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Occupy Eugene General Assembly 5.18.12
Facilitating: Jennefer Harper
Minutes: Helen Shepard

1. Open Morale (Plaedo): from “Horizontalism”
2. Committee Reports:
a. Morale (Plaedo): Not much done lately, but it is now being rejuvenated and reincarnated. Performance art and direct actions will be joyous. Inspiring, fun, get young people involved. Services and antics will support strategic campaign. Potluck in 2 weeks—contact Plaedo.
b. Foreclosures: County budget is being decimated, had occupy presence at meeting, calling attention to money lost via mortgage companies. Foreclosure campaign is getting started. Meeting Sunday at noon, but time will be changing after that.
c. Bank of America: A week from next Friday is bikini day. Meeting Tuesday at 5:30 at OEV.
d. Kitchen: Things have been stolen from kitchen! Super lame. Stay out of the kitchen area, and don’t allow people to enter kitchen area. If you want something from the kitchen, talk to John and Diesel, do not help yourself.
e. Comm comm.: Education campaign starting soon to get to know how occupy works. Document starting on crabgrass about OE successes. Committees should contribute to this, which will be released to Register Guard and other press. Let Comm comm. Know if you want anything published.
f. Legal research: Wednesday is final Occupation Education session “How to prevent burnout” lead by Kate Gessert, who will be doing Joanna Macy exercises. Educational things to continue on Wednesday evenings, starting with communication trainings.
g. for a ride down to Shasta area to protest (warrior dance) with tribes, contact Lauren R.
h. June 11 11-2pm at new federal courthouse circus themed protest because courts treat justice as a joke
i. Fed Up: OE’s actions, library, Comm comm committees have consensed and approved of Occupy Outpost. OE has already given authority to actions to approve of things. Comm comm. Has already released press releases.
j. Web committee: Website is being redesigned. If you have feedback, contact Jamil web@occupyeugenemedia.org. Feeds will be present from sister sites (medical, foreclosures, media)
k. Welcoming: Meeting Monday at 11am to continue working on refining volunteer recruitment process. Monthly welcoming meetings being planned. OCCUPY FAMILY REUNION for new and old family on June 16 at Occupy Outpost at federal building. Get involved! Music, activism presentations needed. Josh McWhorter is researching open source databases. Please contact him if you know anything about this.
l. Badass: Tables and chairs have been stolen from OEV. Just because we are a community doesn’t mean everything is communally owned. Those tables and chairs were donated specifically for Kesey square, and now they have no tables and chairs. PLEASE, do NOT take things without permission!!!!!
m. Library: Undoing privilege and racism workshop tomorrow 10am-3pm. Network Charter School. Conversation between tea partiers and occupiers being planned. Are you interested in helping? Contact Jennifer.

3. New Groups: None.

4. Proposal: GA acknowledge those occupying at the old federal courthouse to be an official OE occupation.
*People protesting there would like food from OE.
*Comm comm., actions and library are already on board.
*Those people present are clearly Occupiers
*Stand in solidarity
*Q: What does consenting upon it in the GA change? A: GA should be respected as a body.
*Can we forget about “process” and just come together as a body and say what we really want to do?
*Point of process: OE empowered Actions committee to approve and carry out actions in the name of Occupy Eugene. This is already an official action.
*Actions was authorized to do actions, not decide where new occupations would be. Every occupation site has been decided by general assembly: remember deciding to move to Washington Jefferson?
*Legal research discussed all the locations before OE went anywhere. This was done spontaneously.
*This is federal property and federal law applies. The last thing we need is more arrests, with people ending up in federal prison.
*Are we going to be united or not? Recruitment at fed has been much more satisfying.
*People keep saying “Is this all that’s left of Occupy?”
*These people splintered off before they asked for solidarity. A lack of solidarity is their own fault. You can’t do whatever you want, then be upset that people aren’t in solidarity.
*There’s a difference between splinter group actions and OE actions.
*The federal building is heavily monitored, including cameras and microphones.
*Responsibility on site is an issue, process was an issue. We need to have longer conversations re: those issues, but in the short-term, can we conditionally accept it? Friendly amendment: People on site must clean up their act, or OE will pull its support.
*If this is an OE site, OE must set policies and enforce them. We should give people the opportunity accept or reject our policies before we embrace them as officially OE.
*”Outpost” seems different from “Official Occupation”
*Occupying is magical. My personal growth stopped after Occupy went away, but now it’s coming back. I hear your concerns, but this is super cool.
*Thank you to all those involved. This is an occupy action. Is this about vocabulary or about length of stay, or about actions done? If we embrace friendly amendment, do we have to consent to revoke official occupationness?
*Q: Is this a temporary approval? A: Permit at fed can be renewed every 30 days.
*The reality of the situation is that the occupiers are there and won’t be leaving. It is in all of our best interest to buy into it and support them. Friendly amendment: Support outpost temporarily. (Maybe to park blocks during the day?)
*3 or 4 outposts could be set up around town.
*2 concerns: Still following St. Paul principles, should not subject ourselves to surveillance. Friendly amendment: make this a daytime occupation.
*My one and only concern is security. It doesn’t matter how nice the HSD are, they are not our friends. Until I’m convinced that all street kids, all medical card holders are safe, I’m going to block this. Not because I don’t love the people there, but because I don’t think it’s safe, and I don’t think our friends should be arrested on *Call for consensus: The GA acknowledges those occupying at old federal building to be an official daytime occupy Eugene occupation, with the restriction that those there be responsible.
*Do we have to have all the amendments in the proposal?
--I proposed this originally, can’t I change it? (A: No, the group has changed it through process. This is the group’s proposal, not yours.)
--Not all amendments are friendly. These have been hostile, and should not have been accepted.

