June 15 2012 minutes

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June 15 2012 minutes

Postby Ambrose » Fri Jun 15, 2012 10:31 pm

OE minutes 6/15/12


Trisha has been foreclosed on. She was issued papers stating that she was to be offered a deal, yet her house was put on auction and sold anyways.

Dave and Dave have been charged 150$ each with a pedestrian crossing an unauthorized, or unavailable walkway and are currently pursuing these charges with legal council.

This upcoming Friday there will be a meeting at EWEB for homeowners to research their mortgage and ownership statements.

Next Sunday, Project Reconomy is holding a meeting involving the synopsis of their current victories in anti-foreclosure measures, held at Reality Kitchen from 4-7 pm.

Committee Reports

Welcoming Committee
Tomorrow (Sat, 6/16/12) the newest Meet and Greet/ Occupy Fair is being held at the Federal Building starting at 11 AM, set up is at 10:30. There should be foreclosure skits, and a magic show for kids, bands, poetry, food, “the works” as its said.

Library Committee
The library is coming along smoothly at CALC but Legal Books are needed.
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