April 17 General Assembly

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April 17 General Assembly

Postby GrameenEugene » Wed Apr 18, 2012 10:49 am

GA Tuesday April 17, 2012
by GrameenEugene » Wed Apr 18, 2012 10:18 am

Ronnie facilitator Fergus notes


Coalition ran the Coal Express thru UO Campus Monday, picked up lots of passengers. Nice work!

Foreclosure Committee requests next Friday GA be from 5:15 (or right after Max Rameau's Press Conference at the Bank of America rally- 11th & Oak) until 6:15 or so, so people can carpool out to LCC for the Peace Symposium panel on "The State of the National and International Democracy Movements", starting about 6:40. Approved by consensus (quorum thanks to Roger).

Actions MayDay plans to be discussed at 4 PM Tuesday meeting at OE V

Bank of America working group now meets Tuesday @ 5:30 at OE V

Occupy the Trees schedule: Teach-in at OE next Saturday, April 21, from 11-3. Events run from Sunday April 22 through Friday April 27- 10 AM-10PM in the Park Blocks.
Sunday: 10 AM opening ceremony, parade with Samba Ja. (6 PM dinner every night)
Monday: Cascadia Day
Tuesday: Animal Rights Day, pet parade
Wednesday: Kids' day, march/parade for kids after school. Show "Story of Stuff" at dinner.
Thurs/Friday: variety of speakers, performances. more speakers needed. After dinner Reggae concert Thursday, bluegrass Friday featuring Scotty Perry & friends; closing ceremony.

Moon requested next Tuesday GA take place at the Park Blocks in solidarity with OTT. Concerns: next Tuesday is presentations of strategic proposals, Park Blocks might not be suitable setting for many presentations, especially with PowerPoint.
Discussion: They hope to have power and a tent which could serve as a screen. We'll decide on the location of next Tuesday GA at Friday's GA in the Park Blocks (at 5:15, remember?)

more OTT info: http://www.OccupyTheTrees.org or FaceBook

Discussion item: Co-ordinating Council. Fergus brought results of last Tuesday GA proposal conversation back for more discussion. Draft proposal(for discussion only):

GA authorizes Tuesday GA to change into a meeting of a Co-ordinating Council made up of one representative from each active working group/committee recognized by the GA. The Occupy Eugene Council would make ordinary decisions and co-ordinate committee activities. GA would retain final authority, including for all policy decisions. Council decisions could be appealed to GA. Nothing on decision-making process yet. Working Group/Committee representatives would decide how to select their own representative, who should try to represent the opinion of the entire crew rather than their personal opinion. Representatives should rotate somehow. Backup representatives should be chosen. Working Groups/Committees would need to be represented at the Council in order to receive Occupy Eugene funding.

Some concerns: that a council shouldn't replace Tuesday GA until OE is larger, but should start out in addition to the two GA's. That there wouldn't be enough interest to make it work- like what happened to our previous Co-ordinating Committee. If only GA is Friday @ 6 PM, GA meeting time conflicts with Jewish sabbath(Jain).
Comment: The Council would need to be given decision-making power to get participation.
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