Friday July 20 GA

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Friday July 20 GA

Postby GrameenEugene » Sat Jul 21, 2012 5:57 pm

Lauren Asprooth facilitator Fergus notes 18 participants

Homeless Solutions: The proposed new homeless village, Opportunity Village Eugene, is working on getting their 501c(3). The city council punted the issues regarding OVE to the City Manager for research over the summer council break. They'll be back in September, not long before the October 1 target start-up date. The mayor declined to break a 4-4 tie vote on authorizing the camp. Jean thinks the council underestimates the depth of community support. Meets 10:15 Mondays at CALC, 458 Blair.

Communications: Com Com has two new members. Tree has left the committee. Working on press releases, calendar, social media. New information source about Com Com process now up on FaceBook. Meets Fridays, 1:30, Grower's Market. Christina.

Fed Up: Looking for new Outpost locations. Eugene has many empty houses and unhoused persons. Considering small, temporary action locations which will depend on people to cover the 8PM-8AM security shift so daytime folks don't have to deal with issues while exhausted. Also will need food, other support, maybe 10-12 folks. 5 PM Tuesdays at OEV. Next Tuesday Civil Liberties Defense Center will do a Know Your Rights presentation at 5:30. Fed Up is tabling at the Free Speech Plaza during Tuesday Farmers Market.

Actions Has adopted the principle of "Housing is a Human Right" and have not been acting on it but now are ready to. Lotus is working on a flag display illustrating the number of houseless people and empty homes in Eugene which will support new Outposts. Right away. Meets 5:30 Mondays OEV.

Facilitation We need a writer with laptop to take minutes at Tuesday GAs. Facilitation Committee now meets @ 5:45 before the Friday GA. We want people interested in learning to facilitate.

Legal Have adopted a 6-month campaign strategy to support homeless and foreclosure activities. General support for the concept noted.

WeThePeople-Eugene: Organizing Democracy Schools training in local rights-based ordinances for September 29 & 30 and November 16-17-18. OE still has some unfilled free slots in these trainings. Contact Fergus WTP will be doing a Eugene Celebration parade entry themed "Challenging Corporate Rule: It Takes All of Us" OE welcome to join in. So far No Coal Eugene, GMO-Free Eugene and the Fair Trade committee have indicated interest.

Louisa's dog eats fava beans.

Max Rameau's visit to Eugene July 30 & 31, August 1 OH-FAC (Occupy Housing-Foreclosure Action Committee, the new name for OE Foreclosure committee) asks GA for half of the $500 Max Rameau has requested to come, with two colleagues, to Eugene for intensive trainings with mostly OH-FAC. OH-FAC has decided to officially become an affiliate of Max's national organization Take Back the Land. This requires a commitment by OH-FAC to adhere to TBtL core principles of Housing As A Human Right and Community Control of the Land, with an emphasis on Direct Action. OH-FAC will be doing a couple fundraisers to supply the rest of Max's honorarium.
Proposal: "OE provide $250 towards the expenses of Take Back the Land coming to Eugene to train Occupy Eugene". Consensus. One stand aside: Jan recommends that expenses like this be covered by fundraising rather than directly from OE's treasury.

Eugene Celebration parade Discussion whether OE should join in with the We the People parade entry, with the CALC Peace Train, or do our own. Beatrice and Lotus will take on leadership for an OE parade entry. Theme "Raise the Roof on the 99%"(?) $74 parade registration fee must be paid this coming week.

Committee Attendance at GAs(Art): General suggestion that facilitators should call a roll of committees at GAs to see which committees are represented. Finance has their own criteria to determine who is a committee: 1) must have met three times; 2) must have at least 3 members; 3) meeting minutes posted on website forum.

Green Party autorization(Louisa): The Green Party needs 600 more registered members to qualify for the fall ballot. Register by August 1 on line:

Occupy the Forest(Louisa): You can get up into the wild woods for $2.50 it costs to ride the Diamond Express bus to Oakridge. Just walk through OldTown and continue up Salmon Creek Road 2.2 miles to where Louisa's Camp 22 is located on magical Salmon Creek. Sleep rough, harvest wild, live free. It's legal: she goes up Wed & Thurs.

SolWest (Louisa) Solar Festival in John Day next weekend many workshops, displays.
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