GA Minutes 3/6/12

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GA Minutes 3/6/12

Postby emeraldopalite » Mon Mar 12, 2012 6:38 pm

Occupy Eugene General Assembly – Tuesday, 3/6/12

Opening Morale : Plaedo says there ain’t no power like the power of the people cause the power of the people don’t stop…

Intro Rap: Jennefer

Committee Reports:
Rob (Collective Visioning): meeting happened here before GA—working on self-reflecting: What needs to be finished? What worked? Let’s look forward to vision/strategize. PLEASE COME to next week’s meeting 5:30 pm at OEV (Tuesday). Representatives from co mmittees especially invited and those who would like to facilitate moving forward.

Karen (Library): Discussion nights every Sunday nights (currently “diversity of tactics”, 4-8ish. Classes coming up: Elizabeth Handel 12-3pm at Grower’s market; Tsunami books 3/18 (Art & Lotus are MCing); more stuff in April and May

Actions Lotus: March 8—International Women’s day! Meet at Wayne Morse @ 4pm: Big John is cooking food, live music (if you help us find it!), scheduled speakers, open for soap box speeches → march (~5:30) to undisclosed location → 2 pieces of street theater. Young adults welcome, children mostly welcome, but last piece of street theater will be “outside the box”. Wear what you feel most comfortable in. Roller skates? Go for it! Drag? Absolutely. Topless (men and women)? We hope so.
Your assignment: bring two people.
Question: Is it ok for musicians to show up and play? Can they be men? (Yes and yes! Men and musicians encouraged to attend)
Q: Can we bring torches?
A: Fire is amazing. Pitchforks are also amazing.

Plaedo (Morale): Last Sat., the flashmob was a good morale booster. We want to do more in drab places like Walmart and Winco. Dance with political undertones, then hand out flyers and brochures. Good community outreach!

Bret (comm. Comm.): Website has new buttons! “Event submission” and “Donation”. Webpage is being reworked.
Open house/volunteer fair: 3/24 2-4pm
Newsletter to come out by Friday. Free! This will be a collector’s item and you know it. Get one! Brochures also coming out.

(Foreclosures): “We stopped this lady’s house from getting foreclosed on!” Federal judge issued “stay” for two weeks. Dual tracking now banned, woot! We could always use more support.

Larry (Outreach): Meetings are now 4:30 pm on Fridays. Working on volunteer database, fliers, tabling at events, Open House (3/24) next meeting 3/20 @6pm @OEV)

John (Facilitation): Facilitation training this Saturday (3/10) at noon at Grower’s Market. Introducing tools.

David Getch (Media): We invite committees to go down to Sheldon High (CCTV) to tell the world what they’re doing.

Alley (Badass/Kesey Square): Kesey Square revivals are 12-5pm on Fridays. This Friday (3/9) 1pm is an open conversation about police harassment. Mayor, city councilors invited. All should attend this important conversation.
Downtown accountability collective (“copwatch”): Contact John or Alley, or come to Kesey Squares on Fridays. Donations requested for cameras, old cell phones, anything that films or takes pictures, or monetary donations.

Sue (Medical): Thanks to those involved with medical clinics! 14 patients this Sunday. Treating everything from inflamed gums to broken hand, asthma, etc. We are in need of medical supplies donations! Pain relievers, herbal medicines in pill form, list of donations needed is going up on forums page.
Dr. Dave says “I’m just a doctor in a box. Thanks to all those who make this happen!”

Moon (actions): Indubious show this Saturday 3/10 8pm @ WOW Hall. It’s an Occupy Eugene benefit with info table, new T-shirts, stickers, donations requested for fundraising sales.

