Minutes 5-22

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Minutes 5-22

Postby smuj » Tue May 22, 2012 9:52 pm

GA May 22 John & Smuj facilitators Fergus minutes
Jain raised morale with a chicken joke.
Agenda Review:Rights-based strategy for OE added to agenda for Friday. Amendment discussion tabled until Friday.
Occupy Outpost discussion
Foreclosure Committee now meets Thursday at 6 instead of Sunday at noon.
Fed Up Committee will continue whether an action or an endorsed OE official event. Beatrice will pass around a signup sheet for people to bring food. They want a battery, will go to finance. Will post notices on site that surveillance is happening. Working on LCC outreach. Neets /tuesday 4 PM
Homeless Solutions (10 AM Monday at CALC). Meeting with councilors, making real progress.
Welcoming Committee: Working on new ways to get volunteers into OE. Will be visiting committees. Meeting Wednesday 11 AM OE
Bank of America will have some signs Friday for JPMorgan Chase demonstration.
InterFaith Occupy: 15 churches now engaged. Next meet June 10, topic Homeless Village. Church of the Resurrection 39th & Hilyard probable location.
Contact Art for work on Eugene Celebration entry.

People started Occupying May 1. Have come to GA to seek support. Actions has endorsed it. They want to get food from the OE kitchen, so need GA approval. Some concern about the process that got the Occupy Outpost started. Some feel like it's not a good project, others that it's a real winner and very important for our presence in the community.
John's willing to provide food from the kitchen if folks respectfully contact him and respect the equipment in the kitchen. He knows people have taken stuff, would like to get it back.
PROPOSAL: OE stands in solidarity with Occupy the Fed. Consensus!
Naked Bike ride June 9 meet 4 PM west end Skinner's Butte park
Beatrice has black scarfs to raise funds for Occupy the Fed. $5
Medical did training, did haircuts. Next week medical only, more students will be there.
Occupy Seattle will do Everything for Everyone festival this summer: arts, crafts, anything to trade or gift. Music, food. WestLake Plaza. In August. Stay tuned. Talk to Derek. Near downtown.
Wobblies showing Salt of the Earth movie at Cozmic. May 29 7 PM
MaryB is working on Occupy Family Reunion. Give her and Jana and Graham a chat.
Tomorrow We the People-Eugene meeting at 6 PM EMU River Rooms Coquille.
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