GA Minutes 5-4-12

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GA Minutes 5-4-12

Postby Martin C » Tue May 08, 2012 4:21 pm

GA Minutes 5-4-12
Location: Wayne Morse Free Speech Plaza
Facilitator: John Flannery
Minutes taker: Martin C

Committee Reports
Newsletter proposal
Campaign discussion proposals
Process conversation
General Announcements


MEDIA: podcast: all of occupy tv & radio now available on itunes. search occupy in itunes. available in many countries. Request: go to itunes , search for occupy, find occupy media, go there, give 5 star rating to raise us up in itunes standing, make us more accessible. very easy. 3 episodes of occupy t.v. a week, 1 of radio on 88.1 kwva.

LEGAL: Police liaison report: re: park blocks incident with moms pepper-sprayed & with SWAT arriving at Mayday protest @ Bank of America.
Met with the chief kerns, who says riot gear wearing cops at B of A was communication gap, but we said it’s a protocol gap. Because even if they believed (incorrectly) that b of a had asked us to leave, that’s only trespassing, doesn’t justify riot gear. violates our constitutional rights by intimidating us in this way. they say they won’t send in swat without checking with own surveillance or own liaison. (they didn’t check in with these). It seems likely that the most problematic cops won’t be seen downtown anymore. Jean told police she cares about their actions, not their words. Laughing at B of A was much more effective than yelling.
More legal: Wednesday Occupation Education: how to use political power. specifically Eugene City Council. the following week, training on media.

COLLECTIVE VISIONING had session on sacred economics & new economy, related to Charles Eisenstein’s book, Sacred Economics

Foreclosure: Friday press conference at noon at Wayne Morse Free Speech Plaza. Calling for moratorium on foreclosures until new Oregon law can take effect. Thursday the 17th at noon county budget hearing about the loss of revenue from faulty electronic mortgage system.

Newsletter: Newsletter team had a handout listing the many good things about the newsletter. On the forums, it’ll be added as a comment to the post. To emphasize: the newsletter really wants to hear about June events now.

Comm comm: fill out forms way ahead of time so they can get out information about stuff.

Finance: met yesterday. had 4 requests from medical, 3 approved, one seeking more information. And discussion with newsletter, really like that newsletter talked to finance before going to GA with proposal. Finance supports the financial request newsletter wants. Our balance is “healthy” but worry is that we haven’t had a fundraiser for 2 months. Large check at OE open house has kept us going. need to think of rent etc. for future space. Fundraising committee is defunct. At least there are t-shirts.

Fundraising: Christine says there are only 2 people in this committee. Working on concert. Cary Thompson at Helios: 541.686.5562

Medical: Sunday 5-6-12, 12 to 4, body work day. Reiki people, etc. Glad to have more people with skills or who need body work. Medical needs pictures of medical. Send them to medical. Need the pics for grants for many projects. Looking to get a free dental van. Need donations: band aids, feminine products, cures for poison oak (wash dogs if they might have encountered poison oak), shampoos, socks, dog stuff. Have gotten some great donations lately. Need cash.

SUGAR: (sustainable resource working group): Helping Michael Carrigan convene a rapid response team. Such that can have a strategic response to incidents such as pepper-spraying of moms. Wants committees to put representatives and alternates on rapid response. SUGAR will come talk to committees.

Library: Need people to sign up for racism/white privilege workshop 10 to 3 Saturday May 19th at network charter school (plus follow up debrief the following Sunday). Sign up with Jen Frenzer Knowlton. Facilitators need people to sign up to show up.
meetings wednesday 11 to 1.

Homeless support group: task force: consensed on some proposals. not much has happened since that consensus. committee has lng term subcommittee working on new village. see it as model that can be replicated. model with 20 or 30 people, as grows would split up and make more. to have democratic model can’t excede 30 or so. Joe has power point presentation. Jean visited dignity village and sharewheel in Seattle. Madeline working on internal documents. Buying things people might need. Working on anti-criminalization. afraid that if we let this drop, abandon the homeless, the homeless will be abandoned. stay on topof city council. homeless solution meeets monday10:15 at calc, following is subcommittee at new day

Actions: upcoming:
Mother’s day, maybe police accountability action regarding cop pepper spraying moms. Maybe brunch plus police complaints, probably at fed building
Fed building. Now permitted--totally legal.
We have permission to sell things there if have materials, etc. Even electricity available. Can make up to 95 decibels during day, but can be really loud at night. need support. Only rule is no camping gear, no camping.
In solidarity with NATO summmit at G8. May 19th, anti military action ,getting vets involved, targeting recruiters. Time etc. TBA. on a Saturday, talking about it next actions meeting 5:30 pm on Monday.
National gathering in philadelpiha june 30th to July 4th. 5 days of community building, cool process we can maybe mimic here on some level.

Comm comm: crabgrass training this saturday at 9 a.m. at Growers. Bring laptop.
Send Lauren Asprooth information ahead of time, she’ll set up account ahead of time.
If you want event publicized, fill out form on website. underneath line of items will start process, you can write it and they will help fix it up. (for example, waiting for information about “occupy 6” to send a press release)

Facilitation: needs more facilitators. Don’t have many anymore. (Jennefer, & john flannery & chester, perry leaving town) Knows people have facilitation skills. Step up. Stressful for Jennefer to make sure there’s a facilitator & do agenda every time.
Training on intensive facilitation may 22nd to may 24th, 3 day training. on gift basis. John Abbe will post more soon.

