GA Tuesday June 26 2012

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GA Tuesday June 26 2012

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Sue facilitator Fergus notes
GA cleanup tomorrow Wednesday June 27 from 11-7.
Bad Ass/Fed Up get down at Kesey Square Friday Noon Show the Olympians how to party.
Winnemem Wintu river closure called off; the tribe has negotiated a river closure with the feds.

: July issue is about ready. Using newsprint has reduced materials cost to 1 penny a page. Need help with distribution. Take it along to your meetings, etc. New volunteer tonite named Nicky; she also can help with the web page. We now have two dozen reporters for the Occupier! Accepting copy for the August issue.
Medical/Dental: St Vinnie's came to OE for help with state funding for the dental van. OE did the field work and set-up, working many long hours. Successfully saw 17 people, some with extremely severe problems. Lt Mozan was on site to find out why the complaints of misbehavior disappear when the medical tent is in the park. Medical clinic saw 21 patients Sunday.
Library: Helping Reality Kitchen set up a lending library, helping Reality Kitchen with their big Woodie Guthrie 100th birthday celebration July 10 at noon. Talk to Art.
Foreclosure: Two events last weekend. Friday night OE workshop on how to examine the paperwork on your house to see if the bank really can foreclose on you legally. Good event. Sunday the folks from Project Reconomy from Jackson County came to Reality Kitchen. They've been doing this stuff for years, have a statewide network of lawyers who work cheap, have nearly stopped nonjudicial foreclosures in Jackson County. We wrote letters to our county officials talking about the revenue loss due to illegal bank property recording practices- about a million and a half dollar loss per year in Lane County. They will be coming back to Eugene regularly. Watch for their next event, come and bring a friend.
Opportunity Village: Trying to hammer out a common vision, could use some mediation help at their Monday 10:15 meetings at CALC. Deadline for city council to pick a site for the village is fast approaching.
Actions/Fed Up: Outpost permit is up June 29 or 30, feds are negotiating for an 8-5 only presence, which Fed Up rejects. They will stay until ordered off the site. Asking for 24/7 permit. Cleanup day tomorrow (Wednesday June 28) at 8 AM. If you have stuff down there, pick it up by Friday at 8 AM.
We The People: Went before the City Council last night asking that the council put a proposal for eliminating corporate personhood on the November ballot. Two councilors spoke in favor and at least one more supports it, but one of them needs to propose it for an agenda item soon, as it needs to be passed by July 25 in order to make the Fall ballot. Please call your councilor and ask them to put the corporate personhood Advisory Question before the voters. Also, OE helped We the People get a grant from the Morse Center at the UO Law School, and we have a few slots in the Democracy School coming up for Occupiers. This is taught by the legal nonprofit that wrote the language about the rights of the earth in the Ecuadoran constitution. Learn how to write a citizens' rights local ordinance. Last weekend in September. Contact Dave or Cindy or John Flanery or Fergus or Graham if you're interested.

Outside GA Proposal:
Beatrice brought a proposal from Actions that Tuesday GAs be held in the Free Speech Plaza. Not able to reach consensus. Folks looking for an outdoor space that has better acoustics and is comforable.

Facilitation Process Proposal:
Discussed for the third GA. Four points consensed on:
(1) GA proposals must be written out in order to be placed on the agenda before the meeting.
(2) All proposals must be written before being consensed on.
(3) The OE decision making process should be available at GAs.
(4) A process support person knowledgeable about OE meeting process should be available at GAs to assist the facilitator.

The suggestion that proposals should come from committees had quite a few concerns and was not adopted.
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