GA Minutes 2-14-12

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GA Minutes 2-14-12

Postby Martin C » Wed Feb 15, 2012 12:08 am

GA Minutes 2-14-12
Facilitator: Joshua McWhorter
Alley and Gwen both facilitated a little as well.
Also lots of process input from minutes-taker.
Minutes: Martin C.

Announcements/commitee reports (mixed together)

Solidarity with Political Prisoners March this Saturday. Speakers needed. Contact Gwen or Dusk

Healthcare for All initiative in works. Request for OE people to help staff tables where the petition would be signed, once it’s written. In coordination with We The People initiative and maybe a forest initiative.

Artists: go to OEV Tuesdays 6 p.m. (before GA). This week’s theme: medical.

Occupy Oregon State Assembly & People United March, 2-25-12. Food being made by Big John, etc.

Kangsu Hana: Nonviolence training. 20 to 40 dollars, plus materials. 2 8-hour days. At OEV at end of March. Exact time not decided yet.
ILWU is now recognized as bargaining representative at the EGT facility in Longview WA. EGT apparently made this decision largely to prevent more protests from us.

Foreclosure movies at OEV Sunday Feb. 26th. Time TBA

Bad Ass committee: looking for donations. Wants video cameras. Even if they don’t work. Kesey Square on Friday (though w/o Alley & John M.) noon to 5.

Support for Arwen DeSpain--her son swallowed some magnets, went to hospital. Anna is collecting money for meals for them.

Open house & volunteer forum at OEV on March 10th, 2 to 4. Hoping for volunteer from each committee.

Medical: Sue thanks everyone for showing up at clinics. patient load doubles at each event. Medical committee had doubled also with people showing up. This Sunday another free clinic. Appreciate people just showing up. Food not Bombs is now showing up with food every week. Planned
Parenthood may start showing up with STD info. Every Sunday 12 to 4. One Sunday in April the clinic will focus on Well Baby--pre post natal workshops, resources etc. Sue Sierralupe 541-915-6704

No Nukes Committee. Fukushima Day, March 11. Will have Occupy-type events that will also be ceremonial. One will be at a Nuclear training plant at Oregon State University. The other event will be at Hanford, near the Tri-Cities area in south eastern Washington. They hope Hanford will be shut down. Hanford can potentially pollute ocean. Encourages all to do all they can. 541-653-4355. Will have ride board. Inviting tribes who live around there. And Marshall Islanders attending.

Occupy Portland is doing an occupy event April 15th.

Visioning: 1.ACTA: google it. Very important. 2. Public engagement idea: After a spontaneous Saturday night ACTA protest, people found it better to engage people than to chant at them when it comes to talking about complicated issues like ACTA.

Actions: 1. coordinate with actions committee if you want OE support for actions. Want action this Friday noon Kesey Square. Putting together skits about downtown exclusion zone. Need to gather at OEV at 10:30. 2. Education protest in Salem Monday. 3. City Council hearing will include downtown Exclusion Zone: Tuesday night 7 p.m. to speak, 7:30 hearing starts: hearing with city council about exclusion zone. 4. Attend actions meetings: 6 p.m. Mondays, 4 p.m. Thursdays

Facilitation training Wednesday 12:30 Growers

New Groups: 31 Club: 31 volunteers (1 for each day of the month) needed for Whiteaker Rest Stop. The idea is to have an ADA approved porta-potty, for the use of the public, in the heart of the Whiteaker, possibly at Reality Kitchen, 245 Van Buren. There will be a meeting at 6 p.m. at Reality Kitchen next Monday.

Earthday: Whiteaker celebration of the bicycle. bicycle polo. Many other fun bicycle related ideas.

Bike rack/ bike access to building: Proposal: build awesome bike rack out front. Could try to see if students at Center for Appropriate Transport would make one for free. The rack would go in the very-difficult-to-use spot closest to Cornbread Cafe. No decision made about bike rack.
Proposal: that we not use space in front of door for now so we can bring bikes inside. Discussion: back door is unlocked during GA always now, easy for bike use.
But front door is not accessible to anyone when parking lot is full. We could reconfigure spaces in front to get rid of unusable west space and have space in middle for people to get to front door.
Friendly Amendment: continue to have back door open for GA. Also endorse idea (with intention of checking with building owner Helen) of reconfiguring parking spaces to allow access to front door. Consensus reached, no blocks or stand asides.
Medical committee laptop. Had one, was stolen NYE. Really need one. found refurbished one for $150. First asking for donations at GA. next step would be to go to financial. if finance says no, he can come back to GA, but needs to go there first. Finance always asks people to do best to get donations. Finance meets Thursday and Sunday.

Quorum: proposal follow up. We have no agreement about a quorum now, so 2 people can consense on anything. Can endorse Romney. We agree we need a quorum, issue about how many. Brett asking for 25. (24 present) maybe 20. addendum: if proposal goes to GA without quorum, wouldn’t need quorum at next meeting, if posted for 48 hours. Only for setting policies. Can make decisions about non-policies. stand-asides/blocks won’t carry from one meeting to another. o.k. with 20 if we definitely will revisit. Proposal: 20, Fergus felt it was too low, Gwen wants us to revisit the issue within 4 weeks. Amendment: 22. Consensus Reached: 22 is our current quorum, and this issue must be revisited within 4 weeks. No blocks or stand asides.

Goals: Presentation: Jerry blew horrible-sounding whistle. said occupy is like that--so far has just got people’s attention. everyone talking about it. Got attention. Idea that participation dropped off because we don’t have goals. recent survey say 22% in favor of Occupy. We have vision statement that says the occupation is the message. he thinks occupation is a tactic. 1.visions. 2. goals. 3. strategies. 4. tactics.
He read examples of goals from a couple occupies, mentioned OWS vision statement.
Would be good to have decision about direction we’re going in to be able to collaborate with everyone. It’s on crabrass under collective visioning.
Idea needs more circulation.
Dislike of adding stuff not related to financial power.
We’ve already consensed on one item: healthcare.
Strong support stated for multiple issues, for everything.
Goals important for PR
-within our nation, if we don’t get money out of politics, don’t take back government, we won’t be able to do anything else. need to focus. we can have a goal without saying it’s the only goal.
-plan an event for reaching clarity about this. talk about large goal-setting event--with community
-Visioning is working on that. John Abbe is working on this idea.
-why did we consense on one goal, but not the others.
-we need goals, but also to continue to make ruckus.
goals maybe not needed
-Get more people here: make fliers. tell everyone to come to GA.
--when would big visioning event happen? 4 to 6 weeks. brainstorm. food involved.

Temp check on best days for GA: Monday had most votes, with 10.

Announcement: A guy named Josh from UO. Wants to survey people after meeting.
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