Newsletter proposal:
The OE Newsletter team proposes that the General Assembly of Occupy Eugene approves $350 to be used by the Newletter Working Group to cover the printing costs of the May English-language edition and April Spanish-language edition of the Eugene Occcupier.
concern: cost
response: hoping to reduce cost per issue.
No more concerns.
consensus reached.

Campaign proposal:
Everyone needs to read the proposals:
Proposal that we ONLY talk about proposals at next Tuesday GA.
Consensus reached.

Proposal to add agenda item: next GA at Fed building. temp check: many people want to talk about the item.
We should hold all GAs at Fed building.
Suggestion we hold our one outside GA at Fed building.
Against name of OE 6 and we move our meetings too much
amendment: have one GA on Fridays at fed building, friday nights, and tuesdays meet at O5. will serve hot chocolate out of rig on Fridays.
comment: moved to park blocks partly because of lack of comfort with cameras. medical has had lots more people show up at park blocks.
comment: wants movement to remain transparent.
maybe we should have discussion about whether to have occupying and calling it O6 before deciding to have GA there

Proposer: fed building thing was a group of people. inviting OE to join them. Also it’s a place police can’t easily mess with people. Also, lots of visibility. Maybe we don’t need to declare it O6 before moving GA.
how is sound? they’re letting use power, be loud.
supports going to fed building, bring protest to feds
everyone should keep occupying everything.
amendment suggestion: Propose we try it out once, next Friday only. We can answer questions by having one GA there.
comment: having GA there will establish footprint. we have procedure with occupations: site research, site preparations. it’s not procedure
comment: if we’re doing it , we should do it well. so we need to give comm comm info about what and why it is so it can be done well.
comment: problem with fed building: serious legal issues. eg., don’t bring “medicine” though being listened to everywhere, being listened to a lot more there. On the other hand, we never consented to go to park blocks either. We should spend next week making it secure and conscious.
comment: important not to suppress sparks.
do we still have engineering? Derek: no engineering at beginning at zucotti. just did it. need engineering to address rain issue at Fed. answer: pop up is only thing they will allow us to do at fed building. there is cover close to building.
comment: go over and talk to people at that site
Let’s go walk over and check it out. Nothing about occupation on website.
comment: this is what we do: occupy public space.
This is what we do, but we need to ask for support. Ask for support, ask and you will get. we are so glad to have them back but ask for support.
whistle blower for nsa says it has all the emails and evrything so they already have what we say.
this conversation would be different if people had occupied the butte, this would have been shot down immediately. idea was
we could walk over to finish conversation there
wasn’t plan to occupy. best way to show solidarity with ows.
comment: follow procedure.
comment: having trouble understanding how to integrate this with other stuff. how if we have official proposal, or unofficial, how do we integrate if things happen last minute.
info: responses from passing traffic has been 30:1 in favor. surprisingly favorable.
likes it as solidarity.

Concerns about next Friday GA at federal building?
sees 2 concerns:
have a note at wayne morse saying meeting has gone to fed building
Jennefer would stand aside, concern is Friday GAs are moving too often and need consistency
Big John would block because of concern we’re moving too much

John M. lack of communication is a concern. if we move to fed building it won’t be properly communicated, people won’t have opporunity to address concerns.

JF hears lots of support for moving but not consensus.
technically we have consensus.
No we don’t.
hears one block and two stand asides.
JM concerned about stigma.

ask for extension of meeting to 8:10. Agreed.

GA process is not being followed. Site has been changed without agreement.
GA can change minds about anything.
We can talk about process and about moving the GA on Tuesday.
Had a GA on 10-8 decided to have GAs. Had 2 a day GAs. Then we had one a day. Then fewer days. Now 2 GAs. Changing GAs is norm for us. We could’ve done a lot with information. A weeks notice to say we’re moving 2 blocks is enough.
If we don’t move, we can still show support.
This conversation about process and talk about campaigns are both about process and about being organized, and after next tuesday hopes for real discussion about moving GA.


weekly has article on page 8 about moms. Ruth told Pete Kerns that bullies should not be allowed to be cops

best thing that happened this week is the end of FB. better than O6. During the fall the FB group repeated lies about occupying.

Mary: had the proposal to remove FB had been made at GA would’ve blocked, because it was like tearing up 2000 sign up sheets names.
need to work on communication
upset because eliminated way to say opinions. despite some negativity, lots of positive. unless we increase our communication abilities. request: will be communication series after occupation education. request we attend 6:30 to 8:30 in june.

Gwen: apologizes for breaching trust and for hurting people. not sad page is gone.
Graham: what’s happening is our family. apologizing is amazing and hearfelt.

Alley: also apologized. glad she’s knocked off a pedestal. doesn’t want to be held to higher standard. we’ve all fucked up. we all need to look at intention in all of our actions.
Derek: FB might have backups of what was lost.
John M: have looked a lot at being kicked off pedestal. didn’t ask to be a leader. have had panic attacks. feels scared about retaliation. if leaderless movement we all need to be leaders. been really close to leaving movement. realizes needs to ask for more help.

next wednesday join no nukes may 16th to portland for hearing about doe on hanford

Meeting ended with some large group hugs.
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