Jean (Homelessness task force): Last meeting in a couple weeks. A number of recommendations are arising, including: day center in Whiteaker or downtown w/ coffee shop, laundry rooms, showers, kennels, child care; long-term alternative housing facility working toward self-sufficiency, self-empowerment, self-government, re-writing laws. Exciting results are on the way.
Co-occupy downtown. Let’s try to match merchants and downtown business people with those living there informally. Smuj did pilot program with David Mandelblatt (downtown neighbors), who have been meeting for meals—groups are getting to know each other “with no endgame”.

New Groups Forming?:
Occupy LCC! Contact Mari or James.
Cascadia Bioregion (in conjunction with Occupy Portland): contact
Martin Williams’ idea for a group: Housing reform. Be proactive, not reactive. Contact 541-403-6105 or

Announcement: Coal (Cindy)
Coal-free working group drafting nonbinding resolution for city council. Want legally-binding ordinance: want endorsement from OE, other groups. Used ordinance from Bellingham, WA, adapted it to Eugene. Ordinance will be posted online (on Crabgrass). Cindy hopes OE endorses this ordinance sometime in the near future. More info will be posted on crabgrass, forum discussion.
*: Can OE reach consensus to support Coal-free? (All twinkle fingers.)

Proposal: New GA Schedule (Rob Sydor)
Thanks to all the many people here.
1. Move Saturday GA to Friday @6pm at park blocks and/or kesey square.
2. Eliminate Tuesday GA

*: Some community members have been excluded from park blocks only, some people have been excluded from larger downtown. Recommends Wayne Morse, which is outside exclusion zone. Kesey square is also highly visible.

*: Every time we move, we lose momentum. We need a home that isn’t in public, whether it’s this building or another. Exclusions are just going to grow.

*: Q: Why do we want to move it? A: If we’re all standing in public having a meeting, it would spark interest, media coverage. We’re alive, Spring’s coming. Put up pop-up tents!
Comment: It’s still Winter. Let’s strategize for future. It’s time to be inward facing, not outward facing.

*: I think it is time to turn out. Right now. Occupy is about public space. “Our” building intimidates people.

*: We should move the GA outside because that’s where they have been. More connected at camps—had energy, left bullshit behind. People knew they were welcome. Now we’re walled in, people don’t want to come inside, especially those who heard bad things. That being said, no matter where we are, somebody won’t want us there. Don’t eliminate spaces because people have been excluded, protest the fuck out of those places.

*: If we leave the Tuesday GA as is, will you support a Friday GA outside? (Lots of agreement).

*: We are Occupy, we need to occupy. Medical is already there. Join them!

*: When will Friday GAs start? A: This Friday. Terry: Maybe equinox is the perfect time? Being in public, people will walk by, listen, join.

*: It’s a great idea. Can excluded people still be on sidewalk, not park blocks? (A: Yes.) Parking & Visibility seems better at park blocks. That’s where we started, let’s go home.

*: Let’s be proud of Occupy’s achievements. We’re learning as we go and getting better.

*: It’s time to get out there and do our thang. If we’re going to go outside, People Need To Show Up! Can we have Tuesdays be more of organizer’s meetings, where committees actually send representatives? (Getch says we’ll handle that at another time.)

*: If we have GAs like this in public, Awesome! If it has 8 people, embarrassing. We have to commit to being there. Part of that might be that we should only have 1 GA a week.

*: This place is very special. Park blocks are very special. Campsite at W-J was special. Let’s have our cake and eat it too. Occupy everywhere! People will be looking for us, needing us.

*: Point of information: if we do this in Kesey, the infrastructure will be there.

*: In order to maximize people, I agree we should make until equinox and make a full-on party event out of this. Kesey square seems better than park blocks.

Call for consensus: 1. Move Saturday GA to Friday, 6pm. Consensus reached, reservation because of Friday worship at Temple.
2. Proposal: Have first public meeting at Park blocks 3/16. Many stand asides. Is it too soon? Should we do it at Kesey square?
3. Proposal: Friday 6pm, starting 3/23 at Kesey square.
…discussions about where and when would work best…
4. Proposal: Start on 3/23, decide on location later. 3 stand-asides.

