October 17, 2014, GA Minutes

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October 17, 2014, GA Minutes

Postby Lee DeVeau » Mon Oct 20, 2014 1:57 pm

Present: Jan (facilitator), Lee (minutes), David, Michael G, Connor, Art, Kristen, Ron, Vickie N, Graham, Jennifer H, Plaedo, Beatrice (by phone), Micah, Jason, Martin (after vote on resolutions).

Committee Reports:
Newsletter (Vickie) - Fall edition published. David will post the electronic version on OE website. No OE funds used for the last two editions. All Occupiers are asked to help with distribution, copies in the common room at Growers.
Comm comm (Lee) - Event submission form on OE web page is functional; OE, ally, and community can submit events they want promoted. Jennifer H said she wants to join committee and feels she is being blocked because of past conflict with some members. Lee responded that comm comm is reviewing a process for bringing in new people which will not be disruptive to the functioning of the committee. Jan said it is unusual for OE committees to not be open. Lee said she will initiate a comm comm discussion and inform Jennifer. Jan asked about the current status of the facebook group and said in the past there was a strong sentiment that it should be an "open" group. Lee said that comm comm had reviewed it at last meeting and decided to leave it "closed." Connor added that keeping the group closed helped to minimize harassment and cyber stalking.
Finance (Jan) - About $900 remains in OE bank account. Current expenses are about $85 per month.
Ally - Nightingale Health Sanctuary (Vickie) - NHS continues to search for land to purchase and hopes to find land to lease for the winter. There is great concern about the lack of shelter particularly with the rains starting and cold weather. The City has said that it wants to work collaboratively with NHS in establishing a project. Art brought up his concern that NHS may be co-opted in its collaboration with City govt. vickie said all members of NHS are free to speak as individuals.

Proposed Resolutions:
1) Art proposed that OE endorse a petition requesting a fee waiver for Public Records re the Whoville closure in April 2014. Art and Jean have requested these records from the City and been informed that the fee for the records would be $650. Art said that the petition for a fee waiver is based upon the request being in the "public interest" and not for commercial purposes.
2) Vickie proposed that OE pass a resolution urging the City to lift the camping ban. She said that this would be part of a campaign that includes the Whoville Coalition. She said that this is a human rights issue which is also being pursued with the Eugene Human Rights Commission and that it is especially urgent with the rains and cold weather starting.

Resolutions Passed:
1) Occupy Eugene endorses the petition for a fee waiver for the Public Records Request for records re the April 1, 2014 closure of Whoville filed by Art Bollmann and Jean Stacey. In addition Occupy Eugene requests that electronic copies of the records be sent to Occupy Eugene and encourages other groups and individuals to join the petition.

2) Occupy Eugene strongly urges the City of Eugene lift the unconstitutional camping ban at City owned properties sufficient to meet the current need of the unshoused this winter.

1)Jennifer announced that the back office of OE double office had been cleaned out in preparation for Peace Works setting up for their radio broadcast. Jan and David objected that the back office space had been used by Bankbusters who also shared the rent and that there had been no notice that the back space would be exclusive. Jennifer said she would contact Fergus (Bankbusters) and someone from Peace Works to discuss the situation.
2)Jennifer announced that Public Interest Environmental Law Conference (PIELC) is calling for panelists. She will forward the announcement to OE contacts.
3) Jennifer announced that the Cascadia group will be hosting the 2015 Occupy National Gathering in Eugene. OE folk interested in joining the planning group should contact Jennifer.
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