GA 11-14-11 pm

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GA 11-14-11 pm

Postby laurenasprooth » Tue Nov 15, 2011 10:22 am

General Assembly
Occupy Eugene

Facilitator: Tree
Co-Facilitator: Joe
Note taker: Lauren
Vibes watcher: Blackhorse
Listener: Luke

Committee Reports
Sanitation-$ for portapotties
person asked to leave
Process Proposal (Tree)
Safety Guidelines (Karla)

Morale: Poem


Lauren-tent on Pallet board stolen, REI dome tent-grey, orange green two person. If you see it, know, please retursn to info booth. Need to talk about security issues
David-Only a few people washing dishes, please help, great way to contribute to camp. Real need for sleeping bags. Please donate.
Luke-Thursday, Day of Action marching @ 12pm at 8th and Oak against big banks. Wed night sign making party after GA in TP, come help, bring materials (paints, cloth)
Obie-Re Dishes-bring own utensils may help dish washing issues

Committee Announcements

Communications: Lauren A. Sat 2-3pm mtg in geodome, 3-4pm media training for EVERYONE. Thurs 5:30 mtg geodome. Working on media action plan-gathering statistics, information sharing/dispelling rumors at GA’s, better circulation of info, press conferences (this wed. for National Day of Action), FAQ at info, media trainings.

Sanitation: Karen. Portapotie issues, do not call bucks directly! Bucks received a number of rude harassing calls Sunday. If you have an issue please talk to sanitation, being worked out. Bucks is doing us a favor, not making us go through hoops, want them to be our friends, we don’t have to pay ahead like most businesses do. Potentially adding potties, throw a buck if you can. $15 per unit per cleaning. 4x week , $240 per week. Will submit request/proposal wed for approval for more money

*GA called for security support

*3 deep breaths with Blackhorse

Library: Art. Anyone connected to any progressive groups please ask to donate books

Firekeepers: Blackhorse. Meeting in TP for Firekeepers after GA, also in need of wood donations, talk to Blackhorse

Morale: John M. 11am Friday workshop on organizing a street theatre team, had a long successful brainstorm on locations. Mini-skits, anyone can be an actor, community building process.

Systemic change working group: Ira. 2pm Wed in the goedome. Met today, ways of crowd sourcing a set of baseline community agreements. How do you set up a system that is meaningfully inclusive and participatory. Please go around to tents and committees and ask what 2 or 3 ground rules they personally would like to make to help camp feel safe and productive. Ways of inviting community at large on large scale systemic change. Agenda items set in advance on forums

Legal research: Lauren. Tom. 5:30 next know your rights training for occupy activists, 55 w. broadway (need projector). Encourage everyone to come. Wed legal observer training 12pm. Both trainings leading up to Thursday day of action. Threat of law suit with Greeway Trust- lawyer threatened to sue city of Eugene for allowing us to be here since we are on river greenway, 10 volunteer lawyers investigated matter and law suit is not founded, but do not want to debate in media, if on site and asked by media, please say our lawyers have advised us we have nothing to worry about

Get shit done: Chris. Meeting at expression center afterwards GA

Kitchen: John. Problems getting plates back, having to delay service because nothing to serve on, keep plate wash it and come back. Chili cook off this Sunday, vegan, vegetarian, hot, meat. Thanksgiving dinner with Whiteaker school, they are looking forward to having us, anyone want to volunteer with kitchen, have info on that soon. Getting colder, hard to keep food warm. Need about $400 to build a structure for kitchen

Engineering: Derick. Met today, 3 major projects in next two days, finishing fence, only 2 points entry, new fence going up along site out to road. Setting up yurt building workshops with Obi master yurt maker, help people set up homes for themselves. Roads work in progress. Developing map for site, working together with peacekeepers and medical for evac route for every tent. Community construction going on over next week or so, depending on how fast we can get materials

Person asked to leave

Aron was asked to leave early this morning and agreed to leave on condition that they would be able to come back to GA and get a fair hearing.

Aron: have been homeless in Eugene for 5 years on and off. Gone through a lot, never have had to deal with what he had at occupy, felt hostility, this morning at 4am up drinking, asked to quiet down, people asked to quiet down were not asking nicely, started yelling. Trying to quiet down, continued to hate, one man smashed into tent, felt he was assaulted. Man came into tent and opened tent and demanded he leave aggressively, and hit his friend. Thought this was peaceful, does not want hot headed ppl being peacekeepers.


