GA Minutes 3/27/12

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GA Minutes 3/27/12

Postby Perry » Fri Mar 30, 2012 4:51 pm

Morale - introductions/about yourself
Committee Reports
Quorum Discussion/Why Are We Coming Here?

Committee Reports

Medical:clinic awesome/cold, free hair cuts happened, collected hair for cancer patients - got 7 braids.
Found a herbalist; trying to make the clinic holistic.
Looking for volunteers to get free dental work - calling dentists.
Meeting: Wednesday 7 pm @ the Glenwood.
Upcoming: back/bodywork day with chiropractors, etc.
Still need volunteer veterinarian.
Free haircuts went so well, will do at the end of every month.

Facilitation: Meetings moved to Mondays at noon at Grower's market.
Meetings small. Lots of tasks that can be done to help, especially as meetings grow, so come volunteer!

Visioning: no collective will for planned visioning event so not happening.
Thinking about a "speak from the heart" event.
Have questionnaire, passed out at 99% event, please do one and return it.
April 20-22 LCC Peace Symposium. Speakers on corporate personhood. West coast gathering of Move to Amend. Also Max Rameau on foreclosures.

Foreclosures: B of A using last minute scare/delay tactics in foreclosure case; Judge Aiken canceled hearing last week.
Temp restraining order passed two weeks ago. Possibility of misconduct, either on part of judge (for allowing last minute submission) or BoA (delay)?

Healing/Sustainability: Cid available as a resource to help with healing, hoping to find compensation for his work.

Homeless Solutions: Opportunity Eugene last meeting Friday 9:30 am St Mary's, final draft of recommendation coming out.
Looking for a place for people, but not likely to find a place soon.
Meet Monday 10:15 am @ CALC

Comment: Why are we here with an agenda that no one wants to talk about? Maybe we should do a go-around and talk about why no one's coming to GA.


- ESSN call to support grocery workers union, Thursday 4:30 pm at Safeway (18th & Oak)
- Where are we on finding a space? Martin has a committee to get stuff out. Some ideas for spaces: downtown abandoned building, churches, 2nd Growers office.
- March to support vigil for Trayvon Martin on Monday. Gather 5 pm at Campbell Senior Center (2nd & High). Rally is at 6 pm at Free Speech Plaza.
- City dropped their appeal on the Schlottsburg case on filming police, so now Lauren can collect attorney's fees.
- Grower's market has an office available. Also, they have a virus problem with their internet so no wifi for the next two weeks.

Quorum Discussion/Go Around - why are you here?

-hoped to have discussion and get rid of quorum, but not enough people here to do so
-just annoying at this point
-want to talk about other stuff
-rules facilitate getting meetings over with, not reaching true consensus
-way too cold, hope better weather brings more people
-2 worlds of young people in Eugene - students and local culture - need to integrate
-we give our power away when we can't make decisions
-came here for healing
-smaller sample is skewed - quorum represents body
-quote from the Nation: "create space for conversation"
-online polling in place of quorum
-lots of problems with quorum to detriment of GAs
-there is some light here in a world of growing darkness around us
-you can't do what we're doing in some countries
-"Occupy without GAs is like sleep without dreams"
-consensus works in other contexts, can work here too
-problem is some people unfamiliar with process so they want to impose rules to preserve this thing we've created
-GA is our dreaming, our connection to collective wisdom
-consensus implies trust, have faith everything will work out
-"Move from Oil" to hydrogen; conversion inexpensive to do; way more efficient
-Medical! everything medical!
-GA is family time, shocked they're not here
-action yesterday was good but caused online discussion, surprised those people aren't here to discuss it
-think we've got enough here tonight (14) to decide something; disappointed quorum discussion/process meetings seem to not be happening
-value in getting together & talking
-enjoy getting to know everyone
-came to help this discussion happen
-came to hear everybody and find out what the story is
-quorum is a symptom of the problem
-change is coming, but may not be through occupy
-we've come a long way in learning to hear each other
-need to take into account emotions in organizational structure
-"imagination is more important that knowledge"
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