GA Friday August 10,2012

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GA Friday August 10,2012

Postby GrameenEugene » Fri Aug 10, 2012 11:34 pm

Jan facilitate, Fergus notes

Dave P wants to combine OE's Eugene Celebration Parade entry with other groups- possibly CALC or We the People-Eugene. Some support but no consensus. Lauren is concerned that our organizing is moving too slow. Beatrice couldn't plug in because she was across the street at the Slug Fest. Consensus of the group that if OE's separate entry doesn't start seriously coming together by next Friday, August 17, it will be time to combine with another parade entry.

Fergus reported that Fed Up and Facilitation want the GA moved to Exhibit A (1191 Lawrence). Some support, but many felt moving the GA would lose us recruits, and that there isn't enough space at 1191 for a large meeting.

Next Tuesday GA is at 5 PM so we can attend Mark Lakeman's presentation on Opportunity Village Eugene at the new Unitarian Church, at 13th & Chambers- across the street from the desired OVE location. Mark is the founder of City Repair in Portland, the great community-wide building organization. He speaks at 7 PM Tuesday August 14.

Fed Up report: Things going well at our new outpost at 1191 Lawrence. We're staffing it 24/7, though we still need people to sign up for three-hour day shifts paticularly. We've added an 8 PM- 11 PM shift so the overnight security crew can have some nightlife. Lots of great interactions with people walking by. Terrific support in general, good energy. There is a phone there, so give them a call if you have a few extra hours to see if we need someone to fill a shift. (541) 914-6984. The owner of the house, Karen Atkinson, called Beatrice and they talked for an hour. Karen seems pretty positive about our being there, though she's dismayed at her portrayal in the press as having abandoned the house. What happened was she was informed she would be evicted the next day, so handed over the keys to Bank of America. That was in 2009. The condition of the house is entirely up to the negligence of Bank of America, apparently. Fed Up is working on a newsletter article on 1191 (Occupy Outpost A). Writers should bring their draft to the Sunday 5 PM Fed Up meeting.

Welcoming Committee is about ready to start canvassing. Interested? Attend the 2 PM Wednesday meeting at Occupy Outpost "A".
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