Organizer Meeting 11/10/11

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Organizer Meeting 11/10/11

Postby breathedeep » Fri Nov 18, 2011 7:19 pm

Minutes were not taken for the entire meeting.
First half was facilitated discussion on action steps that can be taken to address the very real security issues that have developed in camp.
Second half consisted of break out groups around specific action items.
These minutes consist of a summary of what action groups developed.

Peacekeepers: There will be two shifts tonight, with 6 people on each shift.
Code Yellow: There is a situation going on, Peacekeeper is needed for observation only
Code Orange: Escalated situation. Peacekeeper needed in vicinity to observe and intervene if necessary.
Code Red: Serious threat to safety is happening possibly including physical violence. Everybody in camp needs to be present for support.
Code Blue: Mental Health situation occuring requiring peacekeeper assistance.
Code White: Assistance from Whitebird and/or Cahoots is requested.
Code 4: Resolved and Secure Situation. (also a police code)

Organizer sign up:
This group revolved around recruiting (my word) organizers that normally stay at their own home to stay on site to help support the overnight scene at OE. Roman/Sween will be there everynight this week (?) and Plaedo on Thursdays.
Jamil will take current list of sign-ups and send it out to email and on forum and set up a calendar.

20 Minute quick and dirty de-escalation training after this OM. Sunday after the Safety meeting there will be a longer de-escalation training. Please come, everyone.

Tonight action:
Tonight groups of 2-3 people will hang out around the central highway of camp to connect with campers. If people feel comfortable they will approach tents to talk with campers. Permission will be asked: “may I talk with you?” “May I approach your tent?”
These groups will say something like: “we really need your help. The police dept. have called Legal. Possibility that the camp will be shut down if there is violence happening tonight. Would you talk to everyone you know and ask them to help spread the word so we can keep our camp.”

Community Building Whiteaker:
Outreach to Whiteaker, letting people know that they are invited to community dinner and volunteers are needed.

Baseline set of Rights and Responsibilities:
Volunteers will go to all tents and participants and ask people to articulate 2-3 things that feel most need to be included in the sets of rights and responsibilities. Binder will be at info to submit ideas.
Friendly reminder signs will be put up around camp.
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