GA Minutes 11/8/11

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GA Minutes 11/8/11

Postby breathedeep » Fri Nov 18, 2011 7:17 pm

Facilitators: Karen L and Jennefer H
Notetaker: Pablo

Morale: Plaedo- RG article; Acknowledgement of success of Bank Transfer Day and other successes.

Agenda Review and Intro:
Review of process and hand signals.

Announcements: Teach-In and city Council Meeting Tomorrow

Committee Reports:
Finance: requests for money to be made through committees. Email is
Thursday is meeting of reps from all committees.

Facilitation: Agenda setting is every day before GA at 5:30pm. Agenda item submission forms at info and online.

Kitchen: Propane vouchers available at St. Vinnies. Very little propane actually needing purchased by cash.

Family Space: Teepee needs firewood.

Elder: Daphne out of surgery and recovering from injuries to both legs.

Engineering: Work parties every Sunday at 10am.

Peacekeeping: Ongoing trainings.

Morale: Healing tent wed at 4pm is next meeting.

Ellie will try and put meeting times online.

Education alliance: Met today. Recruiting students. Working in student Senate.

New Committees: Technology Resource group, (ie Geek group) starting by Andrew.

Proposal: Use of kitchen space (including entire area under bridge) overnight to be restricted to kitchen staff designated to provide overnight security.

Broad support.
Concerns around authority (what give us the right to restrict).

Concerns around homeless places to sleep. Other bridges nearby to sleep under.

Sanitary concern for people sleeping in kitchen.

Proposal passes: 1 abstain, 2 blocks (issue that he understands concern it just rubs him the wrong way and issue over authority).

Discussion around security with focus on action and problem solving.

Wear agreements around neck in order to get food.
Uniform signs.
Printed out agreements and posted around.
What rules are we truly willing to enforce or uphold. No use having them if we don’t do anything about them.
Orientation for new people/all people to make aware of guidelines and receive nametag.
Peacekeepers job isn’t to enforce rules: that’s community responsibility.
PK de-escalate potentially violent situations.
Suggestion for mandatory GA for all camping here.
Do GA outside under big tarp so more people can know it happens and participate.
Bands, buttons, ribbons, etc.

Proposal: Quiet hours around tent during GA. (not passed)

Concern around creating too many rules. Deal with people person to person.

Proposal tabled as too few participants to make camp decision.

Proposal: Postpone discussion re: site re-evaluation till Friday due to many people being at teach-in.

Proposal passed. Most people in audience won’t be at GA so better to postpone it so as many people as possible can be here for the discussion.
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