GA Minutes 5-8-12

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GA Minutes 5-8-12

Postby jamil » Wed May 09, 2012 4:17 pm

Taken by John Monroe

Campaign Proposals...

Committee Reports:

Occupy Medical--Park Blocks, smaller because of Mother’s Day, medical students will be there, please thank them for their time, they’ll be there regularly. Special applause for Sabra and Barbara--17 massages in 4 hours!!

Foreclosure Committee--Thursday Condo Auction postponed for a month (win), nat’l meeting in Charlotte, 2 PM Sign-making for 3 PM protest at 11th at B of A on Wednesday, meeting on Friday

Legal Research--this weeks organizing training on local politics; next on media, final on avoiding burnout. If you have witnessed police harassment or altercations, please fill out complaint forms with the city auditors (available online). Every complaint form goes in their personnel files, and is useful for civil cases

Library--on may 19th, workshop on racism and privilege, now up on oe website. info for how to register


How are we going to talk about them tonight? Website emphasizes capacities to fulfill campaigns.

Lauren R: last week we went through campaigns and their long/short term goals--we haven’t discussed capacities--minimum number of people to accomplish any of the campaigns. Suggest to go through spreadsheets for each of the campaigns. Or what can we we realistically expect for recruitment. Greg: We need another means than consensus to select campaign process--whether single or plural. We should begin to discuss how to choose a campaign.

John F.: We aren’t going to talk about all 7 campaigns and then pick one--we need to winnow down and then select, or merge some campaigns, or go through a further vetting process. We should hold a vote on which proposals, we can vote on each if desired, in order to select a smaller field.

Ann: we should talk about campaigns and then talk about process of selection.

[pen crisis]

Fergus--include how campaigns can relate to one another

Majeska--if this is our agenda, when or ever would it be appropriate to discuss which campaigns are the best.

Ann--we look at each with an eye to capacity, then we have a discussion about combining, then we look at potential criteria.

Jerry--last week we reached consensus to go ahead on a campaign, so ‘no campaign’ is not an option

Lauren--if next week’s goal is to choose a campaign, then we should have a discussion on how to on how to select--focus on capacities and selection process

Process will be made at 8:30.

Capacity discussion--

Foreclosures-- (majeska) unsure how we came up with 85: understanding how to research documents in the county, 6-8 people already involved, if more people were involved we could be looking into more; protests at the banks; going to auctions (5-10 people currently showing up, many more would be good). Eviction defenses--if sheriffs are coming, have occupy people on the property--when there a few hundred people there, then eviction doesn’t happen. As many as possible staying over the night. Media outreach, tabling, more people the merrier. Still adapting--mostly postponing actions. Getting ready to move people into buildings. Also willing to move furniture into buildings. Need to amp up because of number of foreclosures. Need public trainings (next friday, Mary B. for legal seminar) No central source to find out where all the foreclosed properties are. What are the capacities? Nancy Forrest mentioned that there are many groups in Eugene working on foreclosures--we may be able to network. Interfaith Occupy may help. 7200 foreclosures this coming year, 140 a week--what is a 6-month victory look like? Unions, ESSN, CALC, there is overlap. 85 people is the capacity.

Healthcare--we have about 40 organizations working to promote campaign for healthcare, and include new groups--looking for OE to at least endorse if not provide people to this coalition. 2 dozen-100 (/a million) would be a good number--not by itself but part of a larger coalition, attempting to get all public employees on board. Possible to support the group with a clip board and an official endorsement. Since this is a project that so many organizations are participating in, how would we build connections for OE. If we can put a 100 people on canvassing, we’ll have a huge impact on the campaign, we’ll be talking to people in the community and talking to people we aren’t in touch with. We can win something and put OE in touch with a larger network. We could frame this as part of another campaign. Occupy Medical is already supporting healthcare initiatives, and people see a physical proof that healthcare is needed.

Community Bill of Rights--we have two different training sessions--we have 5 slots Democracy School in last weekend in September--6-7+ activists in the classes. This will unify all the stuff from other campaigns. Capacities from other campaigns would be supporting this. Out getting signatures to reach out to community and help define OE. We can bring up lots of people through outreach. We can work on other groups--No Coal Eugene and GMO Free Eugene. Many different groups who can be brought in. The primary focus on campaign to is to pass an ordinance--how many occupiers would it take to get this initiative passed, and is it possible within the next 6 months? A dozen people working with the media. 500 signature gatherings.

