Jean Tell Lauren to see crabgrass ad contact Bret: 933-5383 seatopian activities/ Bringing in all the occupies…there are 38 occupies in Oregon. Facebooks, forums. The 99 % group is being very good partner possibility. Need lots of help… send bret email

Let’s talk about strategy…in face to face instead of facebook….maybe do a fishbowl….how about asking NVWG to spearhead this… we can toss to nvwg….to eventually mediate it.
Talk about it several times at actions, maybe incorporate some other committees, then
Talked about how to form cooperation, shared participation, around high visiility events that have multiple.

Future meetings: do old business first, then new busness and then. Grace referred to a cascadia action group. Moon wants to find out if cascadia forest has an action lab or not and will check on it.
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