Change of pace! Art speaks on revoking the quorum. “They won’t have quorum anyway, why should I bother going?” If you’re worried about kool-aid proposals, come to GAs and block them! Statement of solidarity proposal tabled for later discussion.

Now back to when to start outdoor meetings!
Proposal: Start 3/23. Lotus stands aside (let’s do it sooner), Karen consents with reservation: let’s start it earlier. Geneva consents with reservation, let’s start this week, weather is supposed to be great. Consensus reached—start outdoor GAs 3/23.
Proposal: Start 3/16.
Comment: If you want to be in public right away, show up Fridays at Kesey square and Sundays at medical clinic.
Too many stand-asides. Proposal: start 3/9. Too many stand asides.
Move to discussion of place? Lots of angsty people.
Temperature check re: places indicates 3 for Wayne Morse, 15 for Kesey, 12 for Park Blocks.
Comment: Parkblocks partially covered, has power, go home.
Comment: Kesey is easier for outreach due to revival. Kesey also has electricity, it’s warmer.
Comment: Police will ticket us for using power at either place. Foot traffic is dead at park blocks on Fridays. Kesey square has foot traffic.
Comment: Lots of people will already be at Kesey on Fridays.
Comment: parking is bad at Kesey. Barmuda triangle is a negative, not positive. We started at park blocks. Much more room for more people. Kesey’s great, it has its other stuff going on.
Comment: Is this just the location for the 23rd? (Yes)
*Parking is free within one or two blocks of either spot.
* Let’s reclaim the commons. Park blocks are closer to that concept than Kesey. Park blocks is better for space for people and parking. There is driving traffic, people will see us. I’ve been surrounded by police at Kesey square, that makes me uncomfortable.
* Park blocks are two blocks from Kesey. Parkade, overpark, plenty of space. Barmuda is a block away, in the other direction are some nice restaurants. Kesey is central to everything.
* Kesey has great energy, but we belong at park blocks because it’s a full circle. Can we do GA at Kesey for next two weeks, then march to Park blocks on 3/23?
* I second and support Geneva’s “non-official proposal”. I’m so attached to the full-circle of park blocks.
* Can we not let the perfect be the enemy of the good? Both places have positives and negatives. I vote for both.
Test for consensus: GAs will be held Fridays 6pm at Park blocks, starting 3/23. 3/9 and 3/16 will be at 6pm here at OEV. Rob says: It gives us one more place where we do something. One more public space to occupy. 2 consent with reservation: Momentum is better if we stay at Kesey square. No stand asides, no blocks. Consensus Reached.

Proposal: Quorum Revocation (Art): Tabled.
Proposal: Statement of Solidarity (Art): Tabled.
General Announcements
Jayne: Tax resistance. Write the feds a letter refusing to pay. 3/15 at CALC at 6pm potluck 7pm video: “Death and Taxes” call 541-342-2914 or go to
Sue: Garden committee is making seed bombs for guerrilla gardening this Wednesday 3/7 at 7pm OEV.
Plaedo: Antonio from Occupy Portland called and said conference is pushed back to 4/15, at least. Can Eugene help figure out when to hold it?

Facilitator Feedback: Facilitators ignored a large group of people who wanted to continue talking about date & location of outside GAs. Also, “There is a difference between asking ‘do we have consensus?’ and ‘do we want to?’” Another comment, “When we have two rivaling locations, both with large support, the order in which you propose the locations greatly affects the outcome. How can we improve the process when we have two options that are equally supported? Vote? Tally?” (Getch replies that we deferred to the proposal. Jennefer adds that proposals are easier to pass when they are more specific, instead of ambiguous.)

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Re: GA Minutes 3/6/12

Postby emeraldopalite » Mon Mar 12, 2012 6:40 pm

Minutes by Helen.

Correction to the minutes: In the "Facilitator Feedback" section, all statements are opinions offered by individuals.
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