Lauren R. speaking on behalf of the other side, Kenny and Lokey (present)and Jersey (not present): took place at tarptopia; Aron brought drugs and partied and after asked to leave multiple times and violating our (tarptopia’s) rules of drugs and alcohol. Left beer cans, garbage, had 10-15 people in and out of tent. Trying to go to bed, they got agitated, already discussed as a group that we had asked him to leave after asking multiple times to be quiet they put an end to the noise. Trying to keep tarptopia clean and safe and trusted, weasling out people.

Lauren R. -how to we remove ppl violating rules and making other ppl uncomfortable sleeping and living here? People feeling forced to violence to remove people doing such.

Comments from GA:

banned from tarptopia or occupy?

Shalaya: Why did Kenny and Lokey get physical as opposed to getting a peacekeeper, will we address people that are breaking rules by being loud then also ppl that are getting violent.
Re: We are Street kids, we tend to get violent, it’s our nature, we are trying to change that, slow process

Problem with repeated intrusion into people’s space and lack of understanding on the part of Aron that it was a problem

Estaban-wants to hear more on ppl with similar stories about Aron

John-peace keeper report: on duty for most of altercation: lotus, Ally and Randy joined in, spent 2 hours convincing Aron to leave site. Continual issue that in heated circumstances, Aron has brought up threats to call the police, threatened to call the cops this morning. Aron claimed it was a joke, but to peace keepers sounded like a threat. 100% consistent that it sounds like a threat. When Jersey tried to get violent, 5 of his friends held him down to make sure that Aron didn’t get hurt. Need to look at direct actions and ppl’s decision to escalate.

Robert- Look at the RG, front page. When someone starts to get out of line, need to be help accountable. 4am not okay to be drinking alcohol, need to get a peacekeeper!

Ross-Looking at pressure put on camp, from every action inside camp, will loose our rights to be here. What are we doing to enhance this camp, what can I do to enhance this camp and make this a safer place to be. Then respect come from a natural place

Willi-Moved tents 4 times, Need to get this down, glad this is brought up, please get sleep. Using drugs and alcohol need to stop, can set example here in Eugene. When cops get here, we usually have it under control, don’t blow it

*Temp check: ppl who want more info, ppl who want action
Temp of group is thinking about how we want to respond, yet several ppl want more info. Will get more information before action

Mike Peacekeeper: witnessed the fight, long drawn out process to leave peacefully witch Aron would not do.

Obi-if you can’t play well according to the rules, you shouldn’t get to play at all.

Karen-Don’t reinvent the wheel, Safety is making a process for these kinds of situations now.

Requests for information:
Derrick-Clarify: You and your fellows were drunk and loud and after being repeatedly asked buy tenants and builders of tarptopia to leave, who was it that started getting violent first: A: Kenny. Sounds like we have a case of two ppl breaking violations.

Blackhorse: Sounded like violence came from another person. Physical violence is what gets the removal. Drinking in tents okay, but didn’t sound like he was violent until violence was put on him.

Guy: no drinking in PUBLIC areas

2 issues: What is it okay to do and not do and how do we respond and what to do we do about it.

Derick: Drugs and alcohol okay in personal space. But if you get trashed and start getting loud, that is recreational drug use leaving your private space, you impact communal space.
*twinkle fingers*

OE Doc read: In communal areas no drug/alcohol use, we pledge to reach a solution in creative and non violent manner.

Suggestion that facilitator unbiased

Temp check if facilitation biased: 5 ppl having concern.

Switch out Joe for Tree for facilitator neutrality

-how to set boundaries
-what if ppl won’t leave
-what happens when guidelines are not followed
-quiet hours
-violence as a concern in general

Safety Guidelines Agenda item discussed now (Karla)

How to handle situations like this:

Self awareness: ppl most involved in doing stuff very high burnout. Check in with yourself about where you are at on the burn out thermometer. Huge problems with clear process. Street family alliance most comfortable doing security. How to get us working together, please don’t say these people, not helpful, all of us.

