11-2-15 Occupy Eugene GA Minutes

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11-2-15 Occupy Eugene GA Minutes

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Minutes of 11-2-15 Occupy Eugene General Assembly

14 people in attendance

Note taker John T
Facilitator Jan


1) Committee Reports

2) Re-energize Occupy Eugene

3) US + International Law

4) Local Actions – Refugees

5) T-shirts

6) Library Vote / Kesey Square / Brochure

7) Fundraising

8) Announcements

Committee Reports ---

'We The People Of Eugene' has taken up the issue of public banking. Discussion of public banking and how OE could become involved. Book to read: Ellen Brown's Web Of Debt.

ESSN --- Art
Eugene-Springfield Solidarity Network, informal affiliate of Jobs With Justice. Report on activities in solidarity with AFL-CIO concerning real affordable housing and SEIU strike at UO. UO student march Nov 12th?

Do we still have an Occupy Banner? This may be in Vickie's garage.

Informal Contact Points --- Not much happened as John was busy with personal business last month.

Saving The Eliot Rainforest Project – Coo's Bay changed their name to something other than Occupy and demoed against the LNG pipeline.

O.U.R.S. Camp --- It is too big now, with over 50 people. Hasn't been forcibly evicted just yet.
Nightengale Camp has 20 people.

Re-Energizing Occupy (10 minutes)
Getting students involved? Undergrads from 2011 are now working as grad students on the same issues as they were doing for OE before. Bank Transfer Day was a hit with some conservatives. There is some UO activism, but nobody from LCC? How to achieve structural changes in society? Such as changing what banks the city puts it's money into. Often the terms of the bank account are unfavorable to the city and this also needs to change.

US + International Law ---
Rep Gabbard from HI called out US foreign policy in Syria on CNN.

Should we have an OE film night?

Where and how should the US admit Syrian refugees, 10,000 or 100,000? Should local groups sponsor 5 or 10?

Should OE do a local action to support Syrian refugees? To sponsor 5 families? Not enough support? 2 or 3 people? (Temperature check: There didn't seem to be a critical mass of support at this time.)

Film night --- Mariah and Fergus may help with that.

T-Shirts --- Should we make more 'We Are Not Leaving' T-shirts? We need to announce on Facebook that we are planning another T-shirt run. As soon as we have 10 solid orders it is a go. Connor needs the text for a Facebook post for this. Connor, Michael, Beatrice and Anon in working group. Temperature check: Affinity group has sub-quorum approval (not required) to proceed with T-shirt printing.

Library Vote / Kesey Square / Brochure --- Law enforcement actions against the poor and various white washing of city actions. Colonizing public space --- Kesey Square had LED lights installed to get rid of the poor people who were sleeping there. We should oppose the sale of Kesey Square. The library tax covers up budget deficit created by past deals to benefit developers. The future pandering will likely be similar. Brochure --- Did funding for this campaign material come out of general fund? Hard to find out. Council approved funding 8-0 from general fund. Should we protest this mess? Public property should not be sold to a private developer. The city has done this before and will do it again. Someone should write an op-ed on the Kesey Square sale. Art, Connor and one other person will work on it.

Fundraising --- We are fine for now.

Bitcoin now works on the donation page. We have 5 people who are sustainers.

Announcements ---

Million Student March is on November 12th on UO Campus at 12 PM. Should we reach out to LCC?

Town Hall On Homelessness November 18th, 7PM at First United Methodist Church, 1376 Olive Street, Eugene, OR

'THRIVE' Eugene

Meeting adjourned.
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