GA Friday July 27, 2012

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GA Friday July 27, 2012

Postby GrameenEugene » Sat Jul 28, 2012 1:17 pm

Jan facilitator, Fergus notes

Welcoming: Getting ready to start their canvassing project, will be training. Anyone with ideas come to Wednesday 2 PM meetings at OEV. Canvassing teams of 2 will work together hearing peoples' concerns, passing out newsletters, and signing folks up to work with Occupy Eugene on other projects. Contact Mary, Kristi, Jana.

Foreclosure: Max Rameau had to cancel his team's Eugene visit due to actions demanding their presence in Portland. We'll look for him on his next West Coast visit. Today a new outpost (Occupy Watch?) is being established at 1191 Lawrence, in an abandoned, robosigned Bank of America property which comes up for auction October 15. Need people to table during the day, a few for security duty overnight. Material support and company also welcome. Front page RG today has pretty good story.
Cozmic Fundraiser Friday August 3: Wild Bill Bailout, Bard of the Bankers (Dave Lippman). He'll be at the BofA demonstration and do the GA morale before his performance. Sliding scale, please come. Majeska has lots of flyers- please help us circulate them.
Two upcoming events in the works: a Town Hall on the new Oregon Foreclosure law(Senate bill 1552) in late August; possible march on Salem for the September 15 special session to call for a moratorium on foreclosures following the Oregon Court of Appeals decision which bars MERS (the Mortgage Electronic Record System) from owning property in Oregon. This ruling casts a shadow over many mortgage transactions in Oregon, including at least half of foreclosures. Stay tuned.

Medical: No dental service this Sunday, but clinic forges onward. Another visit from the dental clinic getting lined up for September. It's lots of work setting these up. The situation with police hassling our Sunday clinic clients has mellowed out significantly, though some problems remain. Sundays in the park are better with Occupy.
The $30,000 CALC-sponsored grant for a medical van looks like it will come through by September. Medical will need help selecting and checking out the vehicle (about a 30+ foot long RV). If you have mechanic skills to share, call Sue. Also will need help remodeling and supplying the Medical Van: carpentry, electrical, filing systems, etc. Medical needs volunteers. Could use some more security help on Sundays as well. Supplies needed: dental floss, small sample toothpastes, tinctures for pregnancy, skin lotions and salves. Sue: (541) 915-6704. Please do not call during work hours, 9-5 M-F.

Media Group: 6:30-8 PM Occupy Radio on KWVA, 88.1 is ongoing. Lots of good material there and also Occupy TV, available on ITunes Occupy and Program listed in Saturday RG TV Guide or ask Getch or Joe. They will meet soon. Can you find their meeting?

David Ivan Piccione really wants all the groups he and Cindy belong to to march together in the Eugene Celebration parade Saturday August 25. Presently, OE has our own entry, co-ordinated by Lotus and Beatrice. We the People-Eugene also has its own parade entry. CALC has theirs, with the Peace Train. The No Coal group may march with the Toxics Alliance or We the People. We the People wants to collaborate with community groups working on rights-based ordinances which challenge corporations such as No Coal and GMO-Free Eugene. We the People-Eugene's parade theme is "Challenging Corporate Rule: It Takes All of Us". Occupy's entry looks to involve some dancing tent monsters. CALC has the Peace Train. We the People have Mr Big (Graham Lewis' 10' tall plutocrat puppet). No Coal has the No Coal Train (which Mr Big really wants to ride). Come to No Coal's weekly potluck meeting next Thursday, August 2, in the park at 17th & Charnelton to talk about parade entries and also perhaps an upcoming collaborative brainstorming meeting among all the groups working on local ordinances in an effort to develop a co-ordinated strategy for a Eugene Community Bill of Rights in preparation for the We the People Democracy Schools in September and November. There are still at least 5 free slots for Occupiers at Democracy School. Contact Dave or Fergus.

A coalition of people concerned about extractive industries in the mountain west is gathering in Helena, Montana August 13-20. Different themes every day, with a demonstration at the state capitol on August 20.
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Re: GA Friday July 27, 2012

Postby Majeska » Sat Jul 28, 2012 1:48 pm

>Foreclosure: Max Rameau had to cancel his team's Eugene visit due to actions demanding their presence in Portland.

Just to clarify: Max had to postpone his team's Eugene visit due to Portland folks having to postpone the team's visit, because Portland folks have an eviction defense action demanding their attention next week.
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