GA Minutes 3/9/12

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GA Minutes 3/9/12

Postby emeraldopalite » Mon Mar 12, 2012 6:44 pm

General Assembly 3/9
Facilitating: Art
Minutes: Helen
Members present: 10

1. Committee reports:
Newsletter (Larry)! We got the inaugural newsletter, woot! Please email submissions (300 words or less) by 3/23 (for publication by 4/10) to
*Please distribute newsletter to people outside the movement. “We hope this newsletter inspires you to get involved, now that you know how to. We could also really use donations.”
*Printable at and also on crabgrass.
*Who do you propose we highlight for our next newsletter?
*Meetings Wednesdays 11am at Grower’s Market
*Please note that GA schedule and website navigation have been updated since this went to print.

Open house (Larry): 3/24 2-4pm

Finance (Jan): We still meet regularly and approve submissions.

Badass (Alley): Emerald City Skates (Willamette & 11th) sells socks that say “badass”.

Foreclosures (Reid): Meeting Sunday at noon @Grower’s Market; Wednesdays 5-6pm at Grower’s (work session) 6-7 pm open to public to ask for help with foreclosures. Want to do something 3/31 (in discussion). Currently working with somebody, keep an eye out for upcoming info.

Comm Comm (Reid): Press release for 3/18 occupation education (10am-4pm at OEV talking about strategic planning) needs to be written. Contact Mary B. for more info.


On Sunday, March 18th, from 10am -3pm at Occupy V, Eugene Oregon, the Civil Liberties Defense Center and Occupation Education presents an extended organizer training session led by Gordon Lafer. Dr. Lafer has extensive experience training and organizing movement participants and we are thrilled to have his expertise as part of this series.

The session will focus on strategic planning. Dr. Lafer will lead this extended session to help Occupiers and other activists determine our movement's goals and how best do we reach those goals. We will explore:
1. what kinds of goals should the movement have, what would we hope to accomplish in 2012? 2. given those goals, how many people need to be actively involved? 3. how do you get to that number from where things are now? 4. in thinking about what specific goals to try and accomplish, what criteria make sense to use in evaluating possible goals?

Contact for the sessions recommended reading. It is a short book about the very start of the farmworkers' union. What's great about it is that it has nothing to do with the law, but shows Cesar Chavez starting as a community organizer, how he built an organization and built power (as a disciple of Saul Alinsky) and specifically did not want to deal with work issues but ended up inventing the United Farm Workers' union because he realized if he didn't deal with the issue of jobs, nothing else would change. Then they organized -- totally without any legal backing, since farmworkers are not covered by federal labor law -- to figure out how to confront and beat powerful growers. It's a great, common-sense account.

It is our hope that this session will be available via live stream and will be video recorded for dissemination as well. Anyone is welcome to join--live is preferable, but via computer should be feasible as well.

Actions (Gwen): March yesterday was BADASS. Great job, Lotus!!! Good turnout, we took the streets and marched during rush hour traffic! Thank you to all our speakers. Next actions meeting is Monday 5:30pm (@OEV). Let’s give actions committee better attendance for meetings. Can we get all the affinity groups in one room?

Facilitations (Jennefer): Sunday 3/11, 12-3pm is a training at Grower’s market. We hope you will come out to get these resources, skills, tools. We sure could use more facilitators…
*Q: It seems there may be some conflicts at Grower’s on Sunday? A: People need to sign up on calendar at Grower’s in order to reserve the space.

2. New working groups:
Gwen: Created facebook page for discussing actions: constructive criticism of past actions, plan for improvement in future actions. Safe space to critique without attacking.
*Q: Is this an open group? What about St. Paul’s principles? A: It doesn’t seem those principles are respected anywhere on facebook. At least this way we are encouraging respectful behavior in an open way.

3. Solidarity statement (Art):
Motion: support the following statement, “The OccupyEugene General Assembly strongly condemns the criminalization of dissent. We stand in solidarity with other Occupations that have experienced politically motivated repression, and with our own members who have experienced police harassment and false accusations of violence. We reaffirm the St. Paul principles and the solidarity they represent.”
Stand aside: Do we have to include St. Paul principles?
*People misuse St. Paul principles. People seem to think it means you can’t criticize another person.
Ammendment: “The OccupyEugene General Assembly strongly condemns the criminalization of dissent. We stand in solidarity with other Occupations that have experienced politically motivated repression, and with our own members who have experienced police harassment and false accusations of violence. We stand in solidarity with the principles of the OWS movement, and the solidarity it represents.”
Motion “passes” with unanimous consent (10 people, no quorum)

4. Discussion: Grants (Vicky): Lane county looking for cultural grant applications.
Community Arts Grants program (Lane Arts Council): Deadline is Friday, May 4. Bringing people downtown. Up to $2,000. Groups or individuals may apply. Eugene only. Chances are greatest if you’re collaborating. Money can be spent on materials or administration.
Lane County Cultural: Deadline is April 16. Powerpoint presentation online shows how to apply. Emphasizes making things accessible to people. Print something in Spanish, bring services to homeless, etc. Again, individuals or groups can apply.
Any individual or group of individuals may apply. If you want to work with Vicky on an art show downtown (New Zone?) with contributions by homeless people, contact her

5. Discussion: What to do in May? (Too few people to discuss properly, withdrawn)

6. Announcements:
1. You guys are all freaking awesome.
2. No, you are.
3. Newsletter crew is awesome!
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