February 11 GA minutes

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February 11 GA minutes

Postby GrameenEugene » Sat Feb 11, 2012 11:19 pm

John Flanery facilitator Fergus Mclean notes

Vision: Researching ALEC for F29 Occupy the Corporation.

Library Affinity Group: Encouraging folks to show up for City Council meetings 2nd & 4th Mondays. Public comments at 7:30. Let people know what OE's doing. Big John will do dinner at City Hall Monday, starting around 6.

March against ACTA: Anti Counterfeit and Trade Agreement. Will control flow of information & goods. Going on right along with GA.

Caretakers: Sign up to take a shift at the info desk or as greeter. Greeter training Wednesday 7 PM. We'll stay open 10-7 if we have enough folks. Greeter trainging 7 PM Wed.

Faciltitation: TRaining Wednesday Noon at Grower's. Another from noon-3 March 11.

Homeless Solutions Suport Committee: met at CALC, long meeting. Broke up into 10 task forces trying to set direction. They have a questionnaire for homeless mostly about storage facilities and a day center, need volunteers to talk to street people and get them to fill it out.

Feb 25 Report: 11 AM rally at Free Speech Plaza, with tabling and music. Noon march, with lots of other groups joining in. Theme is signs saying "My Name Is...."
Oregon Occupy State Assembly at OE from 3-6. 38 Occupations around the state have been invited. From 6-8 Big John will serve a sit-down dinner. $0-$5 donation. 8-on: party

Medical: Meets Sunday 12-4, Park Blocks. Great place to hang out. Come on down, bring food and drink.

Garden: Meet Feb 15 at 7 at OE to set course for this growing season

Media: Multi-format Occupy News Program starting up. They need production teams, who will be assigned events to cover, create program about. Talk to Getch.

Liberate Kesey Square Friday Afternoon committee: Library table, games, chalk, music, community. Come on down to liberate the heart of downtown from cops & Muzac.

Outreach: Lots going on. Larry's tabling a lot. They have lots of material for tabling handouts, plus boxes to pack them in. Find one of 7 people with keys (Jennefer 514-9487) and arrange to pick up stuff when you need it, then later to return it. Jennefer's developing a list of allied groups (passed around). We need contact people with contact info for each group.

Actions: Working on downtown exclusion zone. Show up Monday to comment at City Council meeting at 7:30. Big event is February 21 public hearing. Working on F29 ALEC events.

Still no consensus. Jennefer proposed a minimum 25 people to pass a resolution the same meeting. Helen added amendment that if there's no quorum when something is proposed, it can be passed at the next meeting without a quorum if the proposal has been posted on the website at least 48 hours before the second meeting. Some concerns 25 was too low, some too high. Some feeling we hadn't discussed it enough, though this was the 3rd time on the agenda.

Approved $90 for a banner Occupy Eugene Medical

Jan wanted feedback for the Finance committee on how much we should budget for F25 overall. Suggestions from $500 to $700, but generally that we need to spend what is necessary.

Day Owen of Triangle Lake reported on the Pitchfork Rebellion's struggle with State Forestry and private timber owners who are poisoning people out there with their herbicide-spraying helicopters. The state refused to accept the data a pretigious university researcher gathered on the poisoning of residents' bodies. Oregonians for Food and Shelter are very pleased with themselves for making it nearly impossible to stop them from poisoning citizens. OFS is headed, full-time, by a former Monsanto executive who's made a career out of poisoning Oregonians and making it legal by controlling the bureaucracy and our government. He's joined on the Oregonians for Food and Shelter Board of Directors by folks from DuPont, Syngenta (the huge Swiss chemical co), PG&E, and Pacific NW Aerial Applicators. All the big forestry companies are there, led by Lane County's largest landowner, Weyerhauser. The food companies that sit on the OFS BOD should be boycotted: JR Simplot, Oregon Farm Bureau; Columbia Gorge Fruit Growers, NORPAC, Oregon Wheat Growers. Oregonians for Food and Shelter is our own local Oregon version of ALEC. OFS got a laws passed in Oregon, the " Oregon Free to Farm and Forest Laws" which make it impossible to sue the companies they can prove poisoned them because they made it illegal to sue someone for chemical trespass. They also forbid state agencies from investigating complaints. This is our government in action, in service to Monsanto and Weyerhauser.
Day reported Feb 27 several anti-chemical citizen groups will be demonstrating at a meeting between legislators and the governor where they'll be setting the legislative agenda for next session. The demonstrators want a moratorium on spraying and a roll back of the Oregon Free to Poison Farm and Forest laws so they can sue the people who are poisoning them and their kids. They also want to overturn the preemption laws Monsanto got passed making it illegal for counties to pass regulations on spraying. This is a really key issue for community rights; corporations go to the state legislature and pass a law forbidding the counties from regulating them. We need to get rid of these people. Day suggested Occupiers might want to set up tents in Salem and hang out until our ativities on Feb 29. We could help each other. We could put up wanted posters all over the capitol for three bad enemies of the state: Brad Witt, "former" Monsanto flack and head of Oregonian for Food and Shelter; Rep Bruce Hanna (R-Roseburg), 2011 Oregonians for Food and Shelter "legislator of the year", and Rep Gene Whisnant (R-Sunriver) head of ALEC in Oregon and one of only 25 ALEC "legislators of the year" for the whole US. As committee chair, Whisnant killed four bills which would have reformed foreclosure practices in Oregon last week, doing the bidding of ALEC.

Com Com and Outreach announced a March 10 Open House and Volunteer Recruitment party at OE from noon-4. Committees will have tables and be able to inform visitors about OE activities and how to get involved. They'll bring a proposal to the GA.

Jain does mending. Ask her.

Jennefer reported the UO Special Collection of the Knight Library is collecting memorabilia from Occupy. Save your old notes, handouts, journals, pictures, videos, art. They want it all- to preserve memories of this historic phenomenon for future researchers. Don't throw it away, take it down to Grower's and give it to jennefer.

We the People-Eugene's resolution opposing corporate personhood finally made it onto the City Council's agenda. Next Monday night's council meeting will be a perfect chance to give comments on the proposal they're working on. We'll have handouts there to brief folks on what they're proposing. Come on down and encourage the council to act. Monday @ 7:30.

Occupy Olympia is hosting Occupy Olympia Social Forum Feb 18 & 19 in Olympia. Dozens of workshops, presentations by David Korten and CELDF (Community Environmental Legal Defense Fund- the folks working on community rights laws like the one banning coal trains from Bellingham). A workshop on Gene Sharp's teachings on NonViolence, many, many more.

February 29 Paul Pierson, former Eugene resident and co-author of Winner Take All Politics, a book getting lots of attention in DC about our gross level of income inequality in the US and how the 1% scammed this situation into being. He's talking at the Methodist Church, 1376 Olive the night of Feb 29.
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