GA Minutes Friday, May 15, 2015

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GA Minutes Friday, May 15, 2015

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Facilitator: Jan

Minute Taker: John T.

Attendance: 8 Members

Committee Reports
Assembly Points
GA time/date & Discussion

Committee Reports:
Library Committee – The book sale raised $40. We could raise more $ by having more sales. The Art Walk doesn't happen anymore so the foot traffic is reduced to the book sales.
Scott could sell book(s) for us online.
Newsletter Committee – Stargate Video is a new underwriter. OE may be able to get a Helios grant. The newsletter is going to press in a couple of days. There will be an article about a local police killing . Jack had asked for accounting of militarization of the police in his testimony before the Police Commission . There was another EPD killing in 2006.
Occupy Medical – nothing to report except that relations with the police may be improving. Except that there is one report of a homeless man being kicked by EPD. (Later during the meeting Sue texted us saying that OM needs more socks.)
Comm Comm – Needs additional help with web site. Could train new person to take on this task. SLEEPS can share web hosting with OE at no extra cost, as OE is allowed up to 4 different web sites on their account.
Finance Committee – $436.84 remaining in General Fund, plus $100 due to come in from the book sale and T-shirt sales. We just have to get on the people who are holding the cash to deposit it in the OE account.
Fundraising Committee/Working Group --- John Thielking is not willing to be a committee of one. If someone seconds a proposal on the OE contacts e-mail list then the project may happen, otherwise not. The idea of having a bar give $1 per beer never got a second, so that's not happening yet. Vickie proposed that she would be holding a garage sale sometime soon. So that could still happen.

Office - Only one person uses the office. Later in the meeting it was pointed out that the office was designated as an informal and emergency contact point for OE, but John reminded us that the current version of the proposal also allows just the free meeting spaces at Grower's to serve that function.
June rent is covered since Bank Busters paid rent for May so John's $52 contribution can be used for June rent. Peaceworks has volunteered to be the rent collector. OE is only authorized to spend $52 on their portion of the rent, per the last GA where such a decision was made when there was a quorum at that GA. Another GA meeting with a quorum would be required to change that. The computer in the front room, desk, books and coffee machine are all OE property, but would likely be passed on to the next tenant as OE has no other place to store these items.
What are the pro vs con arguments about the office?
Pro- we would have more of a presence
Con – we can be a virtual online org with only a PO Box.
Currently, 3 people are sustainers, donating $10 per month the OE. Just now, 2 more people stepped up and became sustainers @ $10 per month. Jack was one of those new people. So now OE has a regular income of $50 per month, enough to fund the office rent indefinitely.
The next time OE has a quorum we should decide if we can spend more than $52 per month on rent.
Wider discussion about OE:
Some people think that OE is counterproductive and they don't trust us. The Action Committee is defunct and there hasn't been an action recently.
Jack – There are a lot of actions taking place in the community.
Jan – Until direct action happens again, OE is limping along.
Jack and M --- OE is not very diverse.
John --- Eugene is mostly white population with some Mexican-Americans in Springfield.
M --- How to grow the movement
Connor --- will write a check for $120 instead of just giving $10 per month.
Jan – It is easy to do a payment online if you are an Oregon Credit Union customer.

UDHR – Unanimous agreement (This means that if the Universal Declaration Of Human Rights is also agreed to at the June GA, then it becomes officially endorsed by OE, per the multiple meeting, sub-quorum consensus process.)

Assembly Points - Unanimous agreement (This means that if the Assembly Points Resolution is also agreed to at the June GA, then it becomes officially adopted by OE, per the multiple meeting, sub-quorum consensus process.) The assembly points resolution was read word for word from John's notes that were taken at the April GA and it reads as follows:
Proposal Occupy Medical, OE Office or meeting space at Grower's and 12:45-2PM in front of library on Saturdays be informal contact points for OE for people who don't have online access among other things and emergency contact points in case of loss of communications or other emergency. Also, 12:45-2PM Saturday is designated emergency protest time in case of emergency developments such as Mumia's health, etc.

GA time/date & Discussion - Is there a time that would be better to have a GA other than the 3rd Friday at 6PM?
We could meet on Mondays which is the same time as City Council meetings on other weeks. We could meet more than once per month. The City Council meets the 1st and 3rd Mondays or is it the 2nd and 4th Mondays?
Jan can't make Tuesdays.
John's store is always closed on Mondays.
2nd Monday?
Connor – ask an online polling if we can have a new meeting time for the GA.
Proposal --- 3rd Monday of the month at 7PM to avoid conflict with another activist meeting from 5:30PM-7PM
Jack – suggest that people talk about their own pet issues at the GA too.
Discussion about how to re-energize OE org?:
Connor – create an event page for the GA meetings so that all 1100 people in the OE FB group get an invite for the GA.
Art – Occupy Medford is working on the TPP issue.
Jack- OE deals with those issues in the newsletter.
Connor --- OE people are being recruited from the OE FB page into separate groups for the TPP and Arctic Drilling.
Jan --- There are very few Occupies that have regular GA's.
Jack --- could we get the various groups to be highlighted?
Connor --- Discussion has occurred concerning getting Occupy Medical to drop the O from OM because certain people no longer wish to associate OM with Occupy. Those people turned out to be in the minority, so no action was taken for now.
Jan --- could we get various spin off groups to send one rep to attend our GA's?
Jack --- put a link to the newsletter on the OE contacts list
Beatrice --- seconds the idea
M --- Tango Down Actions? Discussion?
Connor --- claims he was asked to be on Comm Comm because of previous abuse of admin power.
Connor reported that many lost interest in Occupy due to its diversion of attn.
from its original focus, and later due to the Tango Down actions incorrectly attributed to Occupy.
People keep throwing Tango Down and Young Blood in our faces to keep us down?
Jack --- FBI, etc had intentions to destroy a movement
*have provocatuers act more radical than people are willing to do
*people who are serious about organizing won't be scared off that easy.
*Powers that be try to paint Occupy as being too extreme.
*Example: The anti-nuke movement in New Hampshire was very strong for awhile until it suddenly died because a couple of people wanted to do violent action. Such *rumors can kill a movement.

*Saturday June 13th, 2015 there will be a Naked Bike Ride starting at the West end of Skinner's Bute Park.
*The Mumia fliers were passed around again. Mumia's health is getting worse again and we still need to call prison officials and the PA Governor to protest his ill treatment. Connor wants something posted online. I suppose I should post a link to
*Sue's report on OM: Everything is running great, but she needs more socks
* is having a Worldwide Bumper Sticker Sale on Friday, May 22, 2015 from 2PM-6PM at Indoor Marketplace, 3305 Main St #4, Springfield, OR. One free bumper sticker will be given away to each customer during the sale, while supplies last. You may also participate in this sale event by snail mail. For more details and to see pics of the stickers that are available, please visit [/list][/list]
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