GA Minutes 4-6-12

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GA Minutes 4-6-12

Postby Martin C » Mon Apr 09, 2012 6:47 pm

GA minutes
Facilitators: Jennefer, Perry
Minutes: Martin C.

Consensus Rap
Agenda Review
Committee Reports
General Announcements
Facilitator Feedback

Bank of America report: Pretty good, 25 to 30 people. Singing, chanting, fliers. Lots of “friends in uniform” (cops) who did some videotaping.
B of A protests will be every friday, 4:30 to 6:00 on sidewalks.
Visioning: This weekend, at Sophia’s Feast, Maurie Jacob’s park 2 to 6 p.m.
Asking people to submit ideas about structure. Get structure ideas
Homeless solutions: Task force: Next Wednesday submitting task force report. Really good report, not perfect. One important part: agreement to have site open for homeless people by October. Also some kind of day center, something beyond center on 99. with coffee shop. Endorsement to change several laws that make life more difficult for homeless people. Did not reach consensus about a vision for an overnight homeless facility. Did include a write-up--not consensed on. Most agreed it would be self-managed and self-sustaining. Want small camps, multiple camps with only about 30 in each one, and consensus can be reached there. If too big lack of ownership. People in town are very afraid of “occupy type” huge camp. Clean & sober. because wet facility opening through St. Vinnie’s. About 100 people died on the streets this year.
Got to get city to vote for the camps idea, not asking for money, just land.
Occupy the Trees: Lots going on. Looking for tree-sitting, or dedicated ground support. Contact Perry. Also, people do interesting ideas, skill-shares. Talk to him. Locations depend. Weekly climb trainings at Wednesdays 11 a.m. at Lorax. They have t-shirts for sale probably $10, some other stuff, contact Geneva.
More actions: Approved tax day action April 16th: Rally at noon at downtown post office. Penny poll on where tax dollars should go. March at noon to federal building.
Later SIEU action at Gateway. economic justice, part of national campaign. part of 99% spring action training. Stay tuned. Want to connect groups better.
Facilitation: talk of consensus training. Broader than a facilitation training, how to participate better in consensus.
Also, less content in GAs, continuing issues of SPP, talk of series on SPP at GAs. Still working on idea. Temp check: mostly positive finger wiggles.
Comment: important how it is framed.
Another good topic is how do OE committees relate to each other (structure).
Struggling to have facilitators
Strategic planning training sessions still going, on Wednesday nights, 6:30. When are we moving trainings out of OE V.
We need campaign proposals by Friday the 13th. Explanation: Trying to come up with 1 or 2 (or?) campaigns for OE to unite around. Do we want to make a statement, or make a change? By uniting around and actually doing a change, bringing in masses, can make an actual change. People can submit a proposal on that. It’s online, link under occupation education.
Get shit out working group:
Work party to deal with stuff at OE V Saturday April 7th, 1 pm to 8 pm.
Media: Wednesday nights 7 to 8 pm Getch and Joe, Left Out becoming more or less Occupy Radio. Playing old guy protest music.
2 spots available to learn program lightwave for animation with Joe.
Medical: Clinic coming to Park Blocks this Sunday, 12 to 4. People subject to exclusion zone can tell police they have an appointment with medical to avoid being excluded. Will work on making something official
Library: Annual peace symposium weekend of 20th and 21st. Library got Barsamian to come. co-sponsoring the Barsamian part the 24th at Harris Hall. Hope to see lots of people there. Do please go online and register for peace symposium.
22nd: Showing films. Expanding from regular library discussions.

3 hour training at CALC on Tuesday 6 p.m., already full, with Occupy Spring. Also looking for place (maybe Saturday 14th) for longer training. Nonviolent direct action training. We could sponsor it and have it at OE V? Will bring it to Tuesday GA.
Elvie Musica: one of 4 people in U.S. who receives medical marijuana from U.S. government. Protest planned: don’t spend a penny on 4/20 to protest pot laws.
Traveling occupiers announced they are planning Bohemian Grove Occupy., including an International GA at Bohemian Grove.
8 occupiers meeting with command staff at EPD Monday night. “listening circle” Centered probably on park closing, downtown, relations between police and occupiers.
Wednesday, Michael Carrigan and Jean meeting with Chief Kerns.
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