GA minutes Friday June 22 2012

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GA minutes Friday June 22 2012

Postby GrameenEugene » Fri Jun 22, 2012 10:43 pm

no facilitator Fergus notes.

Ally & co organizing an Olympics protest at Kesey Square noon Tuesday.
Medical Sunday. Dental bus will be at Service Station Saturday. Patients need an appointment.
Fighting Foreclosure workshop Sunday 4-7 at Reality Kitchen, 245 Van Buren. Potluck.
Nike march had about 15 people in the rain today. Some of the crowd took the handouts.
Foreclosure workshop on researching the paperwork on your home tonite at EWEB.
Wednesday's panel on consensus process went very well, was well attended. Thanks Mary!
Some wacky street guy who took the "The System's Not Broken, It's Fixed" sign literally and got bent out of shape took a swing at David Adkins at the BofA protest today while he was taking down the signs alone. We need to be sure not to leave people alone down there.

National Occupation: Consensus to endorse the National Occupation Gathering in Philadelphia at the end of the month. This is the second GA consensus on this proposal, so it formally passed.

Discussion of the 6-point facilitation proposal from Tuesday's GA:
(1) GA proposals must be written out before being discussed. (It's not necessary to have a written proposal to get it on the agenda, but it must be in written form before the GA starts to discuss it. It was pointed out that we usually do this already.)
(2) To get a proposal on a GA agenda in advance, it must be presented by a recognized committee or working group. (Objection noted that this seems to imply it's OK to bring a brand-new proposal to a GA without previous discussion, which is not a good policy. So that's something which needs more discussion.)
(3) The OE decision making process will be available in written form at GAs. (We had the November consensus process and the amendment process, but not the language about quorum.)
(4) A meeting process monitor will co-facilitate GAs. (The simple term "co-facilitator" was suggested instead of "process monitor". This might be a good way to introduce new people to facilitation, so they can start out as an assistant and get some experience.)
(5) When there are objections to facilitation, the process monitor (co-facilitator) will take a temperature check and recommend a new facilitator as appropriate. (It's hard for a facilitator who's been challenged to handle the process which decides whether to replace them or not.)
(6) The facilitator must be neutral. If the facilitator wishes to express an opinion about an agenda item, they must temporarily step down. This will be stated in the GA process rap at the beginning of each GA. (This is typically what we already do.)
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