GA minutes Tuesday April 24 2012

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GA minutes Tuesday April 24 2012

Postby GrameenEugene » Wed Apr 25, 2012 3:01 pm

John Flanery, John Abbey facilitators/Fergus notes/35-40 Occupiers

UO Cultural Forum
concert May 5 quad in front of UO library where Occupy briefly landed last fall. SoulSeed plays at 1:15, music starts at noon.
Inter-Occupy invites OE members to next meeting May 20 at Church of the Resurrection- 39th & Hilyard. topic: Healtyh Insurance for All
Co-ordination Council proposal to be discussed for third GA next Tuesday

Committee Reports
Medical offers dental and haircuts this Sunday. Sue needs help at setup (11:30) and takedown (4 PM). Oral Care Access Team. Cascade Medical Team serves Springfield this weekend all day, near McKenzie Willamette Hospital on 14th St. Will post on FaceBook
Library has established CALC branch with political activism collection, seeks new locations
OE Website is organizing Alerts! list. Contact Jamil to enroll. Media group has new subwebsite (I think. F.)
Collective Visioning offers Sacred Economics and the Divine Commons this Saturday April 28 from 2-4 PM at OEV. Benjamin Crandall of the Kindista electronic gifting network, Finn Po on the houseless commons, others. Discuss the work of Charles Eisenstein.

Occupation Education Strategic Planning Presentations
Lauren noted some dissatisfaction with level of focus at OE, started Occupation Education to arrive at focused goals, & answer what is our capacity? Tonite will be presentations of proposals submitted to Legal/Research by April 13. Next Friday GA, April 27 plan to talk about whether we want to select a focused goal strategy, and if so how many. Following Friday GA May 4 plan is to make our choice or choices for campaigns to play out over the next 6 months. Next step would be to write up outreach documents and develop campaign work plan (standard strategic planning process). Top 3 criteria for selection: 1) winnable; 2) root issue; 3) grow OE & form new alliances. "Mini-Wins" another goal. Also: OWS links; diversity; neglected issues; most harm; sex appeal; include present committees. See proposals on front page of website.

John M raised point of process that the strategic planning process itself had not been consensed on. Discussion of process added to list of tonite's presentations: Do we want to adopt a focused goals strategic plan?

We will build up financial alternatives as we assist the old failed model to collapse. Present power pyramid (taken from movie Thrive @ 53 minutes): Level 1 (bottom); the living earth and we the people; Level 2: government, exercising force; Level 3: corporations (should be under government, but corporate personhood gives them power over the people); Level 4: private banks like Bank of America; Level 5: central banks (owned by Bank of America and other banks, though majority of governing committee is selected by the President); Level 6: International Monetary Fund (IMF) and World Bank- with offices in DC and controlled by US. Has "restructured" 150 of the world's 180 national governments to make things safe for international capital); Level 7: Bank for International Settlements ("central bank of the central banks"; unelected committee of private bankers who rule the world, may have intentionally triggered the global financial meltdown to increase their own wealth, power and control).
We'll use our Friday afternoon Bank of America protests to inform people about the real agenda and crooked practices of BofA and encourage moving money to credit unions we determine to be most friendly and helpful to low income customers. We'll measure our success by the amount of new customers we bring to our chosen credit unions. We'll challenge all candidates for the state legislature to pledge to support a referendum to the people which will remove the prohibition on state banks (Article XI, Section 1- written 1880) from the state constitution. We'll inform the people that Bank of America is the enemy of our freedom and prosperity and needs to be broken up, including their PayDay Loan operations, their ownership of Sallie Mae, with its corrupt, abusive and sinister student loan policies, their corrupt lending and investment practices, and their illegal and immoral foreclosure practices(in co-operation with the Foreclosure campaign).

Eugene has signed on to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights; Article 21 says that Housing is a Human Right. We have a good Foreclosure Committee which needs additional participants. We could use 50 more people. We can work to establish Eviction Free Zones, and help local folks learn how to fight the system and stay in their homes. Lots of small victories possible. Focus is on education, organization, effective and enjoyable actions. Plans for a regular table at Saturday Market.

We can include all our priorities in a bill of rights the city council can pass, including the right to: jobs, housing; education; health care; rights of nature; clean water; sustainable food; clean energy; workplace rights; neighborhood control of development; internet; police review; clean elections; marriage equality; abolition of corporate personhood/electioneering. If the council doesn't adopt it we can do it by initiative petition. Even if we don't get it passed we still win by raising the issues.

OE should join a broad coalition forming with over 30 groups already to pass an initiative in the 2014 election for univeral single payer health care. Need 140,000 signatures, starting collection this summer. OE can bring numbers, and activism to the campaign. Ruth has a petition to the Eugene City Council to declare health care a human right.

Mayor's task force agreed on five goals: 1) day use facility; 2) access to health care; 3) expanding present services; 4) decriminalization; 5) create a body to keep working on these projects. All but the mayor and two councilors supported 6) create a self-supporting, 501c(3) run homeless village by Oct 1. Looking at a 3-acre site at 13th & Garfield with water, sewage and power hookups easy. Need to fence the site, planning a 20-foot setback to create a forest farm surrounding the property. Recent research shows 30-50 member tent cities work best. First group to be selected and when they're up and running successfully, could select succeeding, separate village members. We need to expand OE by moving from the 1% support which is our best turnout to date by adopting a "push" rather than "pull" approach.

We'll invent our way out of this dying system by changing our political culture and restructuring OE to achieve equal distribution of labor. Make Occupy a worker co-op? We can become more effective by making OE a tool to support many functions by creating a central group to distribute tasks. Handed out a 'zine.

Should we consense on this process? Campaigns can have goals even if OE doesn'. To be continued on Friday.
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Re: GA minutes Tuesday April 24 2012

Postby laurenasprooth » Wed Apr 25, 2012 4:55 pm

Thanks Fergus!! I think we should also start posting GA minutes to crabgrass and create a sub group for them...thoughts?
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