GA Minutes Friday, April 17, 2015

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GA Minutes Friday, April 17, 2015

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Minute TakerJohn T.

Introductions - Eleven participants present
Committee Reports
Universal Declaration Of Human Rights (UDHR) endorsement
Contact Points resolution
Moving the GA to 7PM on Fridays or some other day

Committee Reports:

Occupy Medical – integrating with the community. Need more supplies such as vitamins. Sending supplies overseas to foreign partners.

Comm comm – Communications has found another person to help with the Occupy Eugene Website. The new member will be creating web-posts and calendar events after some training. David will continue to maintain the website backend. Sleeps approached comm comm asking if Occupy Eugene can share hosting used for OE’s website. Comm comm agreed at no cost to Sleeps, or additional cost to OE. Occupy Eugene’s web-hosting plan includes the option to have up to 4 websites residing on their servers, and it’s paid through March 2016.

Occupy Universal Right to Sleep (O.U.R.S.) - There is a camp at 5th and Seneca from now until this Sunday. Need to keep moving. Nightengale Health Sanctuary was originally supposed to close by April 22nd, but now may remain open until sometime in May 2015. Kristen will continue OURS report later in the meeting.

Finance Committee - Hedin's appeal was assisted by Lauren from CLDC. OE's legal defense fund of $207 has now all been spent on Hedin's defense, with some additional money to cover the total of $250+ coming from last minute donors. The OE General Fund has $450 left in it so we need to do some fundraising soon. $60 was raised by selling T-shirts. The Finance Committee decided on their own to use the legal defense funds for Hedin. There was a discussion about the looseness of this process raised by another person who also needed help with legal funding. Hedin's charge stemmed directly from an Occupy protest, so it was an appropriate use of funds, in the opinion of the Finance Committee person. $140 is left in the porta potty fund for an Occupy related camp. The OE bank account also has $297 of SLEEPS money which is controlled by the Library Committee. OURS camp requested money for their porta potties. The process for obtaining money from the fund was covered.

A comment was made that on the streets there is a critique of Occupy Eugene that it was a boom and bust organization effort that is now a defunct organization that doesn't work any more.
A discussion was now had about the emergency regarding paying the rent for the OE office as part of the Finance Committee report ---
Peace Works
Bank Busters
Cascadia Forest Defenders
all share the OE office with OE.
At the discussion before the GA meeting tonight, it was revealed that Bank Busters had bailed from the office and John Thielking of Peacestickers(dot)net had volunteered to put up the $52 that OE would be short on the rent for May in exchange for a very modest use of the OE office to promote his bumper sticker business that he has in Springfield. It was pointed out that the other renters have had difficulty in paying their portion of the rent on time. The Finance Committee person wants one of the other groups to take over the lease as the primary lease holder so that they can be the one's chasing after others for the rent money instead of OE having to be on the hook for a potential $205 if the other sub-lessors don't pay on time. Jennifer pointed out that the formal process to lease an office space at the Grower's building is to have a consensus of the Grower's board before a new lease or sublease can take place. Also, there is the possibility that outfits that sell stuff may not be allowed according to the exact terms of the current lease. A discussion was had about the question of should OE just give up the office? OE could still use the meeting rooms for the GA's without paying for a space if they didn't have an office space leased. It was pointed out that there are OE people who use the office on a regular basis , but these same people often don't bother to attend GA meetings, even when they are in the office at the exact same time as the GA meeting, as happened on 4-17-15. What are we doing with the office? Sasha uses the office for video editing. The office doesn't need to be used as an emergency or informal contact point, the meeting room could be the contact point. Nan and the other guy who was in the office during the GA were invited to join the meeting to try to make a quorum, but they both declined.
We should announce a need to make a decision at next month's GA to get a quorum to make a formal decision about how to handle the office rent.
Beatrice said we should accept the donation from John Thielking for now and decide next month.
Connor --- seconded the idea.
To make a decision without a quorum requires three meetings. The Finance Committee should be able to decide who is the primary lease holder. The GA should decide if it is worth it to pay the $52 per month to maintain the office. We could still vote to exit the office over the next few meetings even if we don't have a quorum at May's GA. Or instead of vacating, ask the other groups to pay more?
Just for next month John Thielking will pick up Bank Buster's share of the office rent ($52) and at the next GA we will decide the OE office's future. JT will be allowed to display his stickers at the office for now. This was consensed upon among the 10 people present.
Kristen now resumed the OURS report --- OURS camp grew out of Whoville last year. People wanted to have a camp separate from NHS, a 'safe and sane' camp. At first they changed the name to SLEEPS for awhile, but then later changed the name to OURS. The camp has moved 20 times since September 2014. What more can we do now? This project proved that people can take care of themselves in a camp. Starting a day labor camp. Looking for community partners and want to start micro-enterprises. Currently the camp is located on 5th Avenue, West of Seneca, near Fred Meyer. The police have kind of ignored the camp, giving them until Sunday April 19th to move out instead of the usual move along within 48 hours notices that were given in previous instances.
Connor pointed out that one disabled person who normally has difficulty functioning seemed to be getting on very well at the new camp --- this could be good PR to publicize this fact.
Later on in the meeting tonight we will talk about fund raising.
UDHR item: The Universal Declaration of Human Rights was consensed upon
by all present. Without quorum, It was not endorsed by OE.
Contact Point Item:
Proposal: Occupy Medical, the OE office or the meeting space at Grower's and 12:45PM-2PM on Saturdays in front of the Eugene Public Library be informal contact points for OE for people who don't have online access among other things and these locations will also be emergency contact points in case of loss of communications or other emergency. Also, the 12:45PM-2PM Saturday location and time is designated an emergency protest time in case of emergency developments such as Mumia's health, etc.
This was endorsed by OE by consensus.
Next we discussed moving the GA meeting to 7PM on Fridays or possibly some other day of the week. No decision was made.
3PM-6PM Saturday April 18th 2015 at Grower's the low power FM station will be having a meet and greet event.
Baetrice will be having a garage sale at Broadway and Lawrence on Saturday all day. 2% of proceeds will go to OE.
The 'Save Mumia From Medical Neglect' flier was distributed by John Thielking.
Jennifer is having a party at her house from 1PM on Saturday April 18th. PM Jennifer Jane on Facebook for the location.
Fundraising Discussion:
Jennifer wants to collaborate with the other groups in the office to help do fund-raising. Is there a fund-raising committee? Answer: Whomever wants to do it should step up and get it done. The OE General Fund will be out of money in 4 months at the current rate of spending vs income.
Jennifer --- She has some blank screens for screen printing.
Connor --- Let's use the next GA meeting to talk about fundraising.
Meeting adjourned at 7:30PM
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