@ Safety meeting Sunday there were 2 workgroups, 1 looking at Boston guidelines for removal, but ppl that were at meeting are ill or not here, apologies. Boston guidelines/process on Boston occupy wiki -safety and removal. Main points that if something needs to happen immediately, if chronic problem take slowly but if immediate problem 3 ppl are used to handle it

On wed will come with full proposal to adopt Boston’s guidelines for removal

Other component: Diff between security and peacekeeping, if we rely on street families doing hard core security than it’s on us if we don’t like it

Trying to get another working group with security clusters for any issues coming up.

*Read Boston occupy wiki safety and removal Proposal for adopting

Kenny: Showed safety Rules posted on tenttopia

Art: Wants to know how many friends he had in the camp, and what sort of illegal drugs were being used

Dave: Doesn’t matter what kind of drugs you do, but if you are making noise or getting in someone’s face than you should be kicked because it will bring cops and get us shut down

Derrick: 1st time we have had any kind of tribunal process. Important part of our history of camp. Will set precedent. Most we have ever done, proud. Be aware this is precedent

Verify: not changing safety policy, just suggesting how to enforce it. Should change our rules to make it more so, but Aron didn’t break policy.

Violence: currently we mean only physical violence.

*Temp check* -
-Wrap up specific situation then call it a night?
-Work out general process of safety tonight and see if we can apply to specific situation? fewer hands

Not get into Safety proposal now, confine conversation on issue that specifically arose with Aron

Rob-heard evidence from both sides, could easily let go and have learning experience, threat of outside violence, concern for safety of Aron tonight

Wili-His safety another issue, but personal opinion thinks he should stay

Kenny: just wanted Aron out of area, doesn’t care if he is still on site. Will try and see as best as can that issue will be put to rest, will talk to jersey and help keep Aron safe

Shalaya to Aron:
Is your preference to stay: Yes, I am part of this.
Would you be willing to quiet down: …no coherent answer

Karla: person with initial complaint willing to work on reistatement (Kenny). Aron can go somewhere else tonight and come back and mediate with ppl who were upset. Ask Aron to look inside yourself, and take responsibility, not hearing you do so. Acknowledge that your heart is with the movement, but want more personal responsibility, hear concrete steps you can take to be able to keep agreements.

Nick: If reinstated, what kind of modifications to your activities are you willing to make:

-go to sleep earlier
-not bring so many friends over

Lokey: No more issue with Aron, do not care if he stays with occupy, just does not want him to be in tent topia campsite.

Luke: other parties here that want to get violent with aron, why aren’t they here if violence is grounds for removal, or why are they here in this camp?

-PPl that actually got violent aren’t here, Aron did bad stuff but does not deserve to be put on trial, this is not acceptable.
*note aron requested this

Where’s Jersey?

Mike peackeeper: concern is aron’s attitude towards others and community, made issue bigger, into screaming and yelling process and took no accountability for his actions.

Estaban: Utilize system read in first reading (Occupy Boston’s process for removal), have a mediated party between specific problems

*Temp check on having specific parties deal with info*

Will we have every incidence come before GA? Look at bigger picture

Re-Until proposal to adopt a safety policy passes, this is what we are doing

John: fact is that violence was used, but initiated by another party, but we are also not respecting other forms of violence besides physical. Issue that we won’t tolerate kicking off someone off the site that allows it to escalate to violence. Aron wrong to not stop escalating

Have two separate groups to deal with parts of it

Jamil: PPl not peacekeepers cannot say that they will be physical violent if ppl don’t leave. That is a reason to get asked to leave in itself

John: Shouldn’t proceed without Porltand guidelines we adopted

*Adopted Portland Guidelines read*

Quickest way to get shut down is violence, work our shit out

*Aron was never banned by entire community

Ask Aron to be better, take away food from ppl getting violent

Conversation around having a “trail”, that is not our process.

Ally: Peacekeeper that was on the scene. Mediated situation-one of the hardest things she has ever dealt with, Aron is an agitator, constantly agitating many groups and many parties, after 3 and a half hours of attempted de escalation, asked Aron to own behavior and fed lies and bullshit. Personally do not want Aron on property, been an issue since ABP. Person damaging to movement.

