OE GA 2-21-12

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OE GA 2-21-12

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COLLECTIVE VISIONING: Met. Worked on idea for big sheet of paper on wall. 1 row for overarching vision, than broad goals, than more specific below. Also talked about having 1 or 2 day visioning event involving OE & other groups hopefully.

FACILITATION: Introduction to facilitation: Noon, Sunday @ Growers

FORECLOSURE ACTION: Group working to support an owner. Looking at how much revenue not recorded with county on house flipping. Talk about how many foreclosures are being shown to be invalid.

FINANCE COMMITTEE: Sunday meeting moved to new time of 6 p.m., Thursdays at 5:30.

HOMELESS TASK FORCE, 8:30 A.M. this Thursday. St. Mary’s Church, entrance at back. Lots of concern that city has not shown how it is spending the 100,000 it promised to spend on wet bed housing, etc.
Learning about yurt villages.

MEDICAL: Last event was more quiet. Continues 12 to 4 every Sunday. 7th & Pearl Federal Building.

MEDIA & COMMUNICATIONS: representatives went to media training in Salem with someone named Art Casey. Focused on how to project our message, message discipline techniques. Will go to finance for funds to reproduce video. PIELC will include workshop on this. Media shooting for first episode of news magazine on 29th.
Sundays at Sheldon studio work on this.

STATEWIDE ASSEMBLY agenda formatted, much will be in small groups. Set up for various kinds of committees (media with media, finance with finance) can talk together, various working groups. Probably Sam & Jennefer will facilitate.

CARETAKERS: push bar in back. Trying to get building open from 10 to 7. Staffing building didn’t work before so reduced to open during meetings, but hoping to change to 10 to 7.

Friday Art Walk: 6 to 9 Friday night OEV
SIGN MAKING PARTY for More than a March: 5 to 8: Friday night at OEV.

PEOPLE UNITED: we need volunteers to come to Free Speech Plaza by 10 a.m. Saturday with any materials. We are all hosts that day. If see something that needs to be done, do it. Greet people. We will be there in service to our community. Last planning meeting for this weekends’ march will be Wednesday at OEV 3 p.m. Check at info booth when get to rally on Saturday. OE business cards will be available for handing out.

Arwen De Spain’s family update: Her son’s recovery going great. Meals successfully delivered.

Forum on the Commons by Occupy Wall Street: last Thursday, Friday & Saturday.
Strategizing direction of movement this summer. In South America seeing development of Creative Commons as common resource counter to market and state both.
Looking toward some month long workshops about this. Finn has print outs about developing social charters about local commons.

Beatrice brought bandanas.

WE THE PEOPLE: got resolution passed by city council. Working on 501 C-3 status. Got funds from Morse Center for politics for democracy school.

Fergus & Rainbow went to Occupy Solidarity Social Forum in Olympia. Were 600 people there. Had run of Labor Temple and Synagogue. Theme was a lot about moving from protest to organization. Co-produced by Fellowship for Reconciliation.

NEW COMMITTEES: HEALING & SUSTAINABILITY: Sage. Wanted to have meetings here, but found it closed when he arrived.

Charles Eisenstein: wrote some books, one Sacred Economics, about gift/local economics, some about Occupy. Google “revolution is love”. Doing tour in Oregon.
March 10 at University, see unifyingcascadia.eventbrite.com
March 11, 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. at WOW Hall, $20 donation requested.

TSUNAMI BOOKS: Get approval of both owners before putting up political posters at Tsunami. They let us know it applies to us.

Jean Wisnet, head of ALEC for Oregon, attacked Foreclosure Reform bills and Oregon House. 2 bills have passed Senate and gone to House. GOP members have “gut & stuffed” bills, taking out meaningful parts requiring that lenders do mediation before foreclosure, and not to do “doubletrack” in which, eg., one branch of B of A. negotiating while a different branch foreclosing. Head of ALEC took out these, put in stuff like immunity for banks. Happening in legislature now.
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