GA Friday Fall Equinox 2012

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GA Friday Fall Equinox 2012

Postby GrameenEugene » Sat Sep 22, 2012 7:15 am

Facilitator: Wayne Fergus notes M.Gannon, process support

Library: Jen and Art have been holding meetings in the cafe at Eugene Public Library. They have Occupiers on display for people to pick up, perhaps to join the the conversation. Jen has experience holding conversation cafes- informally structured gatherings each table has a topic, and participants are free to move from table to table. We might think about finding supportive cafe owners who'd like to have our meetings in their space. Always helpful to support the cafe by purchasing something.
OE Anniversary: Monday, October 15 is OE's first birthday! We'll be celebrating in the Park Blocks all day. Groups which advocate for folks impacted by the economic downturn and our dysfunctional social service system like Lane Independent Living are invited to table during the celebration. Starts at 10 AM sharp.
OH-FAC: Has hosted three strategy sessions on how we see use of 1191 Lawrence, in collaboration with Fed Up, Welcoming and Houseless Solutions, A working group to assist negotiations with the absentee owner has been formed. Next event could be the October 5 First Friday Art Walk- and open house!
Medical: Occupy Medical has purchased a 32' box van previously used for a Blood Bank vehicle. It has four hospital-type powered beds, sink and two examining rooms. They've arranged to park it at the Service Station on Hiway 99 in a secure area, in exchange for medical services to Service Station clients. They're working with United Way (City Councilor Chris Pryor) on funding for operations. See it in the Park Blocks this Sunday. They have a new doctor- Doctor Oh, whose wife is a doctor of Ayurvedic medicine. Sue finally gets a day off! Sarah, a licensed nurse-midwife, will be taking one Sunday shift a month in relief of Sue and for the benefit of street folks needing women's health services. Dental clinic coming in October.

The presenter at the latest 1191 strategy session, Angela from We Are Oregon, described the rapid response network they've developed to help them move families into empty homes in Portland. Lively discussion about the possibilities for developing such a network in Eugene. Stay tuned.

Next week there's a listening circle with OE and EPD. Majeska, Jen, Sue, Jamil and Chief Pete, Sam Kamcar, a new EPD Captain and Sgt Crampton will sit down to hear one another. Eugene's finest have been busting kids plugging their cell phones into electrical outlets in the park- issuing $180 tickets and jail time for theft of services. Jean is on the track of the documentation for the claim that keeping the power on in the park blocks is a public safety hazard, but so far has found nothing but smoke.
Charges against Allie were dropped when the officer who accused her failed to show up in court and S. Kamcar, who had been subpoenaed to appear, asked the judge to dismiss "in the interests of justice" rather than reschedule. Apparently two of Eugene's finest were witnessed giving conflicting testimony.

Mary and Sue are encouraging each committee to send two members to an Occupy Network Coalition meeting at Grower's so we can keep up to date on what each other are doing. First Wednesday 6:30 PM October 3. Others welcome to come and listen, but seats at the table are for two reps/committee. Please talk to your committee about selecting two representatives to send.

Second Friday GA is October 12. This seems to be our best attended GA of the month. Last one was over 30 people.
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