*Proposal has been tabled until Tuseday.

5. Proposal: Approve OE food use at presently small occupation at federal building
*Tabled until Tuesday. If you are involved with OE and want to express your support, please bring food to old federal building. Money will be accepted on site.

6. Strategic Campaign Reports:
Report from Tuesday: Cooperative campaign has been removed as a strategic campaign. Five remaining: Bank of America, Health Care, Homeless Solutions, Foreclosures, Community Bill of Rights. Fruitful conversation happened about how to combine some or all. Non-binding voting process showed health care was significantly less supported than others. We tested for consensus to remove it as a strategic campaign, but there was not consensus. It’s clear there is frustration at length of time this is taking, and also that no one campaign would be selected by consensus.
*Sixth proposal: All campaigns should be accepted.
*Listening process/opportunities with community was discussed.
*None of the above should also be proposed.
*Should none of the above
*Adding something to the vote is not the same as adding it as a proposal.
*”None of the above” was in fact added as a proposal, based on the fact that we had not consensed to picking a strategic campaign in the first place.
--We actually did consense to having a strategic campaign.
*Results of straw poll: 35 for BoA, 35 for all, 38 for foreclosure.
*Strategic element has yet to be addressed: How are we going to take our human resources and use them as best we can?

7. Straw Poll (nonbinding, testing the waters): If you were asked to help with this campaign, would you, yes or no?
1. “Our homes over Wall St.” “at least half”17
2. Health care for all: “just half” 14
3. Community Bill of Rights: 11
4. Bank of America: “not very many” 11
5. Campaign for homeless solutions: 22
6. I would not help with any of these: nobody
7. “Since we are already putting energy into this, don’t tell people to stop, just continue doing it. We get to continue as committees to choose what we do. It’s all of the above, or none of the above, the same thing.” (No strategic campaign, continue to do status quo): 12

Now this time you get one vote only. Which is your favorite? (5 campaigns, + status quo)
1. Our homes over Wall St.: 6
2. Health care for all: 0
3. Community Bill of Right: 3
4. Bank of America: 1
5. Campaign for Homeless Solutions: 10
6. Status quo: 5

Would you put in better energy for a strategic campaign if OE picked one? 14

8. Should we continue with this process?
*This process has been helpful so far, but it does not seem to be helpful to the community to continue to argue over which campaign to work on. We just need a clear message that unifies them, then we can all continue to do the work we love.
*No matter what happens, the “Our Homes over Wall St.” campaign is starting. We just need you to join us. Kick off event needs planning, but work has already started and will continue.
*If we stop the process, that doesn’t mean that everything that’s been done is just going to disappear. We need to shift from campaign to strategy. We should create a framework of strategizing for a (nonviolent) militant movement. We need to create messages that inspire people. If you want to help with serious strategy and serious research, please contact John Monroe.
*We already voted on whether we should keep status quo, and that vote received fewer votes. This conversation shouldn’t be happening.
--That was only a nonbinding straw poll.
*There was some confusion about voting. There is general confusion all around.
*There should be some strategic process for making all those things happen within OE. That’s what we need instead of eliminating things.
*We’ve put a lot of energy into creating a strategic campaign, we should continue.
*Let’s not end this discussion after all this time without picking up the option of using more things and doing more things to penetrate further.
*If you want to be more involved in the strategic campaign process, attend legal research meeting Wednesdays at 5pm.

Straw Poll: Should we continue the process in selecting campaigns: 8 say yes, 4 people say maybe, 3-5 (unknown exactly) say no.

10. General Announcements:
a. Bank of America protests are looking for themes. “Bank of America’s excuses don’t even cover their assets”. Look for crabgrass document.
b. Comm comm. Has begun working on article for Register Guard
c. Badass committee: Kesey square revival was postponed through May but will be revived for June. Trainings in July on analyzing structure of local power.
d. Thanks for being at the GA! Thanks to Jennefer and all her hard work for facilitating, thanks to Helen for taking minutes. (-;
e. Occupy Media on iTunes! Please give stars to improve ranking. Last episode’s was 10. People needed for a panel on “Is voting worthwhile?” Email Getch. Do you know anybody in Chicago who could be an on-the-streets correspondent?
f. Medical: Work continues on van, dental van, training for medical students to work with medically indigent, training pharmacy student, come by and give support! Haircuts this Sunday courtesy of Benjamin. Next body work day in June.
g. Badass committee will have small group at Oregon Country Fair. Workshops needed.
h. Helen needs help saving a neighbor’s house from being foreclosed. Sunday at 10 am go to 5th and Taylor.
i. Helen is selling the building, OE can remain indefinitely. No extensive questioning, please.
j. Shake up the status quo in unexpected places with street theater, etc.
k. What are our needs for storage? Contact Terry McDonald at St. Vincent dePaul
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