June 23 GA

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June 23 GA

Postby GrameenEugene » Fri Jun 21, 2013 10:19 pm

GA Friday June 21 2013 Art facilitator Fergus notes new face: Emma, UO special ed student welcome!

Committee reports:
Library Committee just got a great collection of used books donated by Reality Kitchen. Thanks to Jim Evangelista. Art's organizing a benefit booksale, perhaps at Kesey Plaza or maybe 29th St. Market of Choice parking lot sometime in mid-summer. If you'd like to help: APBollmann@gmail.com

Foreclosure Committee just helped Lauren Schickling deliver a summons to the assistant mgr of the E 11th Bank of America (at 4:30 PM Friday, naturally) for her family's lawsuit against the finagling between BofA and American First Title company, which came within a whisker of stealing their 75 acre homestead out toward Mapleton. Lauren was the first homeowner Occupy Foreclosure committee was able to help hold off a foreclosure. The family also served 13 other co-defendants with summonses to US District Court in Eugene. They are going into court pro se, which basically means “I'll do it myself” in Latin. Going into federal court on your own against Bank of America and the biggest title company in the US takes some serious cojones. Stay tuned.

Some good news on foreclosures from Salem: contrary to what you may have read in the media, the recent Oregon Supreme Court ruling on MERS (the electronic property registry network the banks set up to steal peoples' property) was not a vindication; much to the contrary. Implications of the Supreme Court's somewhat convoluted ruling are not entirely clear, but it appears that up to 100,000 non-judicial foreclosures over the past 10 years may have been illegally done. Definitely not good news for banks issuing and servicing predatory loans. The legislature passed a new foreclosure mediation law which extends coverage to many lenders, who are quickly finding loopholes to sneak their flawed foreclosure processes through. It's become a cat-and-mouse game between the legislature and the big banks. Kudos to the Oregon legislature, especially the Lane County delegation. Oregon has emerged as a national leader in the fight for justice against big banks' fraudulent lending and foreclosure practices.

Foreclosure committee continues to offer assistance obtaining financing for short sales and direct buyouts for some of the folks who come to see us. We have been very disappointed in the Legal Aid foreclosure service recently funded through the national foreclosure settlement. The Eugene lawyer doesn't seem to be clear whether his client is the homeowner or the bank.

Media Committee may be sending a trusty stringer down to southern Oregon to cover the story about the GMO sugar beet field uprooted by somebody.

Newsletter Committee is working hard to get an edition out in time for the Country Fair. The recent Tsunami fundraiser will cover a good part of the cost, along with sustaining funders Mike and Ralph. They are stretched as thin as they can be, and will need your help with writing, editing, fundraising and distribution if the Occupier is to continue. Contact Graham grahamlewis2064@comcast.net

Occupy Bankbusters will be showing another movie in a joint Bankbusters/Occupy Eugene fundraiser at Cozmic Pizza Monday July 22. It's called Jekyll Island, the sequel to The Secret of Oz, both by Bill Stills. It's about the origins of the Federal Reserve, and some ideas for how we can fix our broken banking system. Come to our June 29 meeting, 3 PM Saturday at Grower's, if you'd like to learn more about public banking, or help with the movie.

Occupy Medical's fundraiser is this Sunday, June 23 at Cozmic Pizza from 6-8 PM.

Discussion: there are low-power radio broadcast licenses available until October. Who wants to start up a legal local radio station? Apparently it's possible to just broadcast when you like, not all the time. Talk to Jan. Happy summer. Next third Friday GA is July 19.

Release party and benefit concert for the bees this Sunday June 23 at Tsunami Books, 4 PM.

Community Environmental Legal Defense Center has been working with a local team preparing a very aggressive anti-GMO county ordinance for the 2014 election cycle. They will be presenting about the upcoming Lane County ordinance banning GMOs at a talk at LCC Building 17, Room 308 on Tuesday, July 2 at 6 PM. They'll need lots of help gathering the 12,000 signatures needed to be sure the initiative gets on the ballot.
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