November 15 GA

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November 15 GA

Postby GrameenEugene » Wed Nov 20, 2013 2:33 pm

Occupy Eugene General Assembly November 15 2013 Art factilitator, Fergus notes.

SLEEPS REPORT MaryB: 8th & Mill is a good homeless rest stop, with a building & kitchen. Good potential for generating work for residents providing catering. City council against “rewarding activists” by making this site available. Everyone please consider testifying in favor of this site at city council meetings.

NEWSLETTER Katia: New meeting time Monday 12:30-2 at Growers. Request $397 from OE to make, with $100 available, the $497 printing costs for winter Occupier. Jan asked them to provide ½ of any further OE funding request. They are working on a Helios grant, doing some flea market sales, planning a spring fundraiser and are asking folks to make personal donations, even $5 will help. Jack suggested suporters should join in in asking businesses for support on an ongoing basis, for which they will receive a thanks in the paper- $25-$30 per issue.
Consensus to give newsletter $397. One block, one stand aside. 18 voting.

GROWERS OFFICE MaryB: Concern that the office is little used, and is sucking up almost $1200/year. General sentiment that folks do want to keep an office for the present, to support the democratically managed Growers Market building, provide a base for the next upswing in activism, and continue to provide a physical presence for OE. Helios now has an office at Growers, and Cary is sponsoring regular social get-togethers for tenants. Some talk about starting up a movie series on Friday nights.

FED UP Beatrice: FedUp just back in court to answer the government's motion to dismiss the lawsuit Lauren filed against the folks who evicted OE- as individuals. So that the individuals are held accountable for the violation of free speech rights. The judge has not yet ruled on the results.

WE THE PEOPLE Fergus: Local Food Rights ordinance has been filed, accepted and given a ballot title by the county elections department. Oregonians for Food and Shelter, the Monsanto front group, has challenged the county's ruling and also challenged the ballot title in what looks like a long legal delaying action. We the People-Eugene and other Oregon affiliates of Move To Amend are working on language for a statewide initiative to put before the voters of Oregon which states that money is not free speech, corporations do not have constitutional rights, and calls on congress to present to the states for ratification an amendment to the constitution along these lines. Should be ready for signature gathering this spring.

OCCUPY MEDICAL Karen: Occupy Medical is working with the fire department in Veneta to open a monthly medical clinic there. Stay tuned.

LIBRARY COMMITTEE Art: Library committee will be doing a Dorothy Day memorial event at CALC. They are working with the Morse Center at the UO Law School and the Electronic Frontier Foundation on putting on an event on surveillance and civil liberties.
They have a benefit at Off The Waffle coming up. Still doing the monthly last Friday Whitaker Artwalk booksales at CALC.

COMCOM/WEB PAGE DavidA: The website is still active, but understaffed, so folks need to get postings in at least 10 days in advance of when you want them to go up. There is a donation button on the website for anyone to use for donations to OE. Contact DavidA through the website if you want to be added to any OE lists.
Facebook (MaryB): We have not been able to create OE events on Facebook recently, because they decided we have a “page” instead of a “group”. Working on gettng that changed. Any suggestions, contact Mary. ComCom needs members.

FORECLOSURE COMMITTEE Majeska: Wednesday 5 PM meeting is moving to only 2nd & 4th Wednesdays. No 4th Wednesday meeting in December.

Jan moved we schedule GAs only for the 3rd Friday. Beatrice amended to continue to reserve meeting space at Growers every Friday. Passed by consensus. Unresolved discussion about how to call an emergency GA in response to unfolding events. Generally, just post to the list with adequate time for people to see it. No action can be taken without a quorum of 15.
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