GA minutes Friday September 14, 2012

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GA minutes Friday September 14, 2012

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Jan facilitator Fergus notes about 30 people present

Jennefer and Vickie Nelson proposed renting a larger (180 sq ft), interior office at Grower's Market in addition to our present, smaller (120 sq ft) office. Office space comes available rarely at Grower's, larger office rent is cheap($135/mo), we're leaving OEV. Presently our Grower's office is used infrequently for random office chores and an occasional small meeting, but it may be that we'd use another space more after the weather turns and we do not have OEV. We have access to two fairly spacious meeting spaces at Growers, one or the other of which is available more often than not, if meetings are scheduled in advance, but it may be that after we leave OEV and the weather turns we'd use another office more. And sometimes meetings need the privacy of a closed room. Concerns expressed about taking on a recurring expense when we have no money coming in, that the larger office has no window, that our present cheap ($100/month) rent gives us access to plenty of meeting space. Growers Market space cannot be used for storage, so that's not going to help us store stuff from OEV. Concerns also expressed that not many have had easy access to our present office space at Grower's. Suggestion made that John Abbe, who works at the Grower's Market office space for Mind Freedom, be given a key so he can let OE people in. Some comments also about how people try to visit us at Grower's, but that the office is rarely open.
The proposal had two blocks and four stand asides. Proposal to rent the second office just over the winter had one block and four stand asides. Proposal to move from the present office to the larger had three stand asides. No consensus on this proposal.

MEDIA Getch reported there have been 50 episodes of OE TV, even more Occupy Radio broadcasts. Plus podcasting. Our message has gone out to 36 countries and 120 markets in the US. It appears OE may become hub for a worldwide occupy media podcast network. Brian Murray, who was a professional TV broadcaster at the University of Washington for 27 years, has recently joined the team and is helping upgrade the production level. This will require up to 20 new volunteers to put in place. If you've alway dreamed of being part of a vibrant media network this is your chance. Come on down.
COM COM The familiar burnout of com com people has brought our PR work to a halt. No press release went out for Beatrice's arraignment Wednesday. Several members are still meeting, but it's not the critical mass needed to bring us back up. If we had someone willing to take on the calendar, then other tasks could be rotated among people needing to do no more than one press release a month. This is about the fifth generation of hard working Com Com volunteers who've been consumed by this difficult, high-stress and demanding job.
NEWSLETTER The present 5th edition printed 3000 copies. Comes out every other month. We need your help distributing it to your favorite coffee shop or market. Contact Vickie Nelson.
SUGAR SUGAR works to mediate disputes, resolve conflicts and provide counseling and support to OE. Much work is confidential, but next Saturday September 22, SUGAR presents an all-day workshop called the Friendly Profile, by Barbara Date. The Friendly Profile workshop will help folks understand their own personality type and what the other classic personality types are, in order to facilitate self understanding and help modulate conflicts that arise between people of different personality types by expanding understanding of different personality types and each one's hot buttons, expectations and patterns- and how to adjust to them to facilitate interpersonal understanding. Contact Benjamin or Jennifer Knowlton.
OH-FAC This year, OH-FAC has put on two town halls, held two press conferences, provided information and support to 30-35 distressed homeowners, led a call for a temporary moratorium on Oregon foreclosures, published two op-eds, testified to the county commission about the annual $1.5 million in Lane County revenue from recording fees lost to the MERS (Mortgage Electronic Recording System) of the big mortgage companies. OH-FAC is one of ten affilitates of the national Take Back The Land group led by Max Rameau,dedicated to community control of land and housing as a human right. We're working on developing an eviction defense rapid response network and a strategic plan for the occupied house at 12th & Lawrence. OH-FAC action meeting is Thursday at 6 PM at Grower's.
BANK OF AMERICA FRIDAY DEMONSTRATION OE has been there every Friday all summer. Recently we're seeing an upswing in people honking, waving and thanking us for being out there bringing attention to the fraud and abuse at the heart of our corrupt national banking and financial system.
WELCOMING 3-4 core members maintain a virtual presence and work to make OE meetings more welcoming and accessible with personal help and educational materialsl. Welcoming Committee staffed OEV in the winter and spring, then worked hard at Occupy the Fed. They've developed a script for canvassers, held one successful canvassing expedition, re-energized our largest list- announcements- which goes out once a week, for announcements only. Distribution of newsletters at events, helping other committees with meeting structure, developed a short mission statement.
MEDICAL The goal of Occupy Medical is a patient-driven, free, wholistic clinic which demonstrates the viability of a single-payer health delivery system free of the tentacles of the health insurance industry. Occupy Medical wants to build clinics and deliver free medical services all over Oregon. A grant from the Oregon Community Foundation is immanent, which will purchase an old Blood Bank van which will be converted to a mobile medical clinic. The second Dental Clinic will be in October, mostly featuring extractions of badly infected teeth- an extremely debilitating and medically dangerous condition all too common among working folks as well as street people. Signs of malnutrition among working and homeless people are also evident, which Occupy Medical can address with your generous contributions. All kinds of medical and personal hygiene items are needed, so please donate. Occupy Medical provides preventative and managed care, and assists clients in locating community resources. Your energy and presence would also be a great gift to their clinic in the park blocks each Sunday from 1-5. Police are coming around to understand the value of the clinics, have suggested other possible clinic locations, and have themselves brought clients to the Sunday clinic for treatment. Contact: Sue.
FINANCE Jan reports that the membership of finance has been quite constant, but that there are a few positions opening up for the next year's commitment. Their job is to monitor the OE cash position and approve requests under $200. Larger requests must come to the GA for approval. We are steadily draining our financial reserves built up during last fall, and little income has come in since last spring. They meet only when there's a request, so call first. 'Sunday at 6 and Thursday at 5:30 at New Day.
FED UP Brave Beatrice reports a wildly successful year, with the Fed Up occupation providing terrific outreach, followed by the successful occupation at Outpost A with the newly painted fence and a very well attended and enjoyable Art Walk event which was a beautiful experience for the neighborhood. Help staffing Outpost A is needed. Mary commented that Fed Up has been adroit at crafting and delivering their message, which has generated extremely positive media coverage.
LIBRARY OE has the largest library of Oregon occupations. The library committee has brought in a significant amount of donations to OE. New library is set up at CALC. Have had an intern from the UO working with the collection.

OUTPOST A Fergus reported that our main tasks with Outpost A are (1) keeping our presence there for the benefit of the neighborhood and (2) delaying the auction, scheduled for October 15. A recent Oregon Court of Appeals decision which ruled that MERS cannot foreclose on properties under Oregon's nonjudical foreclosure process directly impacts the October 15 auction of 1191 Lawrence. This auction is now illegal- but Bank of America will proceed if they are not stopped. The burden is on the homeowner. The simplest and cheapest way to delay the auction may be simply having a lawyer call the trustee and inform them that the owner is aware that MERS cannot foreclose and to please cancel the auction. It's likely that we can find a knowledgeable lawyer to perform this service for the owner of 1191 for around $250. Any legal action costs money, whether for court filing fees or for lawyer's fees. The action in federal district court to stop Lauren Schickling's auction cost Lauren a $500 filing fee. Stay tuned.

Time to clear out of Helen's warehouse. Mary, Jana, Plaedo, Big John, Jennefer and others have been cleaning and sorting through stuff. Especially need a place for sign making materials. Meeting today(Saturday) at 12:30 to strategize on what to do with what's left.

ANNOUNCEMENT: Lee has been contacted by KBOO community radio in Portland for an interview. She'd like to get input from committees.
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