GA minutes Friday August 31, 2012

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GA minutes Friday August 31, 2012

Postby GrameenEugene » Sat Sep 01, 2012 10:22 pm

Jan facilitator, Fergus notes, Art process support. No quorum.

OH-FAC: Roundtable on foreclosure held last night at EWEB. Presentations by a certified foreclosure mediator and by a broker for Windermere Realty. Seems like the big banks are refusing to participate in the new foreclosure mediation program. This means they will not be able to do nonjudicial foreclosures, and that many foreclosures are likely to take place in court in Oregon now. Still too early to evalutate the new law, which just took effect. Judicial foreclosures can often leave the homeowner with a large debt after their house is auctioned off, so this is not necessarily good news. This is not what the lawmakers had in mind. There is a march on Salem during the special legislative session being called for by some groups to demand a moratorium on foreclosures until the questions raised by the recent Court of Appeals decision that MERS (the Mortgage Electronic Registration System), which the big banks set up to flip mortgages, is not a legal owner of property. Since MERS is listed on most home titles since 2000, this puts a cloud on the titles of most houses changing hands. It doesn't make sense to create more clouded titles. We need to get this situation cleared up, and keep people in their homes in the meantime. Contact Fergus if you'd like to carpool to Salem. (541) 937-3034.
Medical Clinic, dental clinic and haircuts in the park this Sunday, 1-5 (summer hours)

OUTPOST A (1191 Lawrence)
The property manager with the contract to maintain 1191 came around Thursday and took pictures, then the guy he apparently works for came Friday and wanted to move us out. He called the Porta Potty company and warned them they needed to get their Porta Potty off the property to protect it. Vickie, Fergus and Lee called around and let everybody know we have the owner's permission to be there, and the situation seems to have mellowed out. It was not Bank of America who did this, just the local guy working on his own initiative. We've been missing shifts at 1191. Please come by and sign up for a shift.
We're painting the fence Monday, starting at 10 AM. Cindy is washing the fence, could use some help. James did a great job going over the fence with a wire brush. Finance authorized $30 to buy 5 gallons of low-VOC latex paint from BRING. There's a fence painting press conference set for 12:30 Monday. Lee is our media contact. Art Walk next Friday. We're accepting art from 5-8 Thursday night and Friday from 10-3. ArtWalk is 5:30-8 or so. We'll have background-type music.

Helen's ready to move on with other uses for her building at 7th and Polk, so we need to get our stuff out. Benjamin will talk to Martin and Jana about getting a task force together. Talk to them if you can help. Perhaps a garage sale? We've got couches, the library, the kitchen (much of it John's stuff), construction materials, misc. St Vinnie's may be willing to take it all. Maybe a party for the last Friday Whitaker Artwalk September 28 for our last Hurrah and goodby. We can meet with up to about 30 people in the big room at Grower's. Or if the weather's bad we can meet under the canopy in front of Harris Hall by the 'Free Speech Plaza. Consensed for the second time to authorize Jan to cut off internet service at OEV.

September 17 is the anniversary of the Occupy Wall Street phenomenon. Do we want to celebrate it? Maybe celebrate our own anniversary? Maybe have our goodby party at OEV on our anniversary? Discussion to be continued....

Dave is working on printing some background materials on foreclosure, should be available soon.

March on Salem to demand a moratorium on foreclosures in Oregon until the MERS issue is sorted out.

Health Care for All meets Wednesday at EWEB at 7 PM. Everybody welcome.

SUGAR will be presenting a friendly-style Personality Profile workshop September 22, led by Barbara Date. Usually charges $150 or more, will be offered to 30 OEers for $30. In this workshop you will learn to recognize your own and others' communication styles, and learn techniques to adapt accordingly. People say it's a real help developing strategies to recognize how others are thinking, and developing effective strategies for communication. Benjamin will we sending out a notice to the contacts list.

NOTE: There are no minutes posted for the last three GAs. If we don't have minutes, we don't have a meeting folks. We need minutes of our General Assemblies to keep Occupy Eugene alive.
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