Tuesday July 10 GA

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Tuesday July 10 GA

Postby pgrott22 » Fri Jul 20, 2012 12:17 pm

Art is facilitating. Peter is taking the minutes. Fergus is the process advisor.

Plaedo starts the GA with a Morale exercise.

A motion is made to move off-site for a sensitive discussion.

Reid said that the name of the Foreclosure Actions Committee is now
also "OH-FAQ". Also, that committee is now an autonomous affiliate of
Take Back the Land, which wants community control of land and holds
that housing is a human right.


1. Discussion on the letter to our Senators, Merkley and DeFazio.
2. Discussion on what to do with the Fed-Up action after 7/11/2012

Committee Reports:
1. Com-Com needs new volunteers.
2. Morale is setting up a barter market at the end of August. Contact Plaedo.
3. Facilitation reports that according to a recent GA resolution,
there will be at each GA a process advisor/support person, and a copy
of the GA procedure on hand. Fergus has it on hand today.
4. Legal reports that we have one volunteer to get a citation at the
Occupy the Fed eviction. It might be unwise for anyone else to get
cited or arrested at the eviction. Leave personal belongings outside
the site after 3PM, 7/11/12.
5. The Tax the Rich Committee is now called the "Abolish Wealth
Inequality Committee." Meetings TBA. Insane Clown Posse was mentioned,
but the GA did not agree to endorse it.

1. Lea heard from Merkley's aide two possibilites: that Merkley could
support us directly, or that he could write the GSA and ask why the
permit was denied. It might be good to approach GSA with a detailed
list of complaints. In a temperature check, the GA approved forwarding
this list of complaints to Merkley's office.
2. How do we next occupy a site?
a. Who is willing to take shifts at a site? We generally agreed that
occupying a site was a good idea, but the number of shifts taken at
the sites is expected to remain the about the same.
b. Plans B: Popups at different locations? Reducing to just a few
tables and chairs? Going to Skinner Butte? To Free Speech Plaza?
c. We will try to clean the site and reimburse Terry if absolutely necessary.
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