July 19 GA

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July 19 GA

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Occupy Eugene General Assembly Minutes

Date/Time: July 19, 2013
Location: Growers Market
Facilitators: Jan
Minute Taker: David.A

Committee Reports
Censorship By Occupier Staff of Articles
Low-power Radio
2014 x-country climatemarching.org
Protest @ Wetlands

Committee Reports:

A book sale benefit for Occupy Eugene is planned late July or early August. The library committee is looking for people to get involved. Contact Art
Saturday July 20th, Bee swarm and education project to take place Saturday starting at noon the Wayne Morse Free Speech Plaza on 8th and Oak, and then to a garden store. This is an public awareness project to bring attention to common garden pesticides that are decimating bee populations. For more information about there is a post on the Occupy Eugene home page http://occupyeugenemedia.org/

Occupy Bankbusters:
The showing of the movie Jekyll Island, the sequel to The Secret of Oz, at Cozmik Pizza fell through.. Fergus is working on another date.

Comm Comm:
OE Website move to a new host will be planned in the future. More details in the future. Also, (Not announced at GA) An option to donate to Occupy Eugene Using Direct Debit is now available. For more information, go to http://occupyeugenemedia.org/donate/

No recent financial requests. Last release of the Occupier was funded and the Growers Office was paid.

Censorship By Occupier Staff of Articles:
An OE member was upset because his article was censored, and he had difficulty getting in contact with newsletter committee members. It was suggested to involve SUGAR to help work out this matter.

Low-Power radio:
There is a citizens movement to request licenses wtth the FCC for low power radio stations. A group is preparing an application to start a station in Elmira. Would OE want to support that effort? In addition, Occupy Eugene and other allies in starting a station was discussed. If interested, contact John Abbe. email: johnca@ourpla.net

The Great march for Climate Action:
Does Occupy Eugene want to get involved and endorse the Great march for Climate Action, which is taking place the summer of 2014. If interested, contact John Abbe. email: johnca@ourpla.net

Protest at the Wetlands:
SLEEPS is planning a protest to bring attention to the lack of action by the city to provide campgrounds for the un-housed.. Campers will be evicted from the wetlands the end of July. Media attention and involvement is needed. Contact James

The national director, Dan Johnson, of People against the NDAA (PANDA) spoke in Springfield last week. The National Defense Administration Act (NDAA) was signed into law December 2011 by President Obama. Under this act, anyone accused of being a terrorist can be detained by the military indefinitely. There is growing support against this act, both on the left and the right. An endorsement to add Occupy Eugene to the list of organizations against this act is proposed at a upcoming quorum GA.


The Friends of David Oaks benefit is planned 630 PM Saturday, July 20, 2013. It's taking place at Tiara Street and Adams. Cost is $20.00 per plate.

A discussion to enact a Lane Count ban on GMO's at the Bite of Eugene at Alton Baker Park at 3:15. Speaker is Paul Cienfuegos. For more information, go to http://www.biteofeugene.com/.
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