Rob: was he violent: Ally: not violent towards Ally, did not see details, but he was involved in the altercation. Was there violence with group? Yes, both parties involved with violence.

Was Aron violent? Made contact, Kenny was hit by Aron (Kenny started first fight) was violence and threats of physical violence throughout the incidence.

Ally: issue that he has constantly refuses to acknowledge and account for his behavior, not about pulling his weight. Ally will block any decision to have Aron stay

Need to make decisions on how to handle 3 separate instances.

Proposal of splitting group has not been addressed

In order to be asked to leave, need multiple disturbances according to our adopted proposals

Trying to figure out as we go

**Proposal : have small group of ppl work out with key people involved settle down and talk things over

Major concerns with having small group of ppl work on issue: Ally; we did this last night for 3 ½ hours already done, didn’t work

Questioning ally’s neutrality

Blackhorse: Tonight too late to address, better tomorrow afternoon for small group conversation

Art: Whether he stays needs to be decided tonight

Some ppl want it to happen tonight
Friendly amendment that all 3 parties need to take a break

Proposal too loose

Restate proposal: have small group pll including Aron and parties talk with support from neutral safety committee.

Proposal for 5 minute break- not a ton of support, stay with group

Ally: addressing neutrality, was neutral until very end, anger came from this person using manipulative behavior and wasting resources. Keeping person on property endangers safety of this place and will block any proposal to not address tonight. If want to challenge, work night shift.

Sparrow: concerns about system, issue with ppl not living here making these decisions

If you get rid of violence, wont’ have violence (regards to street family)

*Much argument and confusion*

Street family trying, jersey trying to keep peace, defending family, all campers felt uncomfortable with Aron

GA calms down

Moment of silence with deep breaths led by Blackhorse

Understand where violence is coming from. People are being violent, that aren’t here. During this meeting

Hearing a lot of “us and them”, can we leave that behind? We are all a family. We need to find a policy that deals with everyone equally.

John M. –Taking ppl that are violent and telling them to fuck off, mistakes made but we are here to help. Right now we need to chill for the night and tomorrow keep working on it. Accept that violence is something we are trying to overcome and not point fingers.

Proposal to cap tonight

Facilitators at a loss of what to do

Blackhorse helps facilitate-Come to an idea instead of breaking, Can work it out together tonight

Suck it up and get along

Needs more conversation, but tonight not a good night, reconvene tomorrow

Molly: solution perhaps instead of sending ppl away that are having problems, be under some kind of watch, Street families come more into GA’s and communicate better, create a process of communication. Better to have smaller groups to mediate situation.

**Proposal: Drop the issue, first time ever happened, process not working right now

Gwendolyn: lots of peacekeepers with good intentions that don’t necessarily come to meetings and haven’t completed de-escalation trainings. Would like to make sure that happens

Lokey: End this and let it go, has become our nature to be violent, have been trying to overcome, cannot change overnight.

Proposal again: Wrap up tonight without taking action/drop it, learning experience, work on getting policy in place soon, with friendly amendment that parties involved agree to act in a safe and peaceful manner. Street families agreed to be peaceful towards aron, this incident dropped,

*Temp check: several ppl with major concerns, some on accountability*

***Official test for consensus on laying aside specifics if ppl have agreed to be peaceful***

3 blocks (credibility in dealing with issue, why give Aron another chance, need to come back and deal with as a group, want probationary system)

2 stand asides

Reps talking tomorrow more about best process from legal, SFA (street family alliance), security meeting, issue would not come back to GA. But proposal would come back.

-1 block removed

Worried ally and Sparrow have blocks and not here, sparrow is here and okay with it

Proposal again: give rest tonight and pick up tomorrow

***Concensus taken again to let issue go, chalk up to learning process***

1 stand aside: up to me I would kick him out tonight, but wants consensus to go through
1 stand aside: john, need to enact Portland procedures, no consensus needed for removal, it’s a procedure, deny access to services. Just need to do that. That is our consensed upon procedure (will talk about tomorrow, GA tent 3:00pm security meeting?)

***Consensus passes***

Reminder to be peaceful

Ga closes 10:30pm
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Re: GA 11-14-11 pm

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Thank you for the detailed minutes. The process of the GA will need to be reflected upon and referred back to in the future.
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