GA Minutes 4/27/12

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GA Minutes 4/27/12

Postby Ambrose » Sat Apr 28, 2012 11:57 am

OE GA Notes 4/27/12

Speakers: Day Owens

Topic: Monsanto, and corporate coopted Government


1: There are active tree sits all around Oregon disputing logging and deforestation.

2. These people, and other’s such as farmers and people living in rural areas (and possibly cities) are being exposed to hazardous chemicals such as ATROZENE, and 24Z, which have been proven to affect pregnant women.

3. Monsanto, and Weyerhouser produce these chemicals, which are being spread thousands of miles past logging cites and industrial agro-zones.

4 Directors of Governmental systems designed to protect people from these “incidents”, such as:

Norman Manetto; previous Vice Prez, of the State Department, and the EPA, and
William Ruckerhouse, former director of the EPA,

have been, and are currently executives of, Monsanto

We'll be there when the house of cards falls.


• Day Owens asked for OE’s support and concensus on Occupy

Pesticides, July 7th

Outcome: approved/ consensed


• Health Care For All leaves Saturday, 4/29/12 to Corvallis

Meeting happening Wed, 2nd at EWEB, room 500

• May 1rst, Sunflower Gorilla Gardening at Kesey Square, 6 – 8 pm

• Collective Visioning Meeting at OEV with Tom Attley, and Fin Poe Sunday?

• Forming a Critical Incident Response Team
Contact Michael Carrigan, or Ben at, or

• Moon worked her ass off! (kudos due)

• Picknick at Skinners Park May 1rst, training for dam breakages, and lots o’ fun

• Homelessness outreach program, needs volunteers, contact (or

• Perry and Company leaving for Oakland demonstration on Sunday, April 28th, join in at 11 am at Perry’s house contact at

• Hike to McKenzie Trail, Sat. 4/28, meet at 11:00 grower’s market

• Learn to Camp with Louisa, Wed-Thurs continually at Oakridge contact Louisa at 541 653-4355

Discussion of Recent Arrests, Police Deception and Brutality:

• Several Occupiers protesting on Tuesday, April 24th, were arrested and Excluded from the Park Blocks for illegitimate reasons (being contested)
• On Thursday, two more Occupiers were arrested for their children playing in planting beds in the park blocks
• These protesors are now exluded from the Park Blocks, and possibly the Downtown exclusion zone, pending the hearing (May 3rd, 1PM) for 90 days, to 1 year, depending on the hearing’s outcome
• A meeting with the police, held by Joe, Sweet, Giggles, Art, and Michael Carrigan was held, where unjust actions taken by the police in multiple circumstances were brought to light.
• Officer Schulky, a main arrestor in this case, will be “Going away for a while.”
• In light of these circumstances Mayor Piercy said she, “Hoped the exclusion zone would not be used to chill free speech.” (more action and conversation pending)

Discussion on Campaign Proposals, and Strategy:
Herein is the account of all points about the forward process for strategy and campaign of Occupy Eugene

• To build a successful movement, and instigate change, it must have a certain base level of participants
• Gordan Lafer works on building movements, OE education has covered his workshop on doing so (information posted on Occupy Eugene Media)
• It is not necessary to be weeded to the past
• Tactics must change with a changing environment
• 97% of Eugene is not involved, this needs focus
• What can this movement accomplish as a short term goal?
• People Capacity is critical for OE
• One focus must be to unify OE around 1 action/ campaign, although personal choices and interests are NOT to be looked down on.
• It is important to unify to ratify unified campaigns, though not excluding people’s other agenda’s
• To draw in people OE must be tangibly effective
• Helen Caldicot taught at Hanford; “Find a common thread”
• Work on issues of traumatized people, provide personal comfort, and support, to your neighbors to allow people to care about social issues
• Possible creation of a council to organize inter-workings of OE
• There are already multiple civil advancement groups in Eugene, that are valuable resources for ingenuity and people power
• We could take a door to door approach and talk to people about common goals
• Thoughts on better organization, possibly educating ourselves with all needed info to better educate the public
• There are 15 churches joined with Occupy Eugene which have decided on three common goals (nice example of organization and progress)
o Health Care
o Homelessness
o Corporate Personhood

Last Bit: Quote of the Day, “You’re the Jedi Knights,” Day Owens.
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