GA Minutes 5-1-12

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GA Minutes 5-1-12

Postby Martin C » Thu May 03, 2012 5:09 pm

Location: (old) Federal Building, 7th & Pearl

Opening Morale: Mayday updates
Agenda review
Committee Reports
New Groups
Proposal: 6 month strategic campaign. Gregory
Proposal: New location for Friday GAs. Helen
Coordinating Council. Fergus
General Announcements

OPENING MORALE: MAYDAY UPDATES: at B of A in Eugene, police gathered in riot gear, and then went away. Everyone laughed. Once police were gone, the group kept focus and stayed on bank property since they weren’t asked to leave.

Agenda reviewed. Changes made, agreed on.

Committee reports:
Foreclosures: 5-11 will be statewide call for foreclosure moratorium until new law goes into effect in July. Will be coordinating with other occupies in state.
County Courthouse, 5-17 county budget hearing, demonstration about amount county is losing for illegal foreclosure processes. banks aren’t paying fees, costing lane county millions a year.

Women’s: This (mayday, occupying at federal building) event spun out of women’s brunches and tea parties. will be another one soon at her house, official, saturday at 11, specifics will be on email etc.

Media: now shot 36 programs on occupy t.v., series being broadcast in the morning and at night. on air about almost 20 hours a week. radio shows doing well.
lots of people learning to do lightwave, animation software. sunday at 7:30, monday at 8:00, wednesday at 7:30. occupy radio on air from 7 to 8. hoping to extend it to 9 soon on kwva. on t.v.: cable channel 29.all on podcasts

Announcement: police coming over to record our meeting. 7:40 Thomas Keedy, federal cop came with an EPD to talk to and videorecord us. overnight camping won’t be allowed. tents o.k. as props, but not overnight. will return to cite people staying. could potentially involve arrest. Asked for time limit: said tents need to be gone by 9 p.m.. Not concerned about us staying over night. Just concerned about tents--no camping. What’s a tent? An awning will be fine tonight. Hoping that if we have an ongoing event will go through permit process. He says camping event will not be approved, but he will recommend permit event with perhaps canopy or something. During business hours can seek permit process in lobby. GSA rule against tents.

Finance: continues to have enough money to pay bills. most requests have been from medical lately. money in and out are posted on website.

Medical: Sunday 12 to 4 will be body work day. No chiropractic this time. The more practitioners the better, especially LMTs ideally will have own chair. Will be reiki.

Newsletter is on crabgrass now, ready for review and stars.

New Groups: none

Proposal: Gregory: 6 month strategic campaign
Proposal wording: Occupy Eugene will select a 6 month campaign to focus collectively upon.
what does that mean? Other things can still happen, but this would be a unifying focus with incremental goals, achievable results.
Comment: We could select more than one.
Proposal Revised: OE will select one or more 6 month strategic campaigns to focus collectively upon.
There were 6 proposed so far. All on website, also video footage.
Concern: next 6 months will be momentous, so hesitant to narrow focus at all. Wants any selection to involve one proposal about structure.
Concern: Doesn’t want to close off options.
Friendly amendment: We can change this focus anytime we want.
we’ll accomplish more with primary focus/goal
the proposals are broad enough to include multiple issues
proposals are fundamental issues
Other group in the past, CPA, annually selected foci, but changed focus when events called for it
if we pass this proposal, we should maintain focus regardless of any shiny things that come up in the future
doing one thing isn’t very meaningful.
this is about prioritizing, and about organizing our multi-tasking in an effective way
OE has finite resources (of volunteer hours, etc.). We can use all our resources only taking positions, or we can focus to achieve actual results. (per Occupation Education)
not happy with list or proposal: wishes focus on environment, defense spending and/or healthcare instead.

Before testing for consensus, facilitator asked that any strong concerns be stated:
Fergus stated that the proposals are a good answer, but not to the right question; that the process did not happen organically.

OE will select one or more 6 month strategic cmpaing to focus collectivey upon. We can change this at the will of the GA.
4 consense with reservations
0 stand asides
1 block: Ambrose: concern is that having the possibility of more than one focus is just restating that we can focus on whatever we want. if we don’t focus on just one thing...we need that shining central thing for focus.
Consensus reached with one block.
(apparently it now takes 2 blocks to block a proposal, this minute taker doesn’t know when that took effect)

Comment from group: we should have march to Salem to capitol. Suggest that she take it to actions committee thursday

Proposal: Helen: Friday GAs to new location
Move to Wayne Morse Free Speech Plaza, 8th & Oak. several occupiers can’t now legally be at park blocks
same time 6 pm. We want to have GA where all occupiers can access.
Wayne Morse not part of exclusion zone.
we can choose to change it later.
1 consensus with reservations
Consensus reached.

Coordinating council: Fergus
temp check: do some time. 15 minutes.
Presentation: We’ll be out of OV in a month, which will affect our ability to communicate. Likes representative decision-making. It’d be efficient if one member from each committee went to a coordinating council that would meet in place of the GA on Tuesdays at Growers. This would foster more communication. The group could make routine decisions, but not policy decisions. Any decision could be reviewed at GA.
Could anyone come? everyone could come, but 1 person from committee in the decision process.
We shouldn’t replace a GA with a meeting where only select people can speak.
Sue from medical likes it as a coordinating group, not for decision making. it’d be much easier to communicate with other committees all at once.
terrified by representative body. ideas should come from bottom up. but wants more cohesion
likes idea for coordinating and decisions, but notes that former coordinating meeting stopped.

General Announcements
reminder that Jean & Michael Carrigan are police liaisons, call them because they can call police liaisons who can calla way upstairs and get stuff (like riot gear cops) cancelled.

Fergus wants a documentary about last weeks events in park blocks (mothers being pepper sprayed)

Mike has youtube video of police, on OE FB

Beatrice brought brownies.
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