Cooprestructuring OE--10-15 people strategizing on how to restructure, then include everyone since it focuses on keeping a volunteer network going. Limitation--how do we draw people in? Focus on volunteer coordination. Read the Zine--PLEASE!!

Homeless Solutions--Point: we would like to see a camp to prep for this winter. We need to get the city government to agree to do that and provide appropriate waivers, and therefore we need to build community support. We need about 20 people focused on different areas, and 200 people knocking on doors by the end of the summer. We also need protestors ready to put up civil disobedience if city tries to shut us down, and we need to have people build the city. Coalition--CALC, ESSN, InterFaith Occupy, How many people are involved at this point? Homeless Solutions Support Group is in place, but how many transfer? 8-10 people currently doing something meaningful. We have people in the homeless community who may be effective going door to door (20-25 at most) there are community meetings with downtown businesses to build relationships. Even with less than 20 people, we have a speakers bureau going to all kind of community organizations.

B of A--We need leadership to step out and challenge legitimacy of the financial system...tomorrow is B of A int’l shareholders meetings. We currently have good turn-out, without much organizing, 5-40 people on Friday. 37 core organizers and 100 protestors. We need protest actions, media outreach, town hall meetings, shoot for 2000 people for a big rally. National legitimacy (OWS sponsorship), could work with Occupy Oregon for a state-wide action. Longest standing action at this point, even before occupation took off.

How do campaigns relate to each other? Foreclosures+B of A can merge together, and homeless solutions and foreclosures. Coop organization can meta-relate. Healthcare is related to homeless solutions. Foreclosures and homeless solutions linking by housing as a human right. The right to sleep is a broader base issue-->biological inevitability. Major synergy between campaigns--why are people homeless? relates to other issues on the ground. Homeless is a torture--focus on human rights. They are all related. First we have to convince people that people have basic rights. Everything is inter-related so it is hard to show what OE is all about. Look for weakest chink in the armor--knock it out. Otherwise we are lobbying acorns.

Selection process

We need feedback for making a decision. If we get involved on an activity that does something to increase numbers. Preferential voting would be the best way to do it (if 7 objects, then we have 7 pts. for first, 6 for second, and so on...) We need to make it available to people who can multi-task, and we need more campaigns. We need criteria: current capacities, effectiveness,---look online!! Some people will be one-pony show, if we do something, people will show up. Process should be consensus. What is succeeding? We are bringing churches around, we are a moral light, we need to be extremely ambitious. Occupy the Fed is looking for work--put them to work! Willing to do whatever. Please look for legitimacy in decision-making. Make sure that in the process, something is doable. Different signs get different reactions, let’s see which gets the most honks. We can do many things. Do them all.

figure out preferences, bring bag of beans, give everyone 6 beans, pick top 3, put 3 in top choice, 2 beans in second, 1 in 3rd. based on that decide. Ruth is getting people to sign regardless. People will self-select--use preferential voting to crowd source where people are interested. Homeless Solutions Support Group being succesful, we should do that. We should attract people to selected campaign, not exclude others. Which campaign would attract the most energy? We can do many things. What does OE have the capacity to do? Do we have the capacity to be split in so many directions? We might be able to combine many proposals. a summary of ideas: what is the current capacity of OE, how can these campaigns be combined, and let people advocate for one proposal or another, temperature check on whether people wold actually back another policy, meta-level: deification of capitalism and military-industrial complex. Develop compassion and maintain it. We don’t need to hurry in this process.. Another proposed campaign discussion: current capacities, combining, bean counter feedback, etc. We need to do them all and go door-to-door. We need to really focus on combining campaigns and combing the cities to knock on doors. Outreach is a fluid process not limited to a single topic, and there are all kinds of issues. Decision-making process will need a good many steps. Don’t mix apples and oranges--coop proposal is distinct. Separate out choosing none of the above. Different colored dots for different indiciations of different levels of different things. Selection process: is this a campaign you will personally participate in? Accountability issue--it doesn’t mean anything to talk about capacity since we have to figure out how many hours to be put into the next 6 months. We don’t want to make plans.READ THE ZINE!!! GA will be at Wayne Morris this Friday!!

We need to start with a straw pole technique, and then calling the question with consensus. We need to maintain consensus unless we consent not to. 30 min. agenda item for general discussion on Friday, Legal Research will send out a proposal on process based on minutes. Agenda item #1 will be to consent on selection process, then move forward onto agenda. Amend: Legal Research should bring a proposal for all the steps leading up to the decision making as well as the decision making process. Come up with as much as possible. Thank you Legal Research for busting ass and chaos ensued...concern about which committee does what...
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