GA Minutes 12/19/14

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GA Minutes 12/19/14

Postby david.a » Sun Dec 21, 2014 11:55 am

GA Minutes Friday, December 19, 2014

Facilitator: David A

Minute Taker: Jennefer.H


We went around the table and introduced ourselves sharing about our interests and history as activists.

Committee Reports

Occupy Medical - Sue reports they are still doing their great work including making “care packages” for their unhoused clients. The weather is especially challenging for them.
Newsletter - Graham and Jack reports Anatolia is a new underwriter for the newsletter. Please thank them and visit their restaurant. Please distribute newsletters as there are about 300 left needing to be distributed.  The newsletter box from the Red Barn is gone. Need replacement? A new edition of the newsletter will be out in about a month.  The soft deadline has passed.


Occupy Eugene endorses the 2014 Occupy National Gathering statements of solidarity with Palestine.
Occupy Eugene rejects any effort to use this statement for anti-Semitic purposes.
    We stand together in solidarity as members of the Occupy Wall Street
    National Gathering 2014 in resistance against the Israeli government’s
    violations of international law and the human rights of Palestinians.
    We condemn the Israeli government’s serious violations of international
    law and basic human rights in Gaza and the West Bank.
    We recognize the fundamental rights of the Arab-Palestinian citizens of
    Israel to full equality.
    We demand the restoration of freedom of movement for all Gazans and
    West Bank Palestinians, demolition of the walls, and liberalization of the
    borders between Israel and the Palestinian territories.
    We demand an end to the bloodshed of innocent people all around the
    world for which our leaders are responsible. In light of the recent
    atrocities, we want an end to both the mass murder of innocents and the
    occupation of Palestine.


Tabled: Two proposals regarding 1) BDS endorsement, and 2) A general statement regarding human rights.
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