September 19, 2014 GA

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September 19, 2014 GA

Postby Lee DeVeau » Mon Sep 22, 2014 1:22 pm

Facilitator: Art
Notes: Lee
Attendance: 10

Agenda Items
1) Should current quorum (15) for decision making be changed
2) Facebook management
3) Committee reports

1) Sentiment of GA was that quorum should not be changed/lowered because decisions would not be representative of OE if fewer people participated. Reminder that when an issue is being brought to the group that will require a decision, a "quorum meeting" should be announced so that people are aware and will make a greater effort to be present. This has been successful in the past. Jan said there is a process where several GA meetings can be called to make a decision on an issue with notification to the group through Contacts list. Lee said there was a process recently when a quorum wasn't present to make a decision about office sharing and because of time constraints the issue was decided via Contacts.

2) GA discussed recent issues re managing members of OE fb group making abusive comments. Sentiment of GA was that fb admin/moderators should intervene quickly when there are complaints to warn and/or remove person from group. Sue emphasized the importance of fb admins to monitor the fb group daily so that it is a safe place for communication. GA talked about the change of fb group status from open to closed. Connor explained that closing the group helps to protect it from people who have been removed for abusive behavior and also protects it from non members who might take screenshots or use posts out of context to discredit OE. Big John said there are already established OE fb rules for behavior and they should be applied. Jan said although fb admins should have autonomy to act when there is a problem, decisions such as changing the group status should go thru comm comm which has oversight over all communication platforms. Comm comm members present (Lee and David) agreed to convene a mtg in the next week to review fb function as well as other comm comm functions.

3) OE Library report from Art. He was recently arrested after challenging Eugene "sidewalk rental" policy by refusing to leave an area of the sidewalk by Sizzler Pizza while reading aloud. Alley has filed a public record request to get more info about sidewalk rental and its impact on free speech rights.

Comm Comm report from David and Lee. Although there have not been comm comm meetings in several months, the members of comm comm communicate and problem solve through email. David continues to do technical maintenance of the website and receives mail sent to OE as admin. Lee has been doing blog posts and sending some announcements to list serve. Current members are David, Jana and Lee. Big John and Connor expressed interest in joining. A meeting will be convened asap to review tasks and issues.
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