GA Minutes 11/6/11

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GA Minutes 11/6/11

Postby breathedeep » Fri Nov 18, 2011 7:21 pm

Facilitator: John Flanery and Guy
Minute Taker: Karen Lefer

Intro/Agenda Review
Committee Reports
New Committees Forming
Kitchen Request
Camp Security
Ga Structure

Poem for Morale

Holiday Market OE booth idea: silk screens possible
November 7-14 housing list is open- a way to get on housing list; get info at Info booth
There is a note for Gervis at info
Thanks to Gem and Roman for travel to Millrace and 5am Cleanup!
Occupy Tulsa is totally peacfully assembling and has no media attention.

Committee Reports:
Jane at Finance- Don’t forget to fill out request for money; forms online and at info booth; People can donate at Oregon Community Credit Union or via paypal or lock box at info; no lock area yet for kitchen- will be addressed today; they are researching wifi; two more portapotties coming tomorrow

Sanitation: Recycling and trash has changed- no more help from campus recycling (which almost abandoned us at Millrace because of presence of needles in recycling); Not enough help present; Has been sorting out trash and finding recycling in trash and trash in recycling; Has been finding plates in trash; Need help with recycling; Someone offered a trailer to park to put trash and recycling into for hauling away easily- comment that not sure if it’s possible to leave vehicles on site; Jamil clarified that he spoke to Officer Bob and he said trailers and vehicles essential to operation of camp is ok; Special thanks to Dale for helping at Millrace.

Communications and Facilitation: Need minute writers at GA. Please let us know if you are interested. Need help at info and livestreaming. We can train you on minutes.

Engineering: Now that we are in new location we can collect things we need for longer term. Needs: Pallettes, fencing and stakes, permanent electrical infastructure, car batteries for battery bank; Special thanks to Dome erectors who began at 3am and ended the next day at 3pm to welcome the March (on Saturday); Pallettes down Jefferson as well as at Bring; Obie will provide yurts and needs latice and chain link fence (1 x 2 lattice) Need LANDSCAPE FABRIC, to put on ground- other non water permeable materials not so good so please don’t throw tarp down and then wood chips cause it will have to be fixed later; carpet is possible and can be found at dumpster from Imperial Floors everyday, but other problems with carpet.

Kitchen: ALL DISHES GONE; Need help first thing in the morning around 8am to wash dishes. Please don’t ask for food between meals as that time is for prep. If you miss a meal help yourself to fruit etc but no need to hord as there is plenty. Lots of donations coming in but storage issues. Please don’t come in and take what you want- allow the kitchen to process it in a healthy way: the food is for everyone, not just one person coming in. Please be kind to the kitchen staff they are 100% volunteer. “there is no revolution without clean dishes” (says friend from PDX); Take what you eat, eat what you take- there is alot of food ending in the compost pile. Whiteaker coop is soon to be offering use of space for possible laundry, showers, kitchen etc

Childrens: Blackhorse announcing that the teepee is up, family teepee, will have classes and workshops and events. Talk to him or Daphne about workshop. Tomorrow at 11am is opening. Firekeepers circle tonight after GA. Opening Ceremony was beautiful.

Moral: Meeting Wednesday at 4pm @ healing hut. Working on open mike and musical scene and getting info from other occupations. Exquisite self care. Please eat when hungry, drink when thirsty and sleep whentired.

Education Alliance: Spokesperson of GTFF on site today and GTFF supportive. Radio Station KWVA 88.1 every Saturday night 10pm- mindnight, will have radio show about OE. Last night Germ wand Mick were there being interviewed

Library: Has networked with Y on 18th and Patterson- they are allowing 2-3 chaperoned kids to come and use facilities, sign up at Library.

Medical: Accepting Donations for warm items. DO NOT NEED peroxide or bandages; need cold and flu medicines and cough drops and water; wants to get bigger tent; herbal and homeopathic medicines available at Jesse’s tent- find him; Medical meeting will be scheduled soon by Ashley; As soon as power is there it will be fully staffed; medical needs phone- maybe it’s at lost nad found; in Portland there are radios- we need radios here- perhaps can network with sheltercare re radios

New Committee:
Big yellow bus will be education station/media camp and will organize teachers to come and share and if you want to contribute, please talk to Dennis.
Holiday Market Booth- will do some homework and come back.

Kitchen Proposal:
Kitchen has $1000′s of dollars of equipment and needs a locking container to protect it. Proposes to purchase or find donated container but in the meantime needs to rent 1-2 pods for $85-120 each, so up to $250/month. Hopefully this will only be for one month till sea container is rounded up. Finance needs concensus of GA to spend this amount.
Discussion: storage in back of bus- but kitchen needs place where things can stay right near kitchen so not having to constantly move them; also need place for food and space to process food as spoilage is catching up with them; offsite storage is possible at Reality kitchen, who has already offered space.

Concensus with proposal: authorized finance up to $250 per month for rental of pods till container is found

Camp Security Open Discussion:
We have set of community agreements not understood by all, not agreed by all or way to ‘enforce agreements’ not understood by all.
Pdx has radios and big team of security AND peacekeepers
Idea to have two entry points where people have to sign agreement to come in and get bracelet. If they don’t sign agreement, then they can be escorted offsite.
Minority of People at GA- people causing most of issues don’t come to GA and don’t know about agreements.
Occupy Dallas has bracelet and it’s helping them.
Encourage people to look at it different; are we reaching out to ‘these people’. If you make rules to keep people out and close yourself off, you create same issue as police do; let’s look at it creatively and find engagement.
Ipetus for safety is for homeless population and people camping here. People kept up all ngith with fights. Heart goes out to those people.
Not into bracelet idea, but good to have conversation, first suggestion to deal with issues and take it upon ourselves to be creative; let’s try four or five things.
Loves bracelet idea- outline of respect; helps people get rules.
We need signs at entrance about agreements.
Peacekeepers need to feel comfortable asking for assitance and people need to get up and help. Extra set of eyes yelps.
Signs on 11 by 17 sheets of paper with clear positive messages; distinguish number of people needed for incident
OE provides service for lots of people- needs to be reciprical- give back. Essentially we are social service with limited resources. Everyone here needs to be contributing to receive services.
Incredible democratic process- don’t rely on others to remind people gently of guidelines. Help by reminding people yourself.
How about nametags instead of bracelets.
Is it feasable to get classes in conflict resolution and deescalation training.
Need to respect community; not wanting to exclude but wanting respect.
we have resources to make things work- wanted to quit but persists.
Intentions behind agreements are to create inclusive place for all of 99%. Not enforce agreements but UPHOLD agreements so people can come and feel safe. Let’s frame it as a healing space and cultivate that vibe.
Bracelets can create separation; being human is our identity; at OWS there are teams of mental health workers and peacekeepers toether.
2IV needles found in trash at millrace- campus recycling almost didn’t help because of it.
Gang problems in Eugene- drug increase here- hard drugs does affect how people interact; be careful interacting with people who are under the influence.
Agreements were agreed upon at the beginning and lots of new people come in all the time// We need to be proactive about it and look at agreements and talk about it again.
If we are going to have disussions, let’s do it in coherent way; get creative and figure it out cause these people are stepped on by everyone.
Thomas in park for 4 years drinking and smoking; PHO not problem but is trying to help; individuals are problem.
Some individuals hate OE but come to harass us; let’s get lights and cameras so we can find them .
Posts of security all round in addition to peacekeepers.
Community Agreements- repeate at GA to remind. Obvious they need to be posted everywhere. Let’s discuss concerns and consens on community agreements every day. Problem is as old as culture itself. If we can come with solution that is elegant and effective and we can change the world with it.
Know your community, know your neighbors. People have been picking things up in neighborhood for years.
Mediators in town willing to do trainings.
What endagners us? Reach out to community. How to do this not into exclusion, but directing people to professional if they harm movement.
A (alcohol camp) at Rainbow. Let’s do that here. so we have safe space for alchol and safe space for children.
What you resist, persists. What you look at disappears. Strengthens whatever war is agains. Rules lead to more rules. Strength in solidarity. Deal with it through consensus and person to person interaction.
We;re equal. Who cares what we do, let us do it.
There are no ‘wet beds’ in this town; no safe space for people with substance abuse problems.
2 camps, one with info and security and families and no smoking and one open to all and whatever they want to do as we can’t control other people’s actions.
Avoid having A camp and family camp- would give impression that this is party and festival. We’re not a festival.
Some people come to put themselves through things. He’s sick and trying to get himself together. Will lock up tent if need be. Please leave him alone.

Cleanup: Got to Millrace. There were tents with sleeping bags everywhere. Also junk and garbage. People here looking for blankets and it was all there. Volunteers helped pick up garbage and random helpers. Millrace looks great.
Disappointed people did consider going back. No proper exit stratgy. It was disgusting. Low point for him in OE.
Great Thanks to the amazing jobs those few people did in cleaning the Millrace.
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