GA Minutes Tuesday, October 30, 2012

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GA Minutes Tuesday, October 30, 2012

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GA Minutes Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Minute Taker: Karen

Roving Facilitator

Attendance: 16

Proposal (John): Change quorum from 15 to 12?
Concerns? …...Should we talk about this at Friday GA?
John drops proposal, Discussion is tabled until Friday's GA.

Proposal (Katherine and Chester): Allocate $443 to Newsletter Committee from Occupy's budget for purpose of printing 2,000 newsletters.
Concerns? …...Did we distribute all issues of the last newsletter?
Answer: Yes, they are nearly gone.
Consensus: $443 from Occupy budget to pay for 2,000 copies of next Occupy Newsletter. Full consensus, no stand-asides or blocks.

Proposal (Vicki N.): Reimburse Vicki E. $90 for covering costs of last months port-a-potty at 1191. Continue to cover cost of Port-a-potty at 1191 as long as Occupiers are there.
Concerns? …...$90 is estimated cost not exact cost.
Also, how do we define “Occupiers” at the location?
Proposal is re-worded as follows:
Consensus: Up to $100/month is allocated from Occupy budget to reimburse Vicki E. for last month's port-a-potty rental, and we will continue to allocate up to $100/month for the port-a-potty at 1191 UNTIL we decide not to. Full consensus, no stand-asides or blocks.

Proposal (Vicki N.): Move GA's indoors to Grower's Market for the winter.
Concerns? …...When does winter end?
Chester: Move one GA indoors, and one out?
Nah.... Let's move them all indoors. Until we decide not to.
Call for consensus? 15 in agreement, 1 stand-aside
Larry (stand-aside): Concern about being locked into an indoor location. GA's should always be held at the place of our Occupation.
Proposal is re-worded as follows:
Consensus: GA's will be moved indoors to the Grower's Market (starting this Friday) and will be held there until we start up a new Occupation or until we decide not to. Full consensus, no stand-asides or blocks.

Proposal (Obi): Change from GA's twice a weed to once a week on Fridays.
Concerns? …...Should we have the weekly GA on Tuesday, not Friday?
More people attend Friday GA's than Tuesdays.
Martin arrives. Attendance: 17
Consensus: GA's are now held once a week, Friday at 6pm at the Grower's Market. Full consensus, no stand-asides or blocks.
Concern (Cindy): The web site needs to be updated to inform people of new GA times/locations.
Chester will clean up website.
Martin will change on calendar.
Vicki N. will make announcements (on contacts list, FB, etc)
Dave P. will make changes with Eugene Weekly.
David arrives. Attendance: 18
Beatrice: Thank you everyone for being here tonight! *lots of twinkles*


Dave P: Noam Chomsky movie playing at Cozmic Pizza tonight at 7:30. Sponsored by IWW. Something about buying beer with a coupon.

Larry: Affinity Group forming to start mobile homeless camp. Meeting to be held on this Sunday, Nov. 4th at 9:15 am (after free 8:00am breakfast) at First Christia Church (parlor) 1166 Oak St.
Larry hands out flyers, announces that the group is accepting donations of bicycles, bicycle trailers, etc.
Dave P:concerned about what happened at Wash-Jefferson.
Larry: clarifies that new camp will have zero tolerance policy on drugs, alcohol, violence, etc.
Says anyone wishing to become involved should contact Jean Stacey.

Beatrice: is no longer wanting to be the police contact person for 1191. Asks if anyone would like to take over as police contact?
Obi nominates Mary for the job (laughter).
Please contact Beatrice if you are interested in volunteering for the job.

Beatrice: will be in Federal Court, next Thursday, November 8th at the NEW Federal Court Building. 1:30 pm. Please show your support.
Chester will put this on the OE Calendar.

Martin: Still stuff left at Occupy V. Mostly Building materials.
Graham: Terry McDonald has offered OE space at St. Vinnies to store things.
Proposal (Graham): Accept St. Vinnies offer of storage for Occupy.
Concerns? …...How much will it cost?
Answer: Free.
Big John will need at least 1/3 of the space for kitchen stuff, but the rest is available for Occupy.
Consensus: Accept the storage space offered by St. Vinnies. Set 1/3 of the space aside for Big John for kitchen stuff. Full consensus, no stand-asides or blocks.

Mary: Gwen is planning event on November 17th. Keep calendar open.
Event will focus on the fact that the City never did anything with the recommendations set forth by the Mayor's task force on Homelessness.
Graham: Isn't there another event planned for November 17th?
He will contact Gwen to let her know.
Anyone who wants to get involved should contact Gwen.

Obi: Free coffee at 1191 every morning from 7am-9am

Call to adjourn
Yes. Meeting adjourned at 6:49 pm
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