Tuesday, June 19 General Assembly

Please post all general assembly meeting minutes here. Arrange them by Year, Month and Day (e.g., Minutes GA 10/20/2011).

Tuesday, June 19 General Assembly

Postby GrameenEugene » Tue Jun 19, 2012 10:01 pm

Committees represented: Finance, NonViolence Support, Library, Facilitation, Media, Medical, BofA Project, Foreclosure, Facilitation. Fergus notes. Thanks Big John for major OEV cleanup.

1) Tyler is a grad student in Geography at the UO. He'll be studying negotiations between Occupy and the authorities concerning the Occupations in Eugene and Madison this summer. He's looking for personal interviews with those who participated in Occupation/City negotiations. Look for him at a GA near you.

2) Tuesday GA proposes two Occupy the Night parties at OE V (in case Helen hasn't sold the building) for the July and August Last Friday Whiteaker Artwalks, complete with keg donated by Ninkasi. Big John will handle the band bookings. Randy Ross and Peoples' Choice (reggae) one suggested band. (To be considered by upcoming GA)

3) General Assembly Meeting Process Proposal (to be considered at an upcoming GA):
(1) GA proposals will be written out before being discussed.
(2) To get a proposal on the GA agenda in advance, it must be presented by a recognized committee or working group.
(3) The OE decision making process will be written down and available at all GA's.
(4) A meeting process monitor will be present to co-facilitate General Assemblies.
(5) When there are objections to facilitation, the process monitor will take a temperature check and recommend a new facilitator as appropriate.
(6) The facilitator must be neutral. If the facilitator wishes to express an opinion about an agenda item they must temporarily step down. This will be stated in the GA process rap at the beginning of the GA. (By the process monitor?)

4) Consensus to endorse the Occupy National Gathering in Philadelphia June 29-July 4.(to be ratified by Friday GA)

5) Some security problems at the Sunday medical tent means they could use a couple folks pulling a security shift: one from 1-3 PM, another from 3-5 PM. Contact Sue.

6) Two foreclosure events this weekend: Friday 7 PM workshop on researching your home's deed and note at EWEB; Sunday 4-7 PM event with Project Reconomy on successes by homeowners and a general discussion of the impact of the foreclosure crisis on our community & some solutions. Potluck, music, lots of info. Reality Kitchen, 245 